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Today’s success in business is all about the Internet and good promotion online. When you say “online promotion”, the first thing that comes to mind is endless opportunities. Affiliate marketing is one of such opportunities that can make online promotion successful. It is a highly effective strategy for getting online recognition and visibility. Wonder what is the basic concept of affiliate marketing strategy? Basically, it is in promoting affiliate links online through folks who know many other folks.

If you read this post, you obviously either take courses from an online school or maybe looking for one to enroll. Today, many virtual learning platforms (such as Grinfer) offer affiliate programs for a side hustle. No need to be a sickly famous blogger or popular media person with millions of followers to participate. But websites, Facebook accounts, and social media are certainly necessary to have set up for the most effective promotion of virtual schools. 

Affiliate Marketing Advertising Commercial Concept

In actuality, the eLearning platforms usually do all heavy lifting supplying affiliates with anything they request. Just as a quick example, Grinfer provides banners of various sizes – any size available for any category out there. This platform also supports and guides affiliates in the promotional journey with helpful feedback.

Let’s dive deeper into this subject and talk more about affiliate marketing for educational eLearning platforms. Read this post and learn steps for better optimization of your income. Achieve it by promoting referral links online.

Reasons to join affiliate programs on eLearning platforms

Affiliate promotion is rapidly becoming a common marketing strategy among online learning platforms vendors. Affiliates work both, full time and part-time earning income with the effective promotion of online courses. Needless to say, it’s nearly one of the easiest ways to work online to earn extra cash by promoting instantly.

Why is today a good time to be an affiliate for online learning platforms? Because the demand for online courses is huge and it keeps growing. It is a proven fact that online learning is good for anyone regardless of age and cultural background. No rush, but take advantage of this growing industry and make extra money today. So, how does affiliate marketing bring profit for your efforts? The answer is simple – making cash with commissions that you get from sales.

Here is how much can be earned with the Grinfer affiliate program:
  • The base commission on sales is 30%, so active selling will provide you with more money.
  • Going up to 35% – the increase of your commission will depend upon the number of actual sales you got with tracking links.

Just a side note: Grinfer has a good deal on coupons. You can get a discount for 35% off on any course that you want to sign up for.

Payouts and common services needed for managing payouts

Have you think about making money online - Yes

Payouts are always welcome by anybody who wants to receive cash for their work. But are there any ways to earn even more without a headache? A quick example of how you can achieve it on Grinfer. For example, a user buys one of pricey online courses on Grinfer ($199). But what if a pricey course was purchased multiple times through your referrals? In this case, about $60 are yours. This amount is just per single purchase. That’s not all. Multiply this on the total number of purchases for this course. Get an awesome total in your account. In other words, the more pricey courses you sell through your referrals – the more earnings go to your pocket with commissions.

Here are services for receiving regular payments from promoting affiliate programs on eLearning marketplaces:

  • Stripe
  • Check
  • Wire transfer
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal

To keep a constant track of all sales that you’ve made with affiliate links, you’ll have a member account set up which is your own member space. In this particular area, you track all totals either daily, weekly, or monthly and arrange payouts. Grinfer’s affiliates receive their referral payouts on the 15th of every month. To receive payouts with no problem you’ll need to set up either Visa or Mastercard accounts. Yes, Grinfer works with PayPal too. Payouts are contributed to those sales that were completed during a preceding month. The minimum amount you can withdraw from the account is $100.

Useful tools and bonuses used in affiliate marketing to make experience a success

Online selling and buying workshop seminar - with contents of seminar Grinfer

Typically, all vendors are very much concerned and interested in taking good care of their affiliates. Generally, most of the online learning marketplaces are good at providing all the tools necessary for successful sales.

Promotional aids you’ll be provided with (upon request):

  • Templates of social media posts
  • Emails for your email lists
  • Discount links
  • FAQ for providing an answer to any question
  • Banners
  • Knowledgebase
  • Real-time tracking
  • Cookies of different lifespan (you’ll get 30-day of “cookie life” for referral links on Grinfer).

But what about bonuses? Actually, there are many bonuses provided by eLearning platforms to those who achieved sales targets. Most learning marketplaces offer cash bonuses, valuable prizes (such as iPhones or other goodies), good discounts, etc. For instance, once and awhile Grinfer runs contests for giving out nice bonuses. Basically, there are cash bonuses which you receive for a $1000 and $3000 accumulated as a result of good sales. A monthly bonus is 5% for $3,000. A $1,000 generated from referrals will earn a $100 in bonuses at the end of each month.

Some info on different payment methods used in affiliate programs

Notebook with Toolls and Notes about Affiliate Marketing GRINFER

Typically, several various methods of payments used by affiliate marketing programs. Let’s outline the most basic types of payouts arranged for affiliate programs.

