How to Double Your eCommerce Conversion Rates

Many eCommerce businesses at some point in time face the real problem when a good number of online shoppers just simply are slipping away. Let’s pretend your eCommerce business has a conversion rate of about 3% (which is average) and you want to increase it. Well, if for every 1000 visitors only 30 people actually buy something on your website, is that good enough for you? We bet you would want these other 970 potential shoppers to stay or to come back and make a purchase.

So, ask yourself a question – what can possibly stop those people from buying stuff on your website? Anyways, there is a thing called CRO or conversion rate optimization that will resolve your problem by increasing traffic and driving more people in. Since getting more traffic means turning your website into a sales magnet, your CRO should make people buy the stuff you’re offering for sale. This is definitely something that is worth investing in your efforts.

eCommerce Conversion Rates - GRINFER

In this blog post, we’ll go over some essentials needed for the process of conversion optimization and how to improve ecommerce conversion rates. You’ll get some info on how ecommerce conversion rates work and tips on the best ways to increase ecommerce conversion rates. Also, you’ll get hints on what to do to run the CRO process faster and easier. Let’s get down to it if you’re ready to put it into action.

Basics you need to learn about before launching the CRO process.

Running CRO can be simple, but don’t think it is an easy one. CRO can require not only lots of effort invested but also lots of patience. Good ecommerce conversion rates means good sales and higher revenues. Get your eCommerce business rolling with improving ecommerce conversion rates. Even if you’ll stumble upon a bigger challenge, don’t let it be discouraging and drive you away from the process. It might be a couple of months before you’ll get first results, so be humbled and give it some time.

CRO can require not only lots of effort invested but also lots of patience.

What improves ecommerce conversion rates?

Some things to keep in mind before stacking the whole deck and making it work in your favor:

  • Collect information about an audience you’re targeting to crack the psychology of people that visit your website. This is something you need to get to the core of their needs. You have to know what to do in order to fulfill those needs. The whole trick is to be aware of even the smallest causes which can be the reasons that affect the buying decisions of visitors. Even the smallest things are able to make your customers turn to the direction you need.
  • Since CRO is totally dependent upon unpredictable or even sometimes whimsy features of human behavior, most of the time it can be analyzed with rough guessings. Keep in mind that CRO is not exactly science but more of something in between. You need to research data on ecommerce conversion rates to make it work.

Ecommerce conversion rates and website speed are two things that go together and drive the whole process forward. While testing your traffic you will be working with lots of numbers. If you want to get conclusive results even with constant ecommerce conversion rates fluctuation, gather credible data. So, test traffic collecting credible data in order to determine whether your CRO works and influences the buying behavior of visitors.

Ecommerce conversion rates and website speed are two things that go together and drive the whole process forward.

Know your goals to succeed in the CRO process.

Succeed in the conversion rate optimization process - GRINFER

How do you make money if ecommerce conversion rates are so low?

There are certain sets of targets to pursue depending on the marketing and sales goals you established. Let’s go over some important things you need to be focusing on to run the CRO process and boost your revenues:

  • Make website visitors want to visit product pages once they went on your website’s homepage to check it out.
  • Boost your rates for email subscriptions.
  • Try to lower your bounce rate.
  • Improve ecommerce conversion rates with engaging more people in social media.
  • Boost your sales up.
  • Increase ecommerce conversion rates with more clicks for your “add-to-cart” option.

Customize your CRO process by learning about customer’s shopping behavior and needs. 

If to compare the actual process of conversion optimization to a process of cooking a meal, you need to know who you cook for. Some tips on how to go about it:

  • Start increasing your ecommerce conversion rates with heatmaps. Try heatmaps to analyze visitors’ behavior by tracking what kind of things they click on more often. Check how fast they scroll up and down on your product page and see where they stay longer on the page to read stuff. Best software for creating heatmaps – Heatmap, Crazy Egg, Hotjar.
  • There is a way of getting google average ecommerce conversion rates with Google Analytics. Use Google Analytics to track those numbers down but try not to be frustrated by them.
  • Try mobile conversions – it’s one of the fastest techniques that can increase revenues. No secret that 50% of traffic generates from mobile versions of websites used by eCommerce businesses. Mobile conversions is one of the effective ways that can increase your ecommerce conversion rates.
  • Boost ecommerce conversion rates with retargeting. Use a retargeting strategy for your potential buyers and learn more about their behavior. Even though not all people buy something on your site, you might see them again coming back later. For better interaction with your visitors, offer to join your email list, or look through related products they search for, reach out to your support group, etc.
  • Run surveys asking for feedback either via email or try notification surveys to collect more data. Consider interviews because these provide golden opportunities for collecting exclusive info which can’t be found anywhere else.

