Top 3 Sports to Learn Through Online Courses

The biggest bummer of 2021 is that the COVID-19 pandemic is still not over yet. Obviously, the number of activities that we can do and places we can visit are still limited. But despite all that good physical training remains a very important part of life for lots of people. And, obviously, it shouldn’t be omitted. 

Yes, coronavirus made many folks feel somewhat paranoid or, at least, extra cautious. And that’s fine! It’s better to be safe than sorry after all. If you don’t feel safe anymore going to the local gym or fitness club, try working out at home! 

If you’ve been doing your job from home and have more spare time now, look at it as a good chance to learn something new online. Or try online courses on the e-learning platforms that you can find that teach all kinds of sports. Literally, there are lots of online courses for learning sports. You will be surprised. 

Okay, let’s talk about 3 sports activities that you can learn at home and practice easily without even having to leave the house.

#1. Learn Chess With Online Courses

Learning chess online is effective but everything depends on your current level of skills. Or what is that exactly you’re expecting to learn. Like in any subject, if a student wants to progress, there should be a well-structured theoretical education with enough of practical experience. 

Theoretical knowledge in chess can be acquired from online chess tutors, e-books on chess strategy and tactics, online chess schools, etc. Practical knowledge can be acquired from playing chess online, taking part in online tournaments, competing with friends in serious chess online games, etc. 

Chess dot com and Chesscube are two pretty helpful websites for learning how to play chess. However, obviously, there’s a difference between playing and getting better. Spending a bunch of time practicing will not necessarily make you perfect. Once you’ve practiced doing something well, start practicing doing it amazingly. Otherwise, you’ll only ever do it well.

Chess From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed

Try the online course on Grinfer “Chess From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed” to learn how to avoid becoming static and entrenched in the game of chess. With this awesome online course, you’ll learn how to use effective strategic tactics that should help you to beat the strongest chess players.

By the end of this course, you’ll boost your mediocre level of chess skills to the strongest level. You’ll be taught everything about how to develop and master your own strategic plan to beat the opponent in the short time possible. 

The course consists of sixteen very effective lessons that should help you to become highly strategic. Each lesson contains condensed knowledge of the course creator, Greg Vanderford, who has been sharpening chess skills for years and compiled everything in one powerful online course. 

Greg’s course is great and most helpful for beginners, very informative, and provides clear step-by-step explanations that make the process of learning and understanding the fundamentals of the chess game easy. By the way, Grinfer has more online courses on chess, so go to Grinfer’s website and check them out!

#2. Learn How To Set Your Workout Routine At Home

Once you decide to set up your “cookie-cutter” workout routine at home and exercise on your own, do so. Learn with some courses online instead! Even though fitness doesn’t seem like rocket science, most people don’t do it correctly or don’t lift weights properly while training at home. And if it’s done wrong, odds are you can get injured. Not cool. 

However, probably the biggest challenge you’re going to run into while exercising at home is staying consistent and never skipping your fitness plan. We all do have bad days or days when feeling lazy seems like a good idea. So, resisting that cozy bed on a tiresome day can be quite a challenge. But in actuality, facts prove that you need to exercise your body even when you feel you don’t need to. This will not only help you sculpture your perfect body but also stimulate your brain functionality keeping you motivated and focused.

Now, check out some important workout tips that should help you to succeed in your workout routine:

  • Warm-up at least 10 mins before you focus on weight training
  • Plan your workouts ahead. Google about workouts for different body groups. try to learn basic forms and postures.
  • Focus on basics like squats, pushups, pull-ups. They are very effective for strength improvement.
  • Do not ego lift! Even though you might know some people out there who lift heavy weights and feel desperate to out beat them. But remember that it takes time and patience to improve your strength. So have patience and be consistent.
  • If you want to lose weight do not just focus on cardio. Try to incorporate weight training.
  • Stick and follow a schedule! Do one muscle group a day – one day back, the other day chest. Then move to legs workout, next day shoulders, then abs and conditioning.
  • Rest is important. Make sure you have enough sleep every day (7–8 hours). This is important because our muscles recover when we sleep. Also, take about 2 rest days in a week. Having enough rest is also very important.
  • Stretch after your workout. Proper stretching is very important for your muscles.
  • Maintain consistency. Do not skip the workout routine for more than 3 days in a row.
  • Hydration is very important, so keep yourself hydrated. Drink water during your workouts and have enough water in your diet to keep yourself hydrated during your day.  