Cost per lead or pay per lead – makes payouts depending on the number of people who sign up as leads. Who were referred by affiliates. After visitors submit info on the vendor’s website, the merchant generates sales leads or sells this info to some other businesses.

Cost per click or pay per click – payouts depend on people who click on referral links and visit the vendor’s website. With this method, you won’t have to sell anything.

Cost per sale or pay per sale – with this method, the vendor’s website makes payouts to an affiliate in the case when they get visitors actually buying through referral links. Vendors either share a percentage of purchases or pay a fixed amount per each sale.

Cost per action – with this model, a vendor sends landing pages to advertisers asking to fill in their info like a zip code, survey information, etc. Affiliates get paid individual takes for each action and whether they complete it or not.

Some common types of affiliate plans

Single-tiered –  with this plan, an affiliate earns from direct sales and gets payouts one-to-one from the company he collaborates with.

Two-tier – payments get generated through recruitments and commission sales and from clicks originating on their websites. All affiliates get commissions established in accordance to actions they stemmed from their referrals. Commissions get earned whenever affiliate sites work well with referring to the vendor’s website and send people in. Also, with this plan, it is possible to get a share of recruiters’ earnings every time sales are completed through their referrals.

Residual plan – visitors need to keep on making purchases on the vendor’s website.  This particular program is popular among those online vendors who receive payments from customers on a regular basis.

Flatrate plan – pays on a flat-rate for each sales activity, lead, or click.

Performance plan – actually, this plan makes it fairly easy to get a dozen commissions with a  delay in the baseline commission. Basically, if you can increase conversions and scale the campaigns, you’ll be all set and do good. You’ll be receiving hundreds (or even thousands) more every month with a small increase of 1% for total commissions.

Multitiered plan – or as it is also called “multi-level marketing” – this plan will let affiliates to recruit others and convert them into affiliates. This plan consists of multiple tiers and it is considered as one of the most effective options to promote.

How to optimize effectiveness in affiliate promotions and make more money

How to make money online - Grinfer Blog

If you’re looking for some hints on how to increase effectiveness for earning more, look at this information we have found for you. All these approaches require different execution, so pick one that works for you.

Hint #1. Try different tactics for getting more traffic.

Try different marketing strategies and see what works best for you. Track and optimize chosen tactics to increase or even maximize the return on investment. Find new ways to generate traffic. For example, you can focus on social traffic or think about ways to optimize your content to make it more visible on the Internet. Increase your reach and attract more visitors by contributing to blogs of other people. You can go on and establish your own communities on online platforms, try paid ads, generate email lists, send newsletters, etc.

Hint #2. Be useful to your audience. Help your followers to solve their problems.

No secret, lots of people go online if they need some hints and tips on solving certain issues they deal with for the moment. So, if you provide followers with valuable content that is helpful and not disappointing, they’ll stick to you for life or at least will keep coming back for more. Here are some useful tips for you on how to go about it:

Use videos to increase engagement. If you truly feel passionate about something, create content on these topics. Don’t be afraid to show excitement and interest to viewers while talking about it. Always try to deliver fresh, interesting, useful information to your followers.

Once signed up for an affiliate program, pick that merch or service to promote which are relevant to your own content. Pay close attention to the hottest products that sell well in your chosen category because those are in-demand and people search for them on the Internet.

Optimize and improve online experiences for users who come to your website or blog you maintain by making these resources more intuitive. Some tips on that: don’t make navigation too complicated and keep it simple, don’t optimize page speed with too many large files or images, make mobile-friendly CTAs, be creative with them, etc.

Hint #3. Find the right eLearning affiliate marketing program and sign up for it.

Affiliate Marketing Model for Your Online Business - Grinfer Blog

There are plenty of online learning platforms to choose from that offer affiliate programs. Try it out and see if this business approach works for you. Basic instructions for reviewing and learning how to sign up for an affiliate program on Grinfer:

  • There is a place you need to go first –;
  • Okay, you are there. Now complete your registration;
  • Type in the requested info in the form provided on this page;
  • Receive referral links from;
  • Place these links, which will refer to courses or consultants available on Grinfer, on web resources that you have available;
  • Start promoting these referral links to attract more potential buyers and drive more people to the Grinfer’s marketplace;
  • Start earning a nice commission (up to 35%);
  • Receive cash for your referral efforts from Grinfer!

Bottom line

To succeed as an affiliate, try to be as much help to your audience as you possibly can. Educate followers and keep them motivated. Showing dedication and loyalty to followers by providing useful information will help build a successful affiliate business. You can start generating a desired passive income by joining an affiliate marketing program on Grinfer and earning generous commissions. Try it today with Grinfer and enjoy good results for your efforts!

Online Course Affiliate Program

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