The Future of Online Yoga

Virtual teaching will continue to be a big business for education and fitness. One of the most significant changes during the COVID-19 pandemic was the incredible acceleration of the already booming industry of online education. The factory worker education model has been slipping away during the industrial revolution. The education system valued hard work, leader loyalty, and following instructions. Students sat in rows, speaking infrequently. Now employers are looking for problem solvers and collaborators. Freelance workers are hired for their creativeness because it is valued more than conformity! 

In 2022, students will be expecting a personalized learning experience. Today’s students need to demonstrate critical thinking and applied learning to their employers and clients. Online education has delivered it, and the fitness and yoga industry isn’t far behind. Exercise classes now include educational elements and novel experiences because students want to come away feeling enriched. 

The online education industry and the fitness and yoga industry have much in common. Even in 2009, the New York Times saw the trend take steam. We aren’t going backward at this point! Education consumers enjoy the freedom of setting their schedules, and online learning has gained credibility. To earn a living as a yoga teacher, you probably need a hybrid business model or an entirely online one. is unique because it offers so many recreational classes and core-educational classes.  

Is teaching in-person more effective? 

The debate continues, but the stats prove that online education is a rewarding experience. The site bestcollege states that a majority (74%) of students thought that online learning was better than or equal to on-campus learning; 64% of remote learners felt this way, too. 

The challenge of teaching yoga online is that yoga teachers know that they transmit knowledge and consciousness from their hearts. Can this be done effectively online? Does proximity make a difference? The advantages and disadvantages to online yoga are many, but we’re learning to overcome them. Although the master yoga teacher can’t see the students from all angles in a yoga pose, an online platform sparks more thoughtful conversations. (I foresee drones or multiple cameras in the future!) There is more depth to discussion and concepts on an online platform. 

Research shows that the information is processed better by adding a physical element to the learning. Typing and writing out your responses reinforces the learned content better than simply listening and taking notes. We can expect that any yoga training with an online element will have students who have a better academic understanding of some of the other limbs of yoga because more educational material can be covered in a setting that removes classroom distractions. The primary classroom time wasters are bathroom breaks, taking attendance, copying from the board, and managing classroom supplies. Much of this is not an issue in the digital world.

Online yoga classes and recreational classes are gaining popularity because mental health has come to the forefront. The public has transitioned to online exercise primarily because we have become familiar with this interface. Changes in work schedules and working from home gave millions of people an opportunity to follow up on their yoga interests. The convenience and privacy of online yoga have allowed the shy, super-stiff, and the yoga curious to finally give it a try. Grinfer is the perfect platform to up your skills in any area! Here’s your chance to meet with a skilled teacher who will offer you the opportunity to fulfill your dream life with your dream hobbies!

As a yoga teacher, how can you be a part of the e-learning trend?

Customize your business design 

There is a whole suite of products to help you grow your yoga business in a way that supports your lifestyle. Check out the free infographic, six simple steps to build a following.  A Yoga Business Design and a  Class and Workshop business design are. Yoga teachers developed these guides with a series of yoga business self-training aides to save time and give you direction and clarity. 


If you aren’t sure what your specialty is, consider beginner yoga! Although it’s common knowledge that yoga is more than asana, many consumers start their yoga journey for the physical aspects of the practice. Before investing in a yoga or fitness app, new potential students typically find fitness and yoga teachers to follow on Instagram and youtube. Beginners find a suitable class with hashtags like #beginneryoga #introyoga #yogacourses.

Yoga teachers love to keep their classes fresh! The best feeling for teachers is to see their students evolve. Students want informative classes that help them grow in all the other Limbs of Yoga. Make the best use of your time by using inspiring content written by other yoga teachers.  YogisPayYogi (YpY) has excellent lesson plans. Have you talked about universal consciousness?  Brahmananda (Universal Consciousness) is a new educational item for your class.

A fun printable called Yoga Fables is a packet of 10 yoga stories that express the beauty of the Yamas and the NIyamas for children. Many of the lesson plans on the website are less than $5. The new content keeps your students growing and feeling like they get a good value every time they take your class. A nice side benefit is that you know that you are directly supporting the yoga trade. The lessons you are buying from YogisPayYogi come from other yoga teachers and help grow your fellow yoga teacher’s businesses. Anyone can own their virtual store on YpY at no cost.


The course title and description are the only clues students may have when choosing your course or video. 


Getting exposure on Grinfer is an opportunity to capture new customers who will pay for content in the future. YogisPayYogi (YpY) can support you in supplying your students with educational material that they download to prepare for your yoga or wellness class. YpY is the only place to find Yoga educational printables made by other Wellness and yoga teachers.  

Subscription apps have seen changes with the Covid-19 pandemic. On-demand videos were more popular in 2012, but Live-stream videos became more popular by a slim margin during the pandemic. Because a zoom link is easy to attach to any live-streaming event, there is no reason to pass up on this new trend. Grinfer offers both! Providing your students with a variety of learning opportunities is inviting! When a student is looking for courses, it can be helpful to see related topics for future study!


In conclusion, the trajectory for online yoga/fitness trajectory will most likely mimic the online education world. We’ve learned how to slow down during the Covid-19 pandemic. The convenience of online learning, medical appointments, counseling, exercising, and online yoga will be one more new thing we will now enjoy. The pandemic has taught us quite a bit about the importance of human interaction. 

During the pandemic, live-streaming was preferred by a 5% margin. Streaming appears to satisfy the need for some human interaction yet keeps a simple lifestyle. Although yoga studios, gyms, and community centers have opened, both on-demand and live-stream are guaranteed to be popular. Yoga video consumption will increase due to convenience and familiarity with the format.

Online education has taught us that having an enriching experience is the key to a teacher’s success, whether it’s in a live-stream zoom yoga or a crafted video. The future of online yoga, online recreation, and online education is in the hands of those who embrace creativity! 

YogisPayYogi is the first and only place to find new and inspiring yoga classes and yoga workshops ideas. Yogis can support the yoga trade by sharing their ideas with other yoga teachers and enjoying another income stream. The top skill of this century is innovation!  Yoga teachers are great at creativity, and YogisPayYogi is the place to find the yoga curriculum that your students need. YpY is the collective digital resting place for creativity and education in the Yoga and wellness community.  

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