Learn how to tone your body fast and easily with the right stretching techniques from an online course available on Grinfer “20 min HOME DAILY WORKOUT”. This simple but highly effective workout was created by Antonio Console, a professional football coach/certified personal trainer. With this course, you’ll always find time and passion for excessing and caring about yourself. 

Antonio Console’s training program consists of 5 lessons (20 min each) that will help you to tone your body and achieve your fitness goals in a matter of just a few weeks! Antonio’s sustainable workout program includes correct warm-up exercises that will help you to stretch your muscles right, strength workout, interval training, resistance, cardio, core, and balance. 

Each session is completely different from the previous one, so you’ll never feel bored! Take advantage of this training program – feel better, become stronger, and get a positive mindset! 

#3. Learn How To Sculpture Your Body At Home With Kettlebell Training

People use kettlebells for a horrendous amount of years now. Kettlebells are, indeed, still as popular as many decades ago in the dawn of bodybuilding. Of course, today with all these fancy machines and equipment we have at fitness centers, kettlebells may seem and look a bit outdated to some people. However, kettlebells are still used in a great variety of exercises (and weights).

When it comes down to fitness and bodybuilding, the variety of exercising with kettlebells becomes limitless. Yes, the kettlebell is a very versatile tool to use at your home gym. You can do squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows with them. You can get a complete full-body workout anywhere, and get a killer workout done in a short amount of time. 

More good reasons why kettlebell training is great for you:

  • Complexes. Kettlebell is an awesome tool to create countless complexes;
  • Compound exercises. Work with more than one muscle group during the majority of exercises;
  • Unilateral. Prevent muscle imbalance by working your muscles evenly;
  • Cardiovascular endurance. Gain strength while simultaneously improving your cardiovascular endurance;
  • Functional. Exercises that improve and assist in everyday movement;
  • Flexibility. Improve flexibility without the need to hold long and complicated stretches;
  • Core muscles. Improve strength due to constantly engaging core muscles during multi-plane movements;
  • Fatloss. Increase fat loss due to the versatility of exercises, which provides increased calorie burn;
  • Stabilizer muscles. Works important stabilizer muscles normally neglected in training;
  • Challenging. Challenges both the muscles and the brain;
  • Fun. Never boring due to numerous exercises, complexes, and workouts possible;
  • Adaptable. Everyone can work out with kettlebells, whether teenagers or seniors;
  • Strong back. Helps prevent back pain and injury through the improved engagement of posterior muscles not usually challenged;
  • Time-friendly. You can get a great workout in a relatively short period of time.

Kettlebell training does require a higher learning curve and kettlebells are certainly a useful tool for developing and sculpturing muscles. If you hit your muscles at different angles (different exercises) and positions of the body you will get better results. Keeping your muscles shocked all the time will deliver ultimate progress. 

Since our bodies tend to adapt to the environment (in this case resistance) constantly, so keeping muscles “under stress” is essential in order to see the desired effect. However, you must learn how to do it correctly and avoid hurting yourself!

21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners

Get effective kettlebell training from a certified and experienced instructor, Taco Fleur, who has an awesome online course now on Grinfer called “21-Days to Kettlebell Training for Beginners”. In this course, you will learn about breathing, muscle tension, fatigue control, mobility, and recovery strategies. 

With this course, you’ll not only understand the fundamentals of kettlebell training techniques but also you’ll learn all tricks and hints of how to build muscles with the right exercises that have been programmed correctly. Get a body of your dream with kettlebell training in just 21 days and be extremely confident for the upcoming summer season!


Because of COVID-19, many people stick to doing their workouts or fitness at home. Many folks already do show incredible results of losing weight and becoming more fit just from a home-based routine and healthy lifestyle. Of course, it depends on the goal that you set for yourself and on what kind of body shape is that you desire to get.

Anyway, it’s all achievable with the right motivation and the right tutorials no matter whether you work for it at the gym or at home. You can always find some helpful tutorials on workout routines on the Grinfer website. Take advantage of all this incredible knowledge you’ll find in the online courses on Grinfer and start working on shaping the body of your dream today!

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