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Growing a successful business requires an investment in money, time, and, of course, a fair amount of patience. Lots of different areas out there of business entrepreneurship that require attention. So, develop good skills in anything that has to do with the business. It can be a bunch of things – finances, pricing, marketing, customer relationship management, security, or even privacy issues. To name just a few. 

When it comes down to sharpening skills you already have under your belt, your motivation greatly depends on your practical needs. Think and decide how much time you’re willing to invest in learning. Then keep on improving your skills and don’t forget to practice daily. Browsing online and taking some useful online courses should help to learn faster. Because, frankly, it is possible to find any kind of information about anything on e-learning platforms today.

In this blog post, we provide a number of helpful skills that are worth focusing on to make your business grow or before launching one.

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After you start earning decent money, go ahead, and build a team. This won’t be an easy job, so you better do your homework and learn how to lead them in a great way. That’s why you’ve got to learn leadership in depth. And the other thing to remember is that there are many great courses on leadership on Grinfer that will teach you all pros and cons of great leadership skills.

You might find the online course “Ultimate Leadership & Management Training Course” helpful for mastering leadership skills. This course provides great insight into leadership and management challenges that most businesses face today. During this course, you’ll get lots of useful info on effective team-building strategies, find out how to accelerate a career in a short time, what techniques are most helpful for taking your business to the next level. And many more! Created by Prof. Paul J. Cline, who is also an award-winning educator and professional speaker, this course is most helpful for those who want to become true business leaders.

Social and emotional intelligence.

With automation engulfing non-humane roles, human skills are expected to gain importance. What essentially makes a human revolves around their ability to connect and communicate with individuals on a human level. So, for a better understanding of how to interact with people and build connections with them, test your personality, and see what type of personality you have. Learn how to influence and motivate others, how to identify the strong and weak aspects of your personality, and many other things with the course “Test Your Personality Using The DISC Assessment Tool”.

Human-centered design thinking.

There is an increased requirement to do your job with innovative and entrepreneurial approaches. Companies value an ability to think out of the box whenever there is a need for taking human-centric decisions.  You can merge in this process by mastering NLP. This will help you achieve extraordinary results in your thinking. 

Try an online course “NLP Master Guide To Achieving Extraordinary Results” to learn how to influence people and how to engage them in your projects with no hassle. Also, get the most effective techniques that help to eliminate fears, insecurities, and get total control of your life.

Recruiting domain knowledge and HR.

A trend of job-hopping as seen among the millennials is proving disadvantageous to career growth. This is happening because of the mismatch between the half baked knowledge many individuals gather, extensive knowledge, and experience required by most industries. Therefore, increased learning of different specializations is a positive sign to HR managers in the workforce’s motivation.

Improve HR knowledge with the online course “Essentials of HR” built by a professional consultant, HR pro, successful entrepreneur, Robert Sullivan. This course will provide you with a great deal of information on how to effectively run human resources, set up people management, and what steps are needed to put theory into a practical approach. You’ll learn key concepts of HR contemporary areas and understand how to use the power of successful management of the workforce in organizations today.

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Marketing can be even more important than the product itself. An average product with excellent marketing will generally outsell an excellent product with average marketing. Excellent marketing tied to generally mediocre products, yet, generates enough profits to finance all profitable ads you see. This means that the product or service (as long as it’s popular) is less important compared to particular ways how you actually market this product.

Today, with the expectations for increased online presence in the COVID-19 world, don’t underestimate online marketing. Many successful online businesses utilize both – online and offline marketing strategies. However, when you are starting out, you can even try the door to door flyer handouts. Do whatever makes you succeed. Find lots of marketing hints and tricks with marketing online masterclasses on Grinfer. There is so much new useful information on marketing strategies on the Grinfer e-learning platform! You won’t have any other choice but to become successful.


This skill can become a second stream of income for the company. Since the failure rate for new businesses is 99%, anyone with a profitable business is in that 1%. People from 99% of dying businesses would love to learn secrets to success. So, make money with your expertise. Try 1-1 online consulting available on the Grinfer e-learning platform and start earning this extra buck by consulting people online.

Public Speaking.

Public speaking is usually done with a speaker and an audience. It’s how leaders get their message across and inspire people. If you dread speaking in front of a crowd, don’t worry. Many successful business people have struggled with this skill too but pushed themselves to learn it due to its value.

How to learn? Online courses – Udemy, Coursera, Grinfer, and Edx. Watch influential speakers – Barack Obama, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck. How to practice? Start by speaking in front of a mirror. Once you’re comfortable, speak in front of a small group of people – this can be your parents or friends. Gradually increase the audience as you get better. Don’t be afraid to volunteer once in a while and ask for feedback after. Getting feedback helps you learn from your mistakes. How will it benefit your business?

