How To Learn Affiliate Marketing + Affiliate Marketing Courses

In this blog post, we’ll give you basic info on affiliate marketing and what you can do with it after signing up as an affiliate.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing + Affiliate Marketing Courses

Despite the fact that the term “affiliate marketing” might sound cryptic to some, it is one of the valid ways of earning income online today. All in all, affiliate marketing is not rocket science. It is something that can really profit your presence online with some extra cash. You can build an entire business around it or turn it into a full-time job.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based online marketing that offers a commission from a company you promote online. This online business has already proved itself effective for increasing cash flow. This is an efficient solution that can boost additional ongoing revenue streams, which sounds awesome for startups during coronavirus.

Many affiliates already acknowledged this business for its incredible flexibility.

So, start out with basic steps:

  • Sign up for an affiliate program of your choice
  • Add referral links to websites you have
  • Turn clicks to sales
  • Be granted a commission and collect payments

Not sure where to start out on this? The smartest move would be to get training. After that, have a fair amount of dedication and focus on what you do. In this blog post, we’ll give you basic info on affiliate marketing and what you can do with it after signing up as an affiliate.

What is affiliate marketing?

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a virtual version of everything that salespersons essentially promote in the real business environment. Basically, it is a process of promoting someone else’s product or service only in a virtual space instead of brick-and-mortar stores. Of course, you promote for a commission and get payouts for doing so on your website or other online resources. 

How affiliates track sales? Through affiliate links that can be usually found at an affiliate network (like ClickBank, Warrior Plus, Amazon, etc.).

Here are 3 kinds of people that affiliate marketing requires for completing its “cycle”:

  • Merchants (owners)
  • Affiliates (who are also publishers)
  • Customers (sales/money)

Another very important aspect that you need in order to succeed – lots of targeted traffic sent through affiliate links that you post. Lots of traffic means sales. And whenever someone makes a purchase – you get credited with a commission. Pretty obvious stuff in theory. A major plus is that this type of business does not require a great amount of investment upfront on an affiliate’s part.

A few words on how affiliate marketing actually works

In its basic form, affiliate marketing boils down to two fundamental principles:

  • Online traffic
  • Conversions

Online traffic is normally the part where the majority of affiliates struggle. This is unfortunate because (with enough education) there is online traffic everywhere.

Conversions can normally not be the easiest fix. Okay, here are some ways to correct a problem:

BuildAList”. An effective approach for getting started an online business, as well as for owning, controlling traffic sources. Instead of marketing to prospects over and over again, link to promotions directly, which is a million times smarter.

Explore thelike and trustfactor. If you make people like you, they will be purchasing stuff more willingly. But you need to have confidence in what you recommend. Building a trustworthy reputation is not easy in a noisy virtual marketplace, but you can do it with the right approach (via emails, videos, regular content, etc.).

Conversions. Incentivizing offers with bonuses is a real art. But there is an easier way. Guarantee the customer buys through your links as opposed to someone else’s.

Targeted traffic. When buying or driving traffic, focus on quality over quantity. You’d rather have 100 proven buyers on your list than a million freebie seekers. Find quality traffic and you win 50% of the battle right there.

Reputation. Don’t do promotions for crappy products or services. Review everything before promoting. Remember – customers have a much longer memory than you actually think.

Just a hint: Promote those products and services that you actually like and use yourself. That way you’ll gain more credibility with the audience to which you promote. Besides, you will be able to answer any questions. And customers will come back! You’ll win them with your confidence derived from personal experience.

Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?

Sure thing, affiliate marketing is an effective option for business. Especially, if you’re looking for ways to make some cash quick. Of course, there are some people who think that this scheme is some kind of scam. So, your goal is to make it so people trust you and convince folks it is not a scam. Once you achieve it, people will start making purchases by clicking on affiliate links that you offer.

Definitely, misleading buyers into buying poor quality products or services will be recognized as a scam. Keep that in mind. Okay, here is a quick list of what you should avoid doing:

  • Avoid buying email addresses or phone numbers of people.
  • Don’t create fake web pages like “get Instagram followers here” just for conversion purposes.
  • Don’t force visitors to buy. Instead of being pushy, inform of the pros and cons of everything you promote. The odds are they’ll trust your adverts more.
  • Provide value through your blog posts. If they don’t make an instant purchase today, there is a chance they’ll read your posts and then hit this “buy” button.

Just to sum-up, the affiliate marketing business is a modern-day interpretation of salesmen’s work and this is not a scam by any means. Even monster corporations offer affiliate programs today. And these companies wouldn’t go into pyramid schemes by risking their reputation. So, think about it.

How to become a merchant

Merchants have a product and they’re ready to share revenue with the deserving persons who can bring sales. Merchants can be a retailer, vendor, or even a popular brand (Apple or Microsoft). Merchants use affiliates for promotion in exchange for a commission from sales. But in case you wish to be a merchant, your niche could be in anything from cooking to yoga.

