How to Start an Online Business for $150 or Less

Now is a time when lots of people wonder how to start an online business with little or no money in the bank account. Well, effective online business ideas can be evolved and carried out for less than $150 now, thanks to new technologies. The Internet space has already lots of success stories when low-cost online business ideas, popped up at the right moment, grew into a large-scale multi-million dollar business. 

Today, with the COVID-19 hit, many former workers are suppressed under new regulations being locked up at homes and losing jobs. Good question for now is – how to start an online business from home? So, any business idea which can be launched online with under 150 dollars and can make enough cash to live on is a hot topic for 2020.

This blog post outlined some ideas to get through tough times or get back on track starting an online business. If you wonder what is the best online business today, in reality, no need to offer something entirely “unique”. Lots of things that already worked out will work today too. So, look at the info collected and find something to keep afloat online business ideas 2020. Let’s talk about how do you legally start an online business today and what are the steps to start an online business.

Earn money with online business opportunities by launching affiliate marketing projects

Earn money with online business opportunities

Start an online business today with affiliate marketing. How much does it cost to start an online business of this kind? The startup cost for launching an affiliate marketing project online can be anything from $0 to $100. But first, a couple of words about what affiliate marketing actually is and why it’s easy to grasp. Affiliate marketing creates sources of passive income by promoting somebody else’s merch and offering them online for sale.

What do I need to start an online business with affiliate marketing?
Two effective approaches for entering affiliate marketing:
  • Promotion of informational products (anything from e-books to videos). Promote products and earn up to 50% in commissions.
  • Collaborating with Amazon can gain a decent profit online since this platform processes a huge amount of merchandise in sales daily. Needless to say, Amazon has created the Associate Program to make your entry process easier.

Just a side note: Try to get some SEO knowledge in copywriting prior to launching affiliate marketing projects.

More reasons why you should try affiliate marketing business online:
  • The limitless full potential. Also, no hassle or headaches worrying about inventory or dealing with customers face to face.
  • Opportunities to earn with the monetization of favorite hobbies – YouTube blogging, Instagram blogging, podcasting, etc.

One important thing to remember about is the content you create. It should be current all the time since it goes outdated pretty quickly. Publish something fresh and creative regularly.

start an online business by creating an eCommerce store online - grinfer-com

How to start an online business ecommerce and what do you need to start an online business selling products?

For launching an eCommerce store you don’t have to roll the dice trying to figure out ways of manufacturing your own merchandise. Instead of spending money on manufacturing your own staff,  hit a jackpot by selling something that you already know for sure will go fast in sales. Lots of eCommerce stores use the following strategy – first, they pick a manufacturer of products they want to deal with and then put the name of their own brand on it.

Make sure a website you created for running an eCommerce store is not glitchy or outdated. Do timely improvements of any shortcomings for your eCommerce website. Competing with experienced “old-school” retailers is a tough job, but sometimes they are not experienced in Internet marketing. The trickiest part here can be in finding creative ways to make your site stand out and become visible amongst thousands of others. Also, finding your own unique niche to fill requires a fair amount of effort.

How do you start an online business with eCommerce?

Tips for launching your eCommerce store:

  • First, look around and pick a market that you think can bring you profit. Brainstorm and generate ideas while doing your keyword research.
  • Determine how much money you can invest. Consider the costs connected to such important aspects like packaging, sales distribution, and reselling, etc.
  • Consider the option of building an eCommerce store on the Shopify platform.  This service allows building eCommerce inventory without a hassle. No need to spend a fortune on web development. Even your knowledge in web development techniques and processes is pretty modest, still, you’ll set up a nice looking online store. No prior coding experience needed. Another benefit of Shopify is low-cost investing.

For finding a third-party manufacturer, look around for any in your local area. The closer a third-party manufacturer is, the less money you pay for shipping. One effective option of collaborating is to turn to such a wholesale giant like Alibaba. If you’ll ship in bulk, then the cost of shipping will be pretty decent and Alibaba will charge a fee for shipping only once. Alibaba also offers test shippings in smaller quantities of merchandise. You can give it a try first and then negotiate about prices.

