Should I Start a Consulting Business? Taking a Closer Look

A smooth transition from being employed to self-employment seems appealing to even more people than ever before today. With an unstable economy and vague job market caused by the COVID-19, being able to set up your own scheduler, pick projects that interest you and not just your employer, and focus on goals that particularly speak to your values outweigh the challenges that come with self-employment. What are those challenges? Of course, first, that comes to mind is insurance, and second is a rather unstable paycheck. But what if you’ve already been laid off by your employer or looking for a job? Are you an expert in any professional field? This might be the best time to start an online consulting business. What are the benefits of starting a consulting business and becoming self-employed? Let’s find out.

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In this blog post, we’ll talk about who can become a consultant and what it’s all about. Also, we’ll give some tips and hints on how to start your own consulting business. In case, if you decide on branching out but have never dealt with an online consulting business before, read the information we’ve found and make a note of it. We hope that this information will help you start a consulting business today.

What is consulting work and who can become an online consultant.

Probably there is no magic formula that can define the success of a consulting business. Some people might roll their eyes thinking that almost everyone is looking for easy ways to become an online consultant these days. This can be true but not quite. So, let’s cover major requirements every successful online consultant needs to fulfill on their way to success.

Wandering how to start a consulting business on the side and make it work? There is little to no cost to start a consulting business. However, an effective online consultant should not only be a pro in their area of expertise but also needs to handle social media, know enough about digital marketing, etc. They need to develop their own business strategy to define goals. Name any business and PR related area – most likely you will have to deal with this. So, refine your good skills to perfection by staying tuned with most current business approaches. Unlock the door to success with the right keys and keep an online business rolling.

Some most common areas for launching an online consulting business are:

  • Law (good legal advice is as precious as gold);
  • Public relations (creating an impressive press coverage is definitely not a piece of cake, so if you’re good ai it – your consulting business will flourish);
  • Technology (if you can fix anything and make IT technologies work the way they should, there won’t be an empty spot in your work scheduler);
  • Marketing (by developing effective marketing strategies for a firm or organizing a successful marketing campaign – your consulting business will be reached by an impressive number of other businesses);
  • Emergency preparation (lots of folks are wondering what exactly they need to do in order to survive in extreme situations if you can tell them everything about it – you’re the winner);
  • Business writing consulting (a word is a powerful tool and a written word has even more power, lots of companies and entrepreneurs are ready to pay good money for a good content or a perfectly written report);
  • Taxes consulting (special software for taxes still can not overbeat a skilled tax consultant. You know legal methods to help your clients to pay the least money for taxes possible? They will stick to your service for life!)
  • Accounting (regardless of what’s going on with the economy, every company still needs accounting services);
  • Career consulting (these consultants are most in-demand since too many people experienced lay-offs and corporate downsizing);
  • Insurance (everybody is looking for insurance at some point. You can help to find the best one? Them you’ll be in demand as a consultant);
  • Online education (today this is one of best ways to start a consulting business because good advice regarding online educational platforms and best online resources for education is precious. An area of your expertise? Go ahead and consult people about it! You can even start a consulting business online course and make more money.).
  • Gardening (we see an increasing demand for gardening experts today. They are highly requested by not only private individuals but also by large corporations. If you are an expert in gardening – join this multi-million business and make money!).

Even though commonly most consulting businesses are employed by big corporations, it is possible to launch one today online from scratch. Let’s dive deeper into the subject talking about where to start a successful online consulting business and what things are needed to start a consulting business.

What are the essentials to wonder about before launching a consulting business online?

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Why start a consulting business?

Let’s say you were working for a non-profit sector for years as a financial advisor dealing with fund-raising. You developed your own effective approaches for raising funds and discovered ways to get additional fundings. Then go ahead and provide your expertise. Turn it into a profitable business. However, first, review a punch list of requirements and things that are worth thinking of before you start. Weigh the answers on some questions listed below before jumping on this bandwagon.

  • Determine if your qualification is enough to be a consultant. Make sure that the knowledge and skills you’re going to provide are not outdated. Going free float is challenging, so stop for a minute evaluating all current qualifications you have.

A question here is what license do you need to start a consulting business? Also, ask yourself – what permits do I need to start a consulting business? Find the right information about it or do not hesitate to use a consulting service yourself to find out what paperwork you need to start a consulting business. In most cases, it totally depends upon a professional area, in case if you’re starting out as a sole proprietor. Some professional areas may require special licenses or certifications before you start operating. Another way to go about it is to establish an LLC that will work as a separate entity and you won’t put your personal assets at risk.

