How to Use Personal Marketing on TikTok to Bring Target Audience

In 2021, TikTok rides on the huge wave of hype and fun challenges. This app became so insanely popular that the number of users almost reached 1 billion this year. But before it went viral, it was just “another” social media platform built for personal content creation. However, it grew into something much bigger very fast. Now, TikTok beats even Twitter and Snapchat worldwide. Some people say that one of the reasons why TikTok got so popular is that it does not show as many commercial ads. Seems like folks do appreciate it a lot.

Today, TikTok is not just a fun place to share viral dances and challenges. This app became a rising star in a hectic universe of digital branding. This means marketers use TikTok for e-commerce successfully to show efficient ads with in-feed vids, hashtag challenges, influencers, etc.

If you read this blog post, you’ll learn what you can do to find your target groups on TikTok. So, give it a read and start promoting on TikTok!

Why Is TikTok Awesome For Marketing And Advertising?

No doubt, if you have a decent advertising budget, you can carry out a wide range of advertising that will involve more users and bring lots of new followers. The strategy is pretty simple – the more users see your ads, the more exposure your brand gets (plus, your website gets more traffic too).

On the other hand, we’ve got TikTok here that keeps shaking the whole world with its viral power. Startups actively use TikTok for promotions. Today, even lots of world-known brands utilize TikTok videos to advertise products and services. There is a whole bunch of popular influencers who help to reach more people through TikTok videos.

Here is a quick list of reasons why TikTok is effective for marketing:

  • Building a community. Brands can use TikTok to build up a community in their niche and around their products and services.
  • Positioning and branding. Doing TikTok marketing can also help position a brand in a specific way.
  • Showing the impact of products/services. Marketers use TikTok to show a direct positive impact of advertised products and services.
  • A “word-of-mouth” strategy for announcing sales and special deals. If you use TikTok for announcing sales and special deals, this can drive sales and revenue much faster compared to other common types of advertisements.

Examples of how businesses utilize the TikTok platform for promotions:

Jimmy Fallon – #tumbleweedchallenge

McDonald’s – #BigMacTikTok Challenge

Guess – #InMyDenim Challenge

Why Is Tik Tok A Great Place To Build A Fanbase?

TikTok is on the radar of hundreds of millions of users worldwide who actively use an app almost all the time. This makes TikTok an awesome place for getting business leads and opens up a huge opportunity for professional marketers. Basically, this works just the same way as with any other social media – the more fun and engaging content you post, the more followers you get. 

If your video draws attention and becomes viral, the number of “likes”/comments just keeps growing with the speed of light. Hashtags make your video content much more discoverable to others. And, as your fan base keeps growing, your own outreach expands too. And that’s how you make it even easier to showcase your brand’s services or products through purely organic means.

Can TikTok Help To Find A Target Group?

Obviously, any social media platform has its natural pool of fans. Certainly, there’re lots of folks on TikTok who find this particular app much more appealing compared to other similar apps. But the truth is that, for the most part, this platform draws in younger groups.

Statistics show that over 66% of TikTok followers are under thirty. And the majority of TikTok users are between 10-25 years old. This doesn’t make TikTok an ideal platform to advertise products meant to cater to mature adults or the elderly. However, if you’re on TikTok regularly, know/understand popular memes, music, slang, other trending stuff, and can convey everything into your quality content – everything is possible!

As a matter of fact, the number of TikTok downloads has skyrocketed this year, especially in the US. For the most part, this was a result of running crazy-popular challenges mainly initiated by large brands, as well as media stars. Anyways, this proves one more time how effective marketing on TikTok is.