  • Gain more self-confidence
  • Add to your leadership qualities
  • Make new connections


Whenever you decide to treat writing seriously, you’ll notice positive changes. You will be able to convey ideas clearly and talk with more substance.  How to practice? Write blog posts about topics you’re interested in – self-help, relationships, fitness. Write down your thoughts in a journal. How will it benefit your business?

  • Speak and write your ideas with clarity
  • Become a better thinker


After you made your company successful, it’s time to invest your earnings in the correct place. Investments are the most important thing in an entrepreneur’s life. For example, people like Bill Gates have less than 2% of shares in their own found business. The rest of his income comes from investments. You can read many books on investment or take online courses on Grinfer for becoming really good at this.

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Build a blog or website.

Learn how to create a blog because this is something that will benefit your business for sure. You can find many great sources online designed for building a nice blog (even with a zero programming experience) – WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, and so on. WordPress allows users to build their own blogs with a friendly user experience. And also you can use these blogs to do promotions for your products that you want to sell. Learn more about WordPress and get it into practice with great online courses on the Grinfer platform!


If you have a website, you can do some free SEO for your website. SEO can be divided into on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO refers to optimizing the TDK (Title, keywords, descriptions), original content, and conversion rate. Off-page SEO refers to improving the keywords ranking, traffic, page index, and so on. Except for these, you can also write some original content and post them on the article or press release platforms.

Communication skill.

No matter how much you know about anything. It is useless unless you can convince others of your viewpoint. An ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills to be learned and mastered. It doesn’t matter what your age is, you would need communication skills to succeed. For example, for choosing your career, you have to convince your father. In a job or business, you’ll have to impress your boss or client. So, it doesn’t really matter what you’re chasing after, communication skills will be needed for sure. Go ahead and sign up for a great online course “Communication skills, personal development and negotiation” created specifically for sharpening your communication skills and learn how to survive in the highly competitive corporate environment.

Financial intelligence.

Financial knowledge is a rather underrated knowledge in the contemporary world. Learn about finances no matter what your profession is. Learn a different way of investing and learn about money. Financial intelligence will help you gain financial independence early in your life.


No matter what you say. Someone somewhere is going to get offended. In the day of social media, negative publicity is very real and very damning since the slightest misunderstanding or a seemingly harmless statement can cost a company millions. In this politically correct world where false allegations by spurned employees, fake lawsuits, and shakedowns are very much a problem. A diplomatic person with discretion will be the most valuable asset, especially in senior positions.

Linguistic skills.

As the world is coming closer and closer, people (in addition to their technical skills) can act as a bridge between two cultures. Two sets of people, who can add an extra dimension of communication with the client/other employees will always have an edge.

Mathematical skills.

As the world and the technology around us become more and more complicated, the need for numerical skills among consumers is decreasing. But to develop and create new innovations, financial models, analyze increasingly complex scenarios, mathematical prowess is a must. Especially for people who want to make a career in Data Science, analysts, finance sector, etc.

Programming proficiency.

This is no secret. Programming is one of the most valuable skills to have today and it will be even more so in the future. Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages currently and anyone with decent Python skills will never find themselves out of a job.


All this development, and for what? In the end, someone needs to buy your product. Research has shown that millennials are making less money as compared to the previous generation. This is going to worsen as time goes on. People with sales skills will be one of the most valuable assets on the team. Not to mention, with all the competition, you have to essentially sell yourself in an interview to land a job.


A combination of everything we said above, in some way. Everything is changing very rapidly today. Not only keeping up with the latest technological trends and marketable skills but also adjusting to any workplace environment and thriving will be critical for individual success in the future. Even more, than it is now.


Online courses are a great way to learn and to rebuild yourself. An effective online course can help you to make your own perspective towards everything. Today lots of e-learning platforms offer courses online and you have plenty to choose from. No objection, you can always go on YouTube to get a grasp on the basics. But getting in-depth information with online courses will assist in achieving your goals in less time.

As you move forward in this environment, you’ll better understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. Eventually, you will be able to assemble a nice set of skills that will lift your business to success. The more strength you have to compensate for your weaknesses and augment your strengths, the better you’ll become in selecting a team that fills all the right holes. Once you do this, you will be on your way to becoming an outstanding entrepreneur.

Knowledge is a secret recipe for success. Explore and learn your business with online courses on Grinfer. Write every question on your mind regarding the business you want to start and look for answers. There are many dots to connect before you will be able to figure out a perfect business plan. With Grinfer’s learning courses and masterclasses, you’ll make this path much easier.


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