Most In-Demand Programming Languages in 2021

As we move along with the year 2021, it becomes obvious that programming skills are among the most important for the job market. The world of programming is quite broad, as well as a complicated field. However, it is also beautiful, creative, and fun! 

Yes, the programming industry can also be very demanding and requires gaining or updating programming skills on a regular basis from any programmer out there. Have you been thinking about launching an online course on software or web development? Then it’s crucial to know what the top ten programming languages are for the current year.

Does this topic sound interesting to you? Okay, we’ve found some cool information for you. Read this blog post to find out what programming languages are in demand today. We’ll walk you through the reasons why learning programming languages in 2021 is a smart move.

Programming Skills that Tech Companies Need in 2021

No doubt, most modern-day necessities are closely tied up to IT technologies. So, programming languages evolve in the emerging technologies at a rapid speed. Yes, there are plenty of different business and programming paradigms to choose from today (like apps, computer games, AI algorithms, etc.). Therefore, knowing what coding languages are popular or what can become popular in the future is very important. Staying up-to-date on the hottest programming skills will help you to keep afloat on the job market.

Okay, now is the time for some statistics for you to look at. This information is based on the recent survey research conducted by the CodinGame company. They made a list of the most in-demand functional programming languages the popularity of which is based on the statistics handed out by the HR professionals:

  • JavaScript (over 60% of programmers with this skill are highly in-demand)
  • Java (about 60%)
  • Python (about 50%)
  • C# (40%)
  • PHP (over 30%)
  • C++ (about 30%)
  • Typescript (over 20%)
  • C, Kotlin, Swift  (these got about 15% according to the rating)

Now, let’s go into more details about the programming languages you’ve just seen in the list. Sure enough, this information will be helpful, especially if you’re about to learn web development and want to get your foot in the door of the programming industry.

Don’t worry if you are an absolute beginner, because all these languages that we will talk about are accessible for newbies. There is a vast ocean of information you can find on the Internet and start learning them effectively. But taking online courses from certified instructors is a much smarter way to go about it. E-learning courses provide the most helpful ways on how to learn programming languages from scratch. Just find an e-learning platform that looks cool to you, pick a course, and start learning!

Reasons to Learn JavaScript in 2021

Some programmers believe that it can take years to master JavaScript. But since it’s considered the most advanced and powerful programming language, mastering JavaScript skills is definitely worth an effort. Since JS programmers are in huge demand in 2021, let’s talk more about it.

Primarily, JS is utilized for front and back-end web/mobile (PWA) development. But once you have mastered your JavaScript skills, you can create almost anything with it because JS is pretty broad and insanely powerful. Beyond the web development space, JS has unlimited potential. 

The vast pool of industries that need JavaScript includes ML, data science, IoT, robotics, virtual reality, enterprise business computing, cloud computing, and so on. JS is an inseparable part of Electron and React Native popular open-source frameworks.

Today, it seems like one of the tech trends of the future is desktop apps. It looks like almost everything will migrate to the Cloud and be used from the mobile/desktop browser like ordinary web pages (PWA). So, JS is positioned as the vital language of the future because of its power that serves its purpose.

Look at a few tips for mastering JavaScript:

  • Start off with learning its components utilized in the front-end frameworks (like addEventListener, getElementById, etc.);
  • Go through the W3School module of JS and start off with arrays, string-spitting, mapping, sorting, etc.
  • Learn how functions are made with JS and how to pass the parameters in functions.
  • Learn how to use constant variables in JS, how dynamic arrays are made, how 2d arrays are made.
  • After you’ve nailed the basics, start the framework that is built on JS (like Node.js, for example) and go ahead with your project! Test your skills with practical work (because it is the important part).
Reasons to Learn Java in 2021

Some skilled programmers say that it is actually easier to learn Java compared to JavaScript. Why? Because JavaScript has many more different interdependent concepts to grasp. While Java is mostly based on OOP (object-oriented or procedural programming). 

Some say that Java skills will get you into software development. So, if your aim is to get into professional software development, then start off with learning Java first and then go from there. More reasons why learning Java is good for your skills:

  • Very simple basics that are easier to understand for beginners.
  • Choosing a compiled language like Java will help to work effectively and much faster. How? By finding out about mistakes earlier. Needless to say, other dynamic languages won’t let you find out about mistakes straight away, so you’ll just have to wait until runtime.
  • Java is one of the best languages for showing what went wrong at runtime. All exceptions come with a complete stack trace that tells you exactly how control got to that point in your code.
  • Java has the best development tools, especially IDEs (integrated development environments). For example, if you declare a variable, then set its value in an if() statement. And then later utilize its value. The IDE will detect whether there is a path through the code that would result in the variable. If this wasn’t set by the time you’ve used it, it will underline the problem while you are typing. So, there is no need to compile let alone run. Seeing what warnings the IDE produces is a great way to learn. There are excellent free IDEs such as NetBeans.
  • Java is object-oriented which helps to get into good habits like encapsulation, low coupling, DRY, and design by contract, etc. And it can be useful for other programming languages that you most likely will learn too.
  • If you learn Java, you’ll be able to read C/C++, C#, Objective-C (because Java belongs to the C language family).
  • Widely taught on the global scale, which means lots of free and easily accessible resources for faster and more effective learning.
Reasons to Learn Python in 2021

The popularity of Python is huge even in 2021 regardless of the fact that it is not a new programming language (first released back in 1991). Programmers like Python for its vast amount of available libraries like NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, etc. And for its effectiveness in maintaining such important IT areas like machine learning, scientific computing, game and web development, analytics, robotics, and many others. 

