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Editing Essentials | The “All Inclusive” Crash Course For Video Editing

In this online course, you’ll learn all the essentials you need to know about editing professional videos. The focus of this course is to teach you core skills and knowledge to shape you into a talented and experienced editor. You’ll know what software you should be using, how to properly organize and manage your workflow to even have a craft and create a narrative for your project.

Introduction to AWS DeepLens

In this online course, you’ll learn all about the AWS DeepLens device and associated AWS services. This class is for beginners which opens the road to developing more complex capabilities using DeepLens and machine learning. You’ll go through the unboxing of the device from Amazon and you will be able to quickly register and deploy one of the sample projects in just a few hours.

Unity 3D Anfänger Kurs komplett ohne Vorwissen

In this online course, you’ll learn how to develop games with Unity3D. This course presents the basics of the system and how to get into this complex topic sequentially. By the end of this course, you’ll develop your first little game.

Stretching to Improve Flexibility

In this online course, you’ll learn the psychology of stretching including terminology and anatomy to improve your flexibility. Specific stretches for different areas of the body are covered as well as issues and solutions that can occur while stretching.

   Open Source ERP System – ERP for FREE

In this online course, you’ll learn what an ERP system could do for a small business, review the Open Source Software field, and analyze how your business might be improved by incorporating a comprehensive integrated system. You don’t have to be a developer or understand any code to benefit from this course.

 Daily Scrum Deep Dive

In this online course, you’ll learn the purpose and intent of the main 3 questions asked during the meeting, how to plan and execute the meeting, and how to communicate effectively. The goal of this course is to get the most out of the Daily Scrum meeting, one of the core Scrum events. 

Lowpoly Leveldesign lernen mit Blender und Unity

In this online course, you’ll learn how to create a low poly game scene, from creating the models to creating the entire scenery. You will get a basic understanding of low poly modeling and the different types of low poly systems.

7 Reasons your IT or other projects may fail

In this online course, you’ll learn seven potential issues that may affect your projects, such as poor project management and lack of control. This class can’t turn you into a project manager but will teach you how you can assess your project plan to see where there may be some potential obstacles along the way. 

Buy Hard: Beginners’ Guide- Investing in Stocks & Bonds

In this online course, you’ll learn what is market capitalization, the pros and cons of different security investments (including stocks, bonds, and options), how security investments work, how to differentiate between common and preferred stock, the difference between primary and secondary markets, and the appeal and danger of penny stocks. All the things will be clarified for those who feel like the stock market is too boring or confusing to understand.

Scrum & DevOps – Building bridges not walls

In this online course, you’ll learn how to take advantage of XP practices like pair-programming, refactoring, the first-test approach, and continuous integration. You’ll also discover how to expand team cross-functionality, six Scrum principles, and how to improve the Scrum flow using DevOps. 

21 Steps to Successful Project Management

In this online course, you’ll learn how to manage or contribute to projects more effectively. This course takes you through 21 steps of a project, from early conception and scope definition to evaluation. The lessons include monitoring and reporting progress, defining your approach, creating an implementation plan, conducting the post-implementation, and many more.

Discover the Scrum Framework ꟷ A guided walk-through of the latest Scrum Guide (November 2020)

In this online course, you’ll learn the values on which Scrum is based, understand the meaning of Scrum, and the framework behind it. You’ll be able to implement the Scrum framework (roles, events, and artifacts) while it remains the dominant choice of agile methodologies. Its popularity has only grown in recent years, it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

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