Why Clubhouse Is Good For Entrepreneurs

Last year was highlighted by many events taking place on the Internet, social media and networking space. Amongst a number of social media apps released in 2020, one app called “Clubhouse” is one of the most talked-about. It continues to grow in popularity in 2021. Even such a rapidly changing industry as entrepreneurship called Clubhouse “the big thing”. And it is a great platform to be on if you want to boost your business acumen skills.

Clubhouse is a highly interactive platform with a setup similar to those that provide podcast hosting. Well, it is audio-only. So, if you are an introvert or just don’t really like to speak on camera – this place will be great for you. Of course, Clubhouse is not only for introverts or very shy folks. This platform has been used by many entrepreneurs, designers, business professionals, etc. Clubhouse will let you listen to discussions and interviews on different topics that are literally endless. 

The other greatest thing about Clubhouse is that you can ask your question live! Just raise your hand virtually and let everybody know that you’ve got something to say. This makes Clubhouse an awesome place for networking.

Read this blog post if you want to know more about the Clubhouse app and see if this is something that should be on your radar.

Some Info On How The Clubhouse App Started

In actuality, the Clubhouse platform was launched not that long ago – April 2020. But it’s already become a sensation! Paul Davidson and co-founder Rohan Seth, who has also worked for Google, were the initial kickstarters for this project. Now, let’s talk about some statistics because it’s rather impressive.

Okay, just after one month it was first launched (May 2020) the number of people who downloaded the app went up from 750 iOS users to 600K subscribers. Initially, Clubhouse had about 12 million dollars in Series-A investments, which is pretty impressive for a new app. Today, the Clubhouse blog says that by the end of winter 2021, there was a one-billion-dollar valuation with nearly 200 investors that came in. The total number of users also went up to 10 million downloads globally.

This app has already been used by such huge names as Oprah or Jared Leto. Even Elon Musk had his debut this year. This event was so thrilling that the club room had the maximum number of users in a matter of minutes. The room had to limit access because the number of listeners had reached its 5K user limit. But don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to listen to Musk live. You can always find bootleg copies of interviews available for anybody who wants to listen to conversations.

How Clubhouse Set-Up Looks Like

There are a couple of things you should be aware of before you start looking for Clubhouse on the web. First thing is that for now, Clubhouse is for iOS users only. So, if you use an iPhone or iPad – you’re all set. Next, Clubhouse is an “invite-only” app, which means it’s kind of hard to hop in without an invitation. So, you might want to scroll through your phone contacts to see if anybody can send you an invite.

Inside the app itself, there is a “feed” that offers different “rooms” to join. You can select rooms according to the topics that you like. If you see something that looks interesting – just jump in and start listening. The Clubhouse feed is entirely based on your interests and suggests discussions with those who you follow. For example, if you want to listen to folks from the graphic design industry, then go ahead search for names and be a follower.

Use the “Calendar” feature to keep track of upcoming discussions and rooms. Basically, the more you use Clubhouse, the more applicable the app is going to be. The “notifications” feature is also available. Whenever a new room comes up that has been created by who you follow – you’ll be notified about it. Also, you’ll get notifications every time whenever any of your contacts have joined.

Clubhouse will let you be as active as you want to be. No pressure to participate in discussions. Don’t really feel like talking? Okay, just listen to others because that’s the place where you can learn about the best practices and processes of the most successful people in the industry of your choice.

After entering the club room, you will be given a choice to be either listener or a speaker. Listeners usually join a discussion on mute but if they do want to participate, they need to let a speaker (s) know by raising their “virtual hand”. Then you will be invited up to the so-called virtual “stage”. But you’ll have to have the approval from a moderator to speak first. 

Moderator is a person who has actually launched a room. Also, moderators are in power to add/remove speakers too. Other exclusive rights include guiding discussions, speakers’ group curator responsibilities, catering to the audience, providing others with a chance to ask questions, mute people, etc.

In case if you were just passing by and joined on the user status, you can come and leave the room as you please. Some people even have Clubhouse running in the background (yes, this option is also included). Basically, you can listen to Clubhouse discussions just as you do with podcasts.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Have So Much Fuss About Clubhouse?

Why has Clubhouse gotten so mainstream among entrepreneurs? The most reasonable answer here would be – systems administration. Yes, the application is accessible to a little gathering for now. But the chance to associate with this restrictive organization of tech goliaths, superstars, and activists is one of its most appealing highlights. 

People are seizing the unique opportunity to meet experts they may not in any case approach. What’s more, the fact that each client can join a room and have a genuine discussion with anybody. There is a feeling of closeness that you simply don’t get on different stages.

Look at some other good reasons why the Clubhouse app gains popularity among entrepreneurs:

  • Timing. Since the app was released during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, it somewhat satisfied people’s thirst for socialization.
  • Uniqueness. Clubhouse stands out from the rest of other social media platforms because it almost goes backward in technology. This app resembles a big conference call in lots of ways.
  • Prestige. Well, this aspect always makes many people feel desperate of getting something or for becoming a part of something exclusive. Clubhouse invites IOS users, influencers, well-known professionals, and famous stars. These factors raise the demand in people’s desire to join and to be a part of something great. Celebrity appearances provide a chance to meet such awesome people like Andrew Yang, Elon Musk, Gayle King, etc.
  • Founder involvement. Two app founders (Paul and Rohan) are actively involved in onboarding new users. They’ve been good at announcing upcoming features and answering questions that come from concerned users every day. And this personal touch resonates with many people and is appreciated by lots of users.

All in all, entrepreneurs like to have almost a direct line with the greatest business professionals of our time whose names are just mind-blowing. For example, Tyrese Gibson, Cardone, Harrington, etc.

Clubhouse provides a unique chance to showcase your brand to people like that. You can spread the word and drive more business opportunities through the app users. So, use Clubhouse as a turbocharged engine to boost your business credentials.


Clubhouse is an app where intellectual people host meetings of sorts with other intellectuals to have meaningful discussions. The benefits of Clubhouse are yet to be seen by most. 

The idea that it is ‘invite only’ resonates with human beings as we love being ‘a part of something’. Most people love exclusivity and this is one of the reasons why they buy nice expensive things. Most people definitely don’t like being excluded. This factor alone has caused such a frenzy of people talking about Clubhouse.

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