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No secret, before the COVID-19 pandemic we had lots of people thinking that the option of earning money on the Internet was a rather fruitless effort. Today a “new normal” reality has flipped this belief all around. Many of those who have labored for traditional businesses seek out not only advice or expertise online but also looking for ways of making money with the Internet. That’s where affiliate marketing comes to play, reaching out to those who want to get paid by promoting and advertising online with referral links.

Affiliate marketing is a growing power that fuels a business engine for generating outstanding leads. Recent statistics show that referral programs will gain even more popularity and affiliate marketing is expected to grow by good 10% during 2020. E-learning platforms also recognize the advantage of incorporation of education referral programs into marketing strategies as an additional sales channel.

Notebook with Toolls and Notes about Affiliate Marketing GRINFER

Are you a fan of online education? Or just a newbie browsing around online educational platforms? You can definitely benefit from becoming an affiliate and collaborating with online educational platforms. How? Affiliate programs provide a great opportunity to earn extra cash or induce passive income streams. If you’re a popular blogger or influencer, provide a trusted voice to followers and build digital marketing assets for earning money 24/7. In this blog post, let’s talk about affiliate marketing and how to become an affiliate.

Some words for newbies what affiliate marketing is

Affiliate marketing becomes a rather common marketing practice for a wide variety of businesses. Online education is no exception. Just like any marketing strategy, it promotes and advertises a wide range of services and products. Typically, the whole process is powered by Internet resources and entirely conducted online through referral links.

Despite the fact that affiliate marketing is fresh and pretty new to the world of business, the whole concept of it is as old as the hills – earning money with commissions. The great news is that there is no need to make anything of your own in order to promote something whatsoever. To succeed, you’ll need to find ways of expanding a pool of followers and finding people who would trust your opinions regarding the stuff you promote.

To go over basics, let’s do some talking on how everything actually works in reality, or to be precise – in a virtual world of online sales and marketing:

  • Once an affiliate gets approved and joins the program, he or she will be provided with a unique id and a referral link to place it on their online resources (website, blog, social media accounts) to promote the company’s product or service.
  • A referral link has to be shown in the content that talks about marketing efforts applied for the promotion. This content should be appealing enough to make readers click on a referral link wanting to find out more. So by going to an affiliate partners’ site, they automatically become potential consumers.
  • Each referral link has a cookie that gets downloaded on the consumer’s computer. Cookies are needed to ensure that an affiliate will be credited with referrals and get rewarded with a commission in case a sale was completed.
  • Since each cookie has a particular life span (20, 30, 90 days), a cookie traces all activities on a website during this time. Whenever a purchase occurs during this period, an affiliate is rewarded with a commission.
  • How do businesses find out that sales came from a particular referral source? By keeping an eye on sales records to identify sources of referrals by tracking cookies’ unique IDs assigned to a particular affiliate. This affiliate is credited then with a sale. All payouts are usually made at the end of each period assigned for giving out payments. Everybody’s happy.
  • Also, typically affiliates get reports from their merchants to review how many clicks they gained for referrals and how many sales they’ve triggered.

Needless to say, a golden rule of affiliate marketing that speaks to providing commission works with any domain. Basically, the same concept applies to online education affiliate programs too. Let’s cover now some basics of what an affiliate program really is and how to work with it.

Some words about what affiliate program is and how to make money with cookies

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What’s the purpose of affiliate programs?

The main purpose of any affiliate program is to seek as many sources of referrals as possible. This is one of the most effective strategies used for boosting sales, generating leads, and appreciated by most marketers. You’re getting paid in exchange for driving more people in with referral links through various virtual channels like websites, blogs, or social media.

But what about commissions? Let’s go over this topic now and say a couple of words regarding different factors that impact commission percentages.

  • The more sales – the higher your commission is.
  • Promoting new stuff encouraging joiners to join? It increases your commission as well.
  • Harder-to-sell stuff may have a higher commission. This can apply to anything within the same affiliate program.

Just a hint: Once you get a commission rate, keep an eye on what an average sale is. That way you can determine how much exactly you’re going to make with every sale.

Let’s talk more about cookies.

Now is a time to start talking about cookies. The actual word “cookie” might sound yummy, but in reality (virtual reality) a digital cookie is a small portion of data that gets retained on people’s PCs being sent by browsers. This tiny program contains pieces of information regarding activities on a specific website, as well as visits on this website. In other words, cookies track and trace you whenever you go to a particular website. Probably that’s why marketers go bananas about cookies and absolutely love them.