Customer support queries are also helpful for interactions and revealing the most common issues your customers dealt with on your website. This approach might also be good for getting better insights about possible reasons that keep customers away.

Learn what pages to work with in the first place for winning in the conversion optimization process.

Lead generation strategy - Conversion optimization process - GRINFER

Basically, what you need here is to find out which pages on the website visitors spend most of their time on. That way you’ll be able to increase ecommerce conversion rates by product type. Also, these pages are more important because they drive more traffic and bring more value to your website. Knowing which pages bring more traffic will give you a better idea of where to start running CRO.  

Before launching a test, connect all the dots and align them with all the data you’ve collected for your CRO campaign. Then try to put it all in the right order. These data will include the info derived from surveys, interviews, and support groups. Evaluate this data to determine what needs to be done to meet your customers’ needs and expectations.

Some questions that will point you in the right direction and will help to make a product page more accessible to shoppers:

  • How to assure visitors that this is the exact page they are looking for?
  • How to convince that this particular product is something he/she needs?
  • How to determine whether it’s easy to make a purchase or not?
  • How to convince shoppers that my company can be trusted?

When people are on the product page, they probably wonder about similar questions. So, knowing what’s on their mind is a part of success. If shoppers feel like they came to the wrong page, the bounce rate can increase and you don’t want this to happen. How to avoid it? Make sure that the content on your product pages matches the source of traffic.

Some tips on what to do to align your content with a traffic source:

  • Match your headlines with paid ads.
  • Have your meta titles aligned with descriptions in case the traffic was generated from organic search.
  • Build a new page in case you can’t change the headline. It will target and serve a different segment of customers.

Learn what things to pay attention to while running analytic for your website during the conversion optimization process.

What are the best ways to increase ecommerce conversion rates?

Ways to increase ecommerce conversion rates- GRINFER

Analyze whether product images, descriptions, and videos work the way they should and make people hit this buy button. Still not happening? Then you might need to review product pages to improve and make them more convincing. While running your website analytics, look for common patterns in the shopping behavior of visitors.

More tips on improvements for better website optimization:

  • Add related products sections on top of the list for products that visitors often search for.
  • If your website visitors do lots of up and down scrolling, work with the product description, and improve the title. Make sure that the product images are crisp and have good quality.
  • Some buyers like to see detailed information about the item they intend to purchase, so provide detailed information about the item they are interested in including reviews and an easy to understand table about this product.
  • Keep your shipping information clear and offer different forms of payments. If your business provides free shipping, also make this clear to customers. List time frames of how long it will take for the package to arrive in certain areas or countries.

Giving your customers an opportunity for a quick checkout will make you precious to those who are always in a hurry. So, having an add-to-cart page makes it much easier for people to buy stuff. Use Google or PayPal payment options right at the top of your product page.

Run A/B split tests to increase conversion optimization.

How to calculate ecommerce conversion rates and how to write ecommerce conversion rates in percentages? If you wonder about it, you are on the right page. 

Okay, let’s pretend you have an old product page and you are thinking about building a new one to get the highest ecommerce conversion rates ever. Once you gather enough insights about your target audience, you can start building a new page and then put an old page against your freshly created one. Then the next step would be to direct an equal amount of traffic to each of these pages and then determine which one shows better performance. This kind of approach is called – A/B split test where you track what page converts better and has about 98% of significance.

What tools can be used for running split tests?

There are plenty of them online, which can be used even by those who are not tech-savvy. Here are some tools you can use that will make all calculations for you – Freshmarketer, Optimizely, Nelio AB Testin, Convert Experiences, Google Optimize. All these testing tools will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to use them for running split tests. 

The whole process takes from a few days to a couple of weeks and it is dependent on how much traffic you get. The more traffic you get, the faster you’ll get results about significance. Don’t stop at just one test. Once you get sample ecommerce conversion rates and acquire feedback from one campaign, keep on building new variations for even higher conversions.

Build a solid CRO foundation for your eCommerce store.

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