If you want to dive deep into the programming field and become a hero of coding, then learning Python is a must. Thanks to a vast ocean of information available on the Internet today, learning Python has never been easier. If you want to get more cool hints and tricks on how to learn Python from scratch, go to Grinfer’s blog for more info

Reasons to Learn C# in 2021

Learning C# will take you on a deep dive into the ecosystem. With C#, you will be able to cover a lot from simple console apps to desktop apps (WPF). This skill will let you go from web apps to game development and into even more areas that C# covers: web apps (ASP.NET, Core, Blazor), native mobile apps (Xamarin), AI apps, distributed/Cloud apps (like Azure), IoT apps, reusable libraries, etc.

In this journey, you will learn various programming patterns and start weaving the bigger picture. It will become more clear what kinds of applications you can develop from one single programming language.

A quick list of more good reasons why learning C# is a smart way to go:

  • A statically inscribed language engendered for making it simple to construct potent instruments.
  • Initially, it has all the simplicity and readability in its design from the ground up.
  • It has incorporated primary concepts such as values/properties/events. They were taken by programmers and worked around with the best components for further innovation.
  • A language with many paradigms.
  • C# commenced as a highly object-oriented that obtained the ability to fortify imperative and functional types of programming.
  • A multifarious language for general use because of its wide range of incorporated systems which enables it to build a wide range of programs.
  • C# has built-in trends and some of the best practices used in the design.
  • This is a Microsoft-led open-source language.

Yes, C# has a huge fan base all over the world. And this fan base keeps growing consistently for the last 20 years or so. Largely it happens because of its popularity in gaming circles and its venture in mobile/web development. So, obviously, C# isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon. Go ahead and learn C# as a primary language (or as a second or third developer language) and you won’t go wrong!

Reasons to Learn C++ in 2021

In 2021, C++ is the go-to language for lots of things and you can find libraries for almost anything. Besides that, it is still evolving and improving. C++ is the “de facto” standard for all kinds of backend development, such as telecommunications, server infrastructure, games, GUI frameworks, web browsers, etc. And has a number of libraries that it is difficult to beat! Plus, C++ can also be compiled to WebAssembly through Emscripten, so you can port native code to the web.

Today, most competitive programmers are using C++ to solve the various problems on DSA. According to the data from coding websites like Codechef, hackerrank, and such there are over 50% of programmers use C++. But it is all about problem-solving and being strong in the data structure. If you want to crack good companies and want to get a higher package, then definitely learn C++ because it has vast STL support. This can definitely save valuable time in tough career competitions.

There is one important thing to keep in mind though. C++ is not for doing your Javascript-like frontend webpage. It is more appropriate for infrastructure and you can do GUI and others pretty well. If you want to go into web development, then learn any language like Javascript, Python, or Java. For instance, Javascript is trendy nowadays for development because of React and other backend frameworks and technology. But the conclusion is – C++ will never be out of fashion!

Reasons to Learn PHP in 2021

Today, PHP is one of the first web backend languages taught to web developers. No kidding, over 70% of the websites are built with PHP. It has a huge community, frameworks, and tools. But does it have a future ahead in 2021? 

Look at some important aspects of PHP that are worth having a glance at:

  • One of the simplest to utilize.
  • Fast and interpretable.
  • Independent programming language. This means you can run PHP code on almost every platform (Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows).
  • Since it’s an open-source language, it has a huge community of PHP developers.
  • Supports a huge number of frameworks like Laravel, Slim, etc.
  • Allows for easy deployment and fast implementation.
  • Has a low learning curve.

In the past years, there came new PHP trends, which are increasing PHP popularity in the IT world. We have ample reasons to believe that learning the PHP language will never go in vain. In the IT sector, we have different technologies frequently but PHP has managed to keep ahead in this fast-changing IT world.

Reasons to Learn TypeScript in 2021

TypeScript has one of the most advanced typing systems in the world. It lets you catch most errors at compile-time and it provides you with excellent code completion. If you’re a functional programmer, it’s a great aid as it can easily keep track of various operations on your data and still give you correct code completion.

Here are some good reasons to add TS to your skillset:

  • Great editor support and tooling, and most popular packages and frameworks for JavaScript also have types for TypeScript.
  • TypeScript is a first-class citizen in the world of web development by any metric.
  • Just like Babel, TS allows you to use most of the newest features of “JS-Next”. It allows you to create library code with newer features, that can run on crummy browsers or older versions of Node.js.
  • TS gives you an excellent excuse to revisit and refactor a JavaScript codebase and convert it to TS. Adding types, you will probably catch a few problems with your codebase. And you get a chance to familiarize yourself with your project.
  • Another nice property is that TS is a statically typed language. Which means that its code is closer to self-documented. You can also generate code documentation, without having to add much metadata to your codebase.
  • Static checking can eliminate whole classes of bugs in your code. That’s the primary reason to use TS, just like with other statically typed languages.
  • TS allows the “autocomplete” property of statically typed languages. This is nice because that way the computer knows or can strongly predict which properties are available on objects, etc.

In case, if you don’t really want to become a full-time web developer and prefer not to be bothered with learning JavaScript in-depth, then learn TypeScript. The reason is that TypeScript tooling doesn’t require you to put extra effort into learning. And can somewhat help you out with avoiding JavaScript. So, this can be a really nice solution for some.


In 2021, programming becomes an enormously vast field that can not be fully absorbed through sheer discipline. But just like Bill Gates once said: “Programming is mostly based on conditional if/then/else decisions, the same concepts that have different syntax in every programming language but do the same things”. And he obviously got a point on that.

So, if you want to become an in-demand skilled professional, don’t waste your time and keep learning programming languages either online or in-class. Keep on investing time and energy into learning programming languages and let those HRs be on the hunt for your skills!

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