How To Convey Tik Tok in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Since one of the major features of TikTok is the lack of commercial ads, this automatically turns user experience into a more personalized experience that is more easy-going. But how to convey TikTok into your marketing strategy? This largely depends on your goals. Here is what to do:

  • The best way is to work with the platform and influencers to run a campaign together. Calvin Klein and Guess already showed huge success in running campaigns on the platform. There are a bunch of various news articles of these case studies on Google, so check them out if this is something that interests you.
  • Post videos of your business but be sure you’re subtle and not constantly advertising your products/service.
  • Keep in mind that the audience on TikTok is mainly Gen Z. Behavioural studies have shown that they use social media mainly for “fun”, so be sure you’re sending a message that resonates with this generation.
  • Before actually investing your efforts, double check whether your target audience really spends time on TikTok at all. Or maybe you’re better off with other advertising mediums that will do a better job.

A large number of popular TikTok videos are related to youth-oriented topics, such as school and homework. The main goal here is to make videos that would appeal to younger groups. Once you’ve reached that goal, you get a chance to turn your TikTok account into an effective tool that will leverage your own business.

Some Practical Tips On TikTok Marketing Strategies

First off, it’s great that you’ve already recognized the potential of TikTok and viewing it as a marketing tool. No kidding, with over 800 mln active users who make posts every month, you get quite a chance to promote your own business. But you’ll have much better chances of success if your brand is aimed at a younger audience.

Look at the top tips on how to market yourself on TikTok effectively to draw the target audience in:

Name your TikTok account as your own online shop or business. Simply spend some time browsing around the app to get a feel for how it works and what kind of popular content is there. Then analyze how to aim your own TikTok vids and make them relevant to your products. Make videos sort of “behind-the-scenes” about what your company is doing. For example, post small clips of your happy customers and product availability.

Create 15-second educational videos. TikTok makes it easier to share digestible, quality information in only 15-seconds (the recommended length for TikTok videos) and, at the same time, to educate viewers on specific topics. Here are a couple of examples from TikTok users whose videos gained lots of views and successfully educated viewers in 15-seconds or less:

  • Excel tips: 
  • iPhone tricks: 

Make light, informal, and fun-looking videos where you get straight to the point. Don’t show anything too overly complicated. For example, you can use your iPhone to show how your team develops a certain product feature or how to use your product.

Create a paid or organic hashtag challenge. Encourage viewers to create and post vids with your branded hashtag included. This is an excellent strategy used for generating buzz around your brand for better engagement. Run TikTok hashtag challenges as your paid advertising campaigns to increase impressions.

To get started, research hashtag challenges that competitors and other brands have done already. Find examples of hashtag challenges that have resonated with viewers the most. Then ensure that your final hashtag matches your brand and messaging.

Do collabs with TikTok influencers through paid campaigns. Reach out to influencers who match your brand’s needs and start promoting different challenges. There are many TikTok stars who went from a handful of followers to a few thousand in just a small period. Note: Give your campaigns a funny entertaining tone.

Try a Full Page Ad (also known as Brand Take Over). This is usually a three-second image or a five-second gif that appears whenever someone opens the app.

More quick tips on engaging more TikTok followers:

  • Have great lighting. Videos should be bright because that’s what attracts most people. So, take them in natural light by going outside or standing near a window.
  • Be consistent. Post at least twice a day. The more you do posts, the more people start taking notice of your awesome profile. Try to bring more variety to the content of every post.
  • Don’t omit hashtags. Use lots of hashtags that suit your content. This makes videos more visible to people who are searching for similar content. Click on the “Search” option to find out what the trendiest hashtags are and make a note of it.
  • Check post time. Make notes of the time when your audience is awake and most active on the platform. Use this strategy for posting vids during this time on TikTok, so your content would reach more people.

In 2021, TikTok is one of the booming platforms which people love and so do marketers. Since TikTok has exploded during the coronavirus pandemic, many marketers use it for running advertisement campaigns. But after all, any popular social media platform is good for trying different marketing efforts. You just have to start off with identifying your market and your social media target group and then go from there.

The TikTok platform has an undeniable huge potential for advertising. And it seems like it doesn’t deny the importance of collaboration with marketers by offering the TikTok for Business platform.

If you want to go more in-depth on growing your brand on TikTok, get useful hints and tips on the topic from e-learning courses on Grinfer!

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