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The Health Crusader Plan

In this online course, you’ll learn how the “healthy” foods you eat daily are actually hurting you, how you should think about your body, and why the current view of illnesses is misunderstood. The course also reveals interesting studies and the author’s observations of what people do wrong in their lifestyle that prohibits them from maximizing the health of their body!

Freelance Masterclass 101: Become An Expert Copywriter

In this online course, you’ll learn how to get started as a copywriter. You’ll also discover the importance of digital skills as writing content is no longer enough. You may want to know how to optimize the content to drive traffic to your client’s website, landing page, or blog.

Skin Retouching 101

In this online course, you’ll learn how to advance your skills in retouching. This will take you through the process of high-end skin retouching in Adobe Photoshop, showing how to do frequency separation with the mixer brush, eliminate blemishes, imperfections, and irregular skin tones.

Personal Development Masterclass. Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs

In this online course, you’ll learn how to overcome your self-limiting beliefs with 3 proven mindset hacks. Get an understanding of what’s your self-image and how it affects your self-esteem. You’ll be empowered and ready to take the next steps towards manifesting your deepest desire and living the life of your dreams!

Homebased Business Masterclass. Create Multiple Streams of Income

In this online course, you’ll learn how to create additional sources of income, focus on them to expand your business, and attract customers. The planning and launching of a new stream are the most time-consuming. Take this course and learn how to avoid the temptation of jumping into several ideas at one time. 

Web Hacking Secrets: How to Hack Legally and Earn Thousands of Dollars at HackerOne

In this online course, you’ll learn how to hack legally at HackerOne and how hackers earn thousands of dollars per bug. This self-paced online training is composed of 6 different courses. You’ll master web application security testing, become a successful bug hunter, double your web hacking rewards with fuzzing, and discover how to find the bugs step-by-step in practice (DEMOS).

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