Concentrate on growing an audience for the first couple of months or so. Then once you have a decent audience, start promoting to others (try video promotions). Stick to this approach until decent money starts coming in. Once you know that it serves the followers’ needs, transcribe all videos and create a book on yoga or cooking. Or whatever. Build a cooking app! You’ll see that this is where all the money’s at!

In most cases, merchants make the most money during various holidays or special days (like Valentine’s day). Just put up a website, rank it for keywords, and go ahead with the promotion of certain things. Be flexible, be creative, be business savvy. Watch out for your competition, learn what your competitors are providing or doing for the target audience and potential buyers. 

Don’t try to do everything at once and focus on one to three topics instead. Don’t stress out too much over things! No matter what business model is that you stick to, you’re the one who decides what to focus on and how to make it a success.

Money tree: how much money can affiliate marketers make

Yes, affiliates make money but the amount of it largely depends on the niche, as well as the amount of effort invested. Affiliates’ commissions vary 5–10% for Amazon and 50–100% for sites like Clickbank or Maxbounty (top affiliate sites today). 

Some affiliate marketers even earn a multiple figure amount per month by generating sales, leads, commissions, etc. Commissions can come in a fixed dollar amount paid once or in a percentage of a total sale amount paid out every month.

Common sources to make earnings with:

  • Online blog/website. It will let you reach customers directly by posting a company’s link on your own blog or website.
  • Through YouTube vids. Create a video on YouTube and refer the info to the customer by taking the user to the company’s website. Just insert a link in the video’s description down below.
  • Through Facebook business page. Add new customers by creating a Business Page on Facebook.
  • Through email/text messaging. Refer customers to the company’s website through email marketing or text messaging.

How can you track commissions? Commissions are tracked through URL tracking. Each affiliate has its own unique URL with an ID. So, the commission gets tracked whenever the user clicks on that URL and makes a complete purchase. You can check the amount of money you’ve earned through a portal on the platform where you previously signed up. 

Portals have a page that showcases all analytics of completed sales, the number of clicks, and even a number of failed purchases. Track the total amount of money earned through your affiliate links and be aware of everything that’s going on.

Just a side note: If your web resources rank on the top of Google search results, more folks are going to click on the referral links you provide. So, make sure you work with SEO friendly websites. Try the SeoSiteCheckup tool in case there are any errors or SEO issues. This tool provides detailed reports of tasks that demand close attention.

Top Affiliate marketing Courses on Grinfer

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Step-by-Step Blueprint

Learn how to sell other people’s products and services with affiliate marketing without the hassle of inventory. In this course, you will learn step-by-step how to get started in affiliate marketing, where to find companies in every possible niche to affiliate market their products, and how to beat out the competition with killer internet marketing techniques. 

After taking this course, you will be able to pick a highly profitable niche, pick a conversion platform that will produce the most money with the least effort, create content your niche audience will actually want to read and share. Also, you will be selecting affiliate offers in a smart and efficient way and troubleshoot and optimize your affiliate marketing business for increased income. 

This ultimate guide on affiliate marketing literally provides all the insights into the affiliate marketing business. So, take this online course and start making some serious money!

Affiliate Marketing Hacking – The 5 Steps Fast Track Method

Learn how top affiliates earn over 1,5 million dollars every year from affiliate marketing alone! In this course, you will learn how to generate fast affiliate commissions almost instantly by using a special affiliate marketing technique. This awesome online guide provides the most up-to-date information on the main channels to promote and earn from affiliate offers, methods to earn commissions fast, ways to set up a website to maximize your chances for success. 

After taking this course, you will be able to find a good domain that you can use to your advantage, find an offer that you can promote and sell through affiliate marketing, sell a product through your website, and get traffic almost instantly when that product was launched, and much more! Also, this awesome online course will provide you with hints and tips on how to use video and social media in your favor to get better positioning, exposure, traffic, and ultimately sales in your affiliate marketing business! Take this course today and start building a long term successful business with affiliate marketing!

Affiliate Marketing: Passive Income Made Easy

Learn how to become a part of a billion-dollar online industry that only continues to grow! In this course, you will learn how to promote products you like to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. With this online course, you’ll learn the most effective strategies that work great for individual partners with a business (mainly e-commerce sites). 

After taking this course, you’ll know it all about how to make a commission by referring readers or visitors to a business’s particular product or service, utilize user-generated content to expand reach, leverage affiliate marketing as instant social proof, reward your top affiliates, boost affiliate percentages on less popular goods, and much much more!


Affiliate marketers sign up for affiliate programs to find offers they can promote and get paid. Promoting products involves a fair amount of effort and lots of strategies. Yes, some are more efficient than others. And some bring more consistent sales than the others. It’s just up to the methods and approaches affiliate marketers chose or prefer.

So, be persistent and consistent. Treat affiliate marketing as a business. Don’t give up when a site you’ve built or a video you’ve made don’t bring sales. Learn and try again, keep the faith and you will get there!

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