Earn money with starting an online business with no money by doing freelance jobs

starting an online business with no money by doing freelance jobs

How to start an online business for free? You’ll spend from $0 to $100 for a start. This is also probably one of the best ways to start an online business and fastest legitimate way of making money online. Earnings can reach $1,200,000 a year depending on the level of skills you have mastered. Some highly experienced freelancers earn up to $15,000 p/month easily. So, most popular avocations for freelance projects: content writing, web and WordPress development to translating services, social media advertising, SEO optimization, digital art, and design services, and so on.

Go to the following websites and platforms for launching freelance projects, show your skills: Fiverr, BHW,  Freelancer, Upwork, PeoplePerHour.

Here is a checklist to start an online business for freelance work:
  • Once you establish services and start offering them, keep them decently priced. Try not to keep them too high or too low. If you charge less than anywhere else, clients might think you’re not experienced or maybe don’t feel confident about your knowledge.
  • Master writing luring gig headings. Keep them attractive enough to catch the attention of clients and would drive their curiosity to the point where they’d want to learn more.
  • Remember that a huge part of success in freelancing is in keeping positive reviews up. Get your ball rolling by doing a good job and collecting positive feedback from clients.
  • Pay attention to projects that paid off. By setting your priorities straight, you’ll reduce your time spent on each gig you delivered.

Earn money with a successful online business by selling self-published book on Amazon

Ever thought about writing your own book and becoming famous in the publishing world? Amazon will let you start an online business for free and do this with no hassle or much worry. Once you write a book, you can launch it online and after a while, Amazon takes care of further promotion.

More tips on launching your startup:
  • Collect opinions from others by validating issues you are going to write about in your book. Pass some surveys to relatives, friends, or people whose opinions you trust. Odds are you’ll get a clearer picture of whether your book will be interesting to the general public.
  • Start an online business ideas brainstorming about essentials. Stick to an outline you’ve created and keep following your plan throughout the whole process of book creation.
  • How to start this online business step by step? Be fully aware of Amazon requirements regarding format standards to follow. The whole set of standards can be viewed online and written out at Amazon’s eBook Manuscript Formatting Guide.

Try such websites like Buck Books and Robin Reads for running your “99 cents” promotions. Once your book reaches the top 10,000th in the overall ranking, you can boost the price up.

Earn money with starting an online business from home by creating and selling courses online


Selling courses online and online business classes gained popularity. This is the best online business to start and one of the hottest trends today available to experts and educators. If done the right way, people earn an insane profit and deliver expertise worldwide. 

What do you need to start an online business by selling online courses?

Plenty of e-learning platforms out there on the Internet which won’t charge anything for registering as an author. By the way, Grinfer is one of such platforms. The starting cost can be $0 and the potential revenues are limitless. There are plenty of success stories when online instructors managed to earn millions.

For example, Rob Percival, a guy from the United Kingdom, started out as an average high school teacher and ended up making millions by selling tech courses online. He earned enough money to establish his own company and become a founder of his own school called Codestars. Once he had a strong base of followers built up, he gained popularity and his income skyrocketed.

Another reason why selling online courses is a good idea lies within the area of optimization of conversion rates – all you need is to keep up with maintaining funnels and landing pages.

How long does it take to start an online business of this kind? Once stepping on this path to start on a journey, be patient, and give it some time – you’ll see results in 6 months or so. Find effective approaches that work in the promotion of online courses you offer. Some platforms (such as Grinfer) will promote for free and provide timely and useful feedback showing ways to improve your marketing strategies.

In the meantime, take a useful online course on the Grinfer platform on “How to Create Effective Online Courses” for only $19.99. This course was built by Bruce Wade, a strategic business consultant and engineer with 15+ years of successful experience in content creation. This course teaches about video content creation and about finding the right topics for the course you want to build, picking the right format,  as well as purpose. Once you learn about steps to take to start an online business selling online courses, you’ll get endless opportunities for earning revenues.

Visit these additional online resources and find more info about the best way to start an online business by setting up courses online: TheRiseToTheTop, Monetize Your Expertise Podcast, Grinfer blog with a step-by-step instructional video.

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