Sustainable Fashion Trends For 2021

The year 2021 is shaping the conclusion for the events of 2020 including all the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus keeps rising awareness about the fashion and beauty trends that are still affecting the environment. And environmental issues in terms of sustainable fashion will be brought to light even more during this year. This is something that many brands are working over and this is something that becomes more and more popular with people. Therefore, there is a need to talk about it.

Some special and ethnic fashion trends seem to be coming back in 2021 – “an old magic with a modern touch”. Mostly those are traditional and ethnic trends that represent values and culture which is important to every community worldwide. This year, fashion trends will love to show authentic traditions and culture through outfits. 

Okay, let’s go over some trendy apparel that will be essential for this year. In this blog post, we’ll touch upon some latest sustainable fashion trends for 2021.

The Concept of Sustainable Fashion  

The main concept of sustainable fashion states: “In harmony with nature”. Ideally, sustainable fashion is all about creating materials, clothing, and fabrics in such a way that it won’t be burning out the earth and its resources in the process. 

The concept of sustainable fashion recognizes that the fashion industry has created harmful environmental impacts on planet Earth. And it is, in fact, the second dirtiest industry on our planet. Knowing that the fashion industry has a great impact on global pollution, that’s why a sustainable approach is much needed.

Benefits of sustainable fashion:

  • Sustainable clothing can stay in your wardrobe for a longer period. It minimizes waste.
  • Up-cycling, recycling and donating are the ways you can use the clothes sustainably.
  • The purpose of sustainable clothing is to curb wastage and provide quality garments to the people.
  • It aims at minimal usage of our limited natural resources like water, fiber, etc.
  • Sustainable brands also try to source the skills and material locally, to reduce the carbon footprints by transportation.
  • Sustainable clothing is made with organic colors/dyes.

Fabrics, especially, are what contribute to making the current fashion industry so harmful and “dirty” to our planet. Sustainable fashion is a great alternative to mainstream fashion because it involves materials made of natural fibers that are renewable, organic, and can be recycled/upcycled. And all this makes a huge input into creating a positive environmental impact.

How To Become More Sustainable?

Rewear goes mainstream! The strain to wear an alternate outfit for each event has been essentially changing in recent years. However, over the last year, this pressing factor was sufficiently captured by the worldwide pandemic close by the resulting lockdown of urban communities. 

In only a couple of months, the inquiry “what new outfit do I wear to this occasion?” was taken out from individuals’ regular musings since actual occasions and gatherings were dropped. Now, things you can do to become more sustainable when it comes down to fashion:

  • Thrifting;
  • Donating your clothes;
  • Researching your favorite brands to see how their clothes are made, plus, what they are made out of;
  • Support brands that commit to sustainable fashion.

Here are some examples of brands that are committed to sustainable fashion today:

  • Adidas – recently came out with sneakers made out of plastic bottles.
  • Patagonia – they realize they were part of the problem in the past but are actively changing the way their clothes are made now by using natural and recycled fibers.
  • Mother Earth – an up-and-coming grassroots movement that takes manufacturer-reject plastic and re-purposes the plastic by weaving it into beautiful and practical bags.
  • Outerknown – uses sustainable fabrics like recycled polyester and organic cotton. Manufactures jeans in the most sustainable denim factory in the world.
  • United By Blue – removes 1 lb. of trash from waterways for every single purchase, uses sustainable fabrics like recycled polyester and organic cotton.
  • Nisolo – contributes to the Amazon Basin by protecting trees in the Amazon for every pair of shoes sold.
  • Organic Basics – manufacturers certified organic cotton tees, underwear, and socks and utilizes recycled packaging.
  • Outland Denim – eco-friendly jeans with a mission to fight human trafficking – employ and empower former victims of human trafficking.

As these ethical and sustainable brands grow we are seeing them take more market share, and we’re seeing the big brands take notice. While still a great number of the big brands couldn’t be called ethical or sustainable today, the new brands are leading the way. Organic cotton was just the beginning. We now have brands that make clothes entirely from waste materials, brands recycling and filtering the water used in production, and brands using only natural dyes.

Also, the concept of protest and rebellion of “the framework” additionally shows itself in fashion and style. All the components are acquired from the exhibition of dissent culture portraying provocative patterns. These patterns are a blend of impacts and materials that flip around splendid and forceful tones (rainbow tones), striking writings, and tapes.  An ecological extremist Greta Thunberg and dissent developments like Extinction Rebellion come into play as a motivational force for the patterns.

Trendy Outerwear and Apparel For 2021

The beauty of reuse brings to light issues of over-utilization. The squander excess and the emerging environmental crisis urge business people to change waste into something new and wonderful. A restored association with nature is integral to the fashion trend of 2021. 