  • Decide if networking is something you like to deal with daily. Realize one thing – networking is extremely important and crucial. Almost every type of successful consultant services built its strong foundation on networking. Invest enough of good effort into building a good list of clientele.
  • Think whether you’re well organized for launching a consultant business. Have at least your 3 “yes” answers to the following questions – am I starting my day with the meticulous planning? Do I really like doing it? Am I a time management superhero? In case you’re not quite good at time management and would get some more tips on what needs to be done to increase productivity, take an online course “How to Manage Time Effectively and Increase Productivity” created by one of the most experienced management consulting companies with 20+ years of professional experience. This course will deliver the most effective practical advice for the improvement of your time management approaches. You’ll learn some efficient techniques that proved themselves effective in adjustments of daily routine and work habits, setting up the right goals, prioritizing tasks, dealing with business meetings, and focusing on results after you organize your work routine better. Also, you’ll get 15 awesome tips that you’ll be able to use straight away and reap benefits with increased productivity.
  • Evaluate your goals short-term and long-term. This part is simple. Just give yourself an honest answer on whether your personal and professional goals align with the amount of time and efforts you’re going to be investing in building a consulting business. If not, better to reconsider your decisions before moving forward.

What do you need to start a consulting business?

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Now, we’ve got to the point where we can start talking about building the backbone of the consulting business online. Are you a fresh newbie who wonders about how to start a consulting business? Then, obviously, learn how you can find a niche and how to develop your own brand. Let’s talk about these things now.

Embracing your niche

Since we’ve already covered the most common areas which demand consultants, let’s talk about strategies used for embracing a niche.

  • First of all, don’t try to offer your expertise to nearly anyone. Turn to your niche market instead and target a specific group of people who need your services. Tailor professional expertise according to their needs. Stay focused on specific areas of your niche without wasting energy on irrelevant tasks.
  • Second, keep an eye and take notes on those issues that your clientele have the most problems with. Try to provide your clients with the most unique, effective, and rare advice.
  • Third, don’t try too hard to shape yourself according to every client’s needs. Don’t try to be the right fit for everybody.

Building an identity for your brand will help to succeed.

Branding is important for establishing your professional identity and showing clients that you are an expert. Let them know that your advice is worth paying money for. Branding also builds more publicity, contributes to network expansion, and boosts credibility. Don’t underestimate the importance of branding because this is something that elevates business up to a higher level. Once you reach a higher level, you can charge much higher fees for your expertise.


So, what does branding involve? Look at a punch list of important items you need for establishing your brand identity online:

  • Presentable website. Your website is an online platform that will build your authority and drive customers in. A sloppy website will not bring more people in, so consider working with some professional web designers and developers who can create such a website that will fully reflect your professional image and elevate your brand. This is an effective tool for capturing users’ contact information, as well as for your daily follow-ups with clientele.
  • A nice blog is a business tool. Basically, any blog is a good opportunity to spread your word out and express opinions. Make posts talking about the hottest topics or common problems that speak to your target audience or interest them the most. A blog is an awesome tool that can increase traffic to your website and promote your brand online. Want to learn how to write marketing articles that will drive traffic to your website? Take an online course “How To Write Kickass Content Marketing Articles” created by Sorin Amzu, who is an online instructor with 10+ years of work in marketing.
  • Distinct and authentic video content. The truth is that it’s more challenging to build trust with customers through an online interaction without dealing with them face-to-face. In this case, convey your expertise to authentic video content you’re going to be engaging your customers with. Try to build your content in a way so it will deliver a strong message and your professional stand. Good video content monetizes efforts along the run and attracts more people. 

Do you want to go beyond a bit outdated Skype video calls? Look into other opportunities. For example, Grinfer is launching a 1-on-1 video consulting service for instructors and consultants of any area of expertise. Grinfer is providing all the necessary tools. Start building a solid client base with Grinfer and automate your business processes! Everything has already been set up for launching 1-on-1 video consultations. Needless to say, all help and support provided by Grinfer’s specialists is free of charge, so you’ll just kick back and reap benefits collecting revenues with a new service.

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Bottom line

Since we’ve covered just the basics of a successful online consulting business start-up, this info is just a peak of an iceberg. So, looking for more opportunities to start a consulting business education is a good move. Learn more about this business and get more information. Don’t stop educating yourself by investing some money and effort in the process. There are always plenty of things to discover with additional education. Knowledge will help you to improve everything you think needs improvement. Who knows, maybe after a while you’ll start a consulting business in education yourself. 

Are you looking for a reliable source of online courses and a database of licensed experts? Grinfer is a good place to start on your journey. This platform features lots of useful and up-to-date online courses on marketing, copywriting, IT technologies, business strategies, setting up blogs on social media platforms, and many more. Since most of the courses offered on Grinfer come at a decent price, it can be your valuable resource where you’ll get all handy tips and hints on any topic of your interest. Or you can join Grinfer’s community to start publishing online courses and providing your expertise with 1-on-1 online consultations. This platform is the right one to start a consulting business.

Stay tuned for more info on Grinfer’s blog!

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