The Ultimate Guide on Getting Started on Clubhouse

If by now all this news about new social media apps makes you roll your eyes – that’s perfectly normal. It is true, so many of them keep popping up that people might think: “What’s so special about this one?” It almost seems like something new in terms of social media doesn’t excite users anymore.

However, many people already noted that Clubhouse was something on a scale of “great” that they came across recently. Clubhouse has been appreciated by many as a platform that provides space for meaningful conversations and connections. Clubhouse provides an exciting social experience (with a flair of exclusivity) where you feel like you’re actually connecting with other human beings. But how to get on board with Clubhouse? In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to get into Clubhouse and how it works from the inside of the app.

Getting On Board Of Clubhouse

Since Clubhouse is the invite-only app, find a good fellow who’s already on it. Ask this buddy to send you an invite. Or to join a waitlist. What happens next? Whoever invited you or moved your profile up on a “waitlist” is marked as “nominated by”. Insiders say that if you’ve been featured on other profiles (shared your invites), you can gain a following like this too. 

By the way, taking the easiest route of buying an invite on eBay (it’s like a hundred bucks or something like that) might not be the best idea after all. Even though for now everybody has a limited number of invites to share. If you stay active, Clubhouse increases the number of invites that you can share with your friends!

Here is what you’ll see right after somebody extended an invitation:

Be ready to provide your phone number while signing in. Or, otherwise, you won’t go through the registration process successfully.

Important Stuff To Think About While Creating An Appealing Profile on Clubhouse

Just started setting up a personal account with Clubhouse? Okay, it will take even less time if you’re on Twitter because it will let you generate a Clubhouse account automatically. Link it to Clubhouse and you all set. Don’t really have a Twitter account? Not a problem! Set everything up manually.

Next, write down a nice bio describing who you actually are and state what your motto is. Provide your professional-looking photo to make a Clubhouse profile look even nicer. Since you’re getting on board the audio-only social space, a positive impression is important and always counts.

Here is a quick chart of other important stuff and useful advice for you. Take a pick at it and use these bullet points for making an awesome personal Clubhouse profile:

Describe yourself in the clearest way possible. Be concise because the first couple of lines of the Clubhouse bio is searchable. It will pop up on the web for everyone else to see. Have this in mind! So, don’t write down any of the hard-to-read phrases about yourself that can be confusing to some people. List your company’s name or a brand that you represent, list your occupation in the first lines of the profile. Giving out this information is actually a good move that can help you networking or make new useful connections.

Provide contact info for some CTA (calltoaction). Want to meet lots of new folks outside this app? Then write down your contact info, so it will be clear that you’re up to CTA!

List your interests in your feed. Providing interests is important for better customization. Basically, the app needs them to be able to generate an appealing feed which you’ll enjoy later. The option is private. No one else is really going to see it, so don’t worry about it.

Pay attention tohustle. This option will group the whole section of tubs. You will be able to combine them with other interests/niches which you also want to have in your feed. Play with filters and select those niches that seem interesting. This shouldn’t take too much time. Don’t make your strokes too broad though because you can end up with oversaturated feed. Once you realize that you’ve made a mistake, just go back to settings in case you need to alter or adjust anything. You can do it any time you want.

Explore thehallway. The hallway page is the first thing that pops up every time you open the app. Basically, if you want to keep track of current and upcoming clubs, active discussions, discussions calendar, etc., you’ll find all that on this page. After all, the navigation around the hallway page is very easy since the layout looks just like home feeds.

Some Info On Clubs

A whole bunch of all kinds of communities exist in app’s clubs. They are either exclusive or open to a wide range of app users. Your status will depend on whether you’re a club founder, administrator, member, or just a listener who doesn’t hold a membership. Every level of status means a different level of capabilities within a community. 

For example, let’s say you’re a founder of a club. Then you are the one who decides what rules are going to be in the club, you will be sending invitations out, and stuff like that. Choosing an administrator, helping outside members to jump the waitlist – all this will be in the scope of your responsibilities.

What do admins do? They pretty much do all the approvals of new members. Or they can get rid of them too. Admins also make rooms either public or private. Current members have the power to set up private club rooms (nope, can’t build public rooms), invite new folks, unlock doors to private rooms. Nonmembers can participate in the activities of public rooms. They won’t have access to private rooms though.

Utilizeexplore pageto search topics. This page adds more excitement to the experience because it will let you find more interesting folks to follow. So, get on the “explore” page and search people, topics, clubs, etc. Look right under the search bar because you’ll find more suggestions for people who you might find interesting to follow. This list is always generated automatically for you to scroll through and decide whether you want to follow anybody or not.

Find out what kind of topics were discussed and what conversations took place recently. You can do it with the tab – “find conversation”. This page also displays profiles of active folks who enjoy participating. Pay attention to the suggested clubs because you might find some interesting ones that you can follow. Sure enough, most of them will be in the scope of your interests. Well, if you didn’t forget to list your personal interests in the first place while getting your Clubhouse profile ready.

What Happens In the Club’s Room?

After getting into the room, you’ll probably think – oh, I’ve been muted! But don’t freak out since it’s normal for Clubhouse. No reason to panic! Instead, look and see who runs the show (room owners). Then look at the list of speakers to find out who you’ll be listening to. An area marked as “stage” displays profiles of speakers actively participating in the current discussion. But keep in mind – you will be muted pretty much the whole time (unless you’re about to give a speech).

Also, don’t freak out if suddenly you have to sneak out of the room for some reason. Find a button marked as “leave quietly” and use it for the quiet vanishing.

Got other folks on your friend list who will enjoy the topic? Ping them into the room and let them enjoy the conversation! Find a “+” (placed on the right side of the screen) and do it.

Feel like ready to give a speech? Awesome! Give the moderator a holler by pressing the “hand” button. Pretty simple, huh?

How to launch a conversation. See this  “+Start A Room” button? Press on it if you decide to launch a conversation. After that, pick through the following options: “open” (create public room), “social” (all folks that you follow), “closed” (private only). Finally, whenever you pick a subject to talk about, keep it less than 60 characters in length (it’s a Clubhouse rule). Make it relevant to the main topic that you’ll discuss. And always keep in the back of your head that you’re the one who is in charge!  Don’t forget to check who wants to add and decide on who probably needs to be removed. Let people speak if they’ve got something to say and enjoy a discussion!


Since we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, we very much depend on all sorts of online apps to keep us engaged and entertained. But not everybody likes video chatting. Clubhouse is mainly awesome for those who want to connect “vocally“. The most intriguing thing is that once you enter a room full of other people, you don’t see them. But you focus your attention on their voices and having a chance to speak too! When the pandemic is over, we certainly will regain the normal processes of communication. Face-to-face interactions are important and socializing is probably the best thing that life has to offer. Sure enough, Clubhouse will still be there providing its benefits for networking.

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