Running the mill for this is – living life in direct contact with nature and having an independent living. In style, all this is communicated regarding characteristic materials like wood and reeds. Now, look at what sustainable fashion trends have to offer for 2021.

Trendy colors

2021 would manifest technology being in harmony with the environment. So, you might get to see some positivity around yourself. For example, aqua is an important color for the year and for spring/summer 2021. The trend for pastel tones will continue to dominate this spring as well. It is such a mood booster. Go for sorbet pastel tones, turning up your aesthetic look!  

Pastel-tone clothes or accessories will instantly make you look fresh and summer-ready. Don’t forget to stock up on maxi and midi dresses in cool mint, soft lavender, and faded lilac. They will go perfectly well for any special occasion. 

Trendy Outerwear

We all love oversized shoulder-padded blazers that are also a popular trend creating a long silhouette to your body. Try long shorts/leather shorts and pair them with your oversized blazers portraying an ultra-modern look. There are fringed hemlines and V-necklines that will give you an effortlessly sexy yet classy look. One-side cold shoulder fitted coats and sweaters are an absolute favorite with lots of folks.  

Trendy face masks

Undoubtedly, black face masks would give a modern and sleek look to your outfit and would literally go with almost all your outfits. The truth is that protective face masks have become the vital style extra. Face masks almost feel like a part of the body now. 

Going out without a face mask is pretty much no longer an alternative. So, many brands are planning on adding face masks to trendy outfits as an amazing aspect. This “extra” comes in different styles for each event. We’re talking face covers in different prints, tones, and examples, face covers with gold chains, face veils for wedding wear. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Trendy Prints

Plenty of flowers is the trendiest print for the summer of 2021. By the refreshed love of nature lies an interest in blossoms. Blossoms are consistently there. Yet, this season it’s particularly about intriguing, sculptural blossoms that look practically like creature prints. The partners – straightforward glade blossoms. Additionally, a development in the field of blossoms: total outfits in botanical print, similar to a mobile field of blossoms.

Also, remember those times when every celebrity was crazy over polka dots? Okay, here in 2021 the craze is back! From symmetrical prints to delicate floral, psychedelic, and animal prints, you can find a variety of options available. Earlier prints were a fall fashion trend but now they can be seen all over the fashion market. Printed fashion apparels are now the must-have in your wardrobe.

Trendy Handbags

Fringed bags and pop-blue accessories would glow up your wardrobe for 2021. Paris fashion week already teased the public with plush leather bags and oversized printed tote bags. 

Handbags are an awesome way to define your personal style, so take a peek at them and make the right choice! Bucket bags and other chunky shapes bags are very much in trend. Go for it and don’t think twice before carrying them! 

Trendy Footwear

Browse the internet and you’ll find the one common thing in all celebrity fashion will be trending shoes. A great number of fashion bloggers have already started showing up white knee-high boots bringing emphasis to their legs and giving them a sexy-touch. 

From high-heels to strappy sandals and the very latest wedge heels and mules are taking over the runways. Men in thigh-high boots are returning after a long wait and being taken by women recently for their feminist agenda (think of Lauren Duca’s “thigh-high politics”). Rick Owens’ 2021 fall/winter men’s fashion line features thigh-high boots and this trend revival is truly exciting.  Footwear is available now in different prints and trending colors which can go well with any outfit. Go ahead and do some Internet browsing for fabulous options available on the shelves!

Digital fashion

This year, and as an immediate result of the lockdown and social separating rules, common design exercises. For example, during the last year style shows were essentially non-existent in their classic form. And if they were – they went on the web. 
Style brands in an offer to arrive at their objective clients turned to computerized design.  Now, it’s time to pick up your fashion game online and experiment with your look with different fashion apps. Don’t fear to try something new!


Yes, fashion can be both sustainable and ethical if consumers and manufacturers together decide to make wiser choices. The lavishing garments manufactured by technologies that are harming the environment are definitely unfair. So, if new innovations in the textile industry and better implementation of eco-friendly methods will be developed, the fashion industry can be completely changed into a sustainable one.

In the world that we are in today, fabrics need to be manufactured in such a way that technology will not harm our mother Earth. Trendy accessories need to be made with reusable materials other than plastic. Since we live on the edge of the ecological crisis, fashion can no longer be just about looking good. The concept of fashion needs to have a deeper meaning to it. 

Luckily, there are several designers, fashion houses, and labels that are now looking at making fashion ethical and sustainable, while ensuring that it remains stylish, trendy, and relevant. For instance, a number of brands are creating swimwear that is made of a fabric made using recycled fishing nets. There are other brands that are using natural colors to dye their clothes and others who are looking at recycling old clothes to create new ones. So, if we want to work and live in a beautiful world saving it for our future generations, then let’s make sure that fashion becomes sustainable and ethical!

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