The most advantageous affiliate programs use cookies with a 30-day lifespan (or longer). Whenever someone clicks on a referral link and ends up on the site you’re promoting, you’ll earn your commission as long as he returns to this particular website during these 30 days and buys stuff. So, try to get cookies with a longer lifespan – they’re always a bonus!

Some words about how you become an affiliate marketer

Typically companies don’t put in strict requirements to potential affiliates to enroll. One desired thing merchants can look for is having your own website thematically related to their own services. To some businesses (such as Airbnb) the major requirement they establish is good traffic on a website that should attract at least 1M visitors per month. Other marketplaces, such as Grinfer, are not that demanding and just ask to provide some digital resources (websites, blogs, or some social media accounts) where you’ll be able to place referral links for promotion.

Some minimum for becoming an affiliate:

  • Keep your personal and business contact info handy and provide it on request since it is needed for claiming taxes or other reporting purposes.
  • Provide a bank account number for receiving payouts.
  • Acquire trackable links from a merchant and post them on web resources.

Learn and choose either one of the two approaches affiliates use for strategy. First, you can target consumers which might provide a lower commission but higher sales volume. Second, if you’re after the business audience, then the most likely commission will be higher with lower sales volume. However, both these approaches can bring passive income and generate cash.

Some hints: Try to convey your referral links into a content you created so they’d fit naturally. Make sure all content provided is of high quality. Also, try different approaches to increase traffic to websites. Go either with paid traffic by using PPC ads or practicing SEO optimization approaches. Need more information about SEO optimization? Take an online course “SEO Mastery” which was created for beginners to advanced level and provides the most up-to-date effective techniques used for successful SEO optimization of websites.

Affiliate program scheme as a type of performance-based marketing GRINFER

Any affiliate’s dream is to accumulate as many clicks on referral links as possible. Even if you think that you have the coolest content out there, still you might not be getting as many clicks as you expected to. What can be done in order to increase the volume of clicks? Some hints for you:

  • Keep a balance in links placement and try not to make it look spammy. For example, you placed all referral links right at the bottom of the web page. Well, not many people actually scroll that far, so your referrals get a good chance of being unnoticed.
  • Pay attention to callouts and don’t be afraid of using them. Attract the attention of website visitors with eye-catching buttons, boxes, tables, etc., and make your posts more skimmable.
  • Pick those merchants which programs convert well. This can turn the game to your advantage by letting you gain control over a checkout process, which will make it possible to keep track of conversion rates after all.

Win more clicks by simply being honest with your visitors. Be transparent and let them know – you share some information, content, or blog posts for the purpose of getting a commission out of it. Also, it is good to let them know that you’ve tried all things you’re promoting yourself. In general, people are okay with providing support by making purchases through your referral links if they do appreciate honesty and trust your expertise. If someone chooses not to take your referral for granted, just let it pass and don’t dwell on it.

Some words about the education affiliate program that will earn you money

In case if you’ve decided to stick to an educational niche, then you’ll get a good chance to earn the most generous commissions. Lots of people enjoy learning new skills or improving existing ones and there always be a large pool of people who never stop learning. During 2020 the popularity of online educational platforms only kept growing (COVID-19 forced lots of folks to take classes online), so many eLearning marketplaces started to offer handsome commissions for their online education affiliate programs.

Today we’ve got plenty of educational marketplaces that offer passive income streams with affiliate programs for education. Let’s talk about the Grinfer’s marketplace and its affiliate program that offer some sweet deals to affiliates. Keep on reading and take notes.

How can you earn money with Grinfer’s affiliate program?

The first proven way is to join Grinfer’s author community and start selling courses. The second is to apply for an affiliate program and start providing your voice online to a target audience. Grinfer offers up to 30% commission once you join its affiliate program. And this is just for a start. You’ll get  30-day of “cookie life” for referral links. By the way, your commission can go up to 35%, which depends on how many completed sales you got with tracking links that you promoted with your online resources.

Reasons why you should promote Grinfer

Affiliate Marketing Advertising Commercial Concept GRINFER

Reasons why to become an affiliate with Grinfer and why it will bring you money:

  • If somebody purchases the most expensive course program (about $199), then you earn up to $60 per one buy. Simply put, the more expensive courses are sold on Grinfer through your referrals – the more cash you earn with commissions.
  • Grinfer has a common practice of running frequent contests and giving out bonuses to its affiliates and promoters. This approach works well for boosting revenues too. For example, every $1000 and $3000 you made, you’ll receive cash bonuses. Every $1,000 earned from your referrals will make you a $100 in monthly bonuses. For $3,000 you’ll get a monthly bonus of 5%.
  • Grinfer provides its affiliates with banners of any size needed and for any category.

Grinfer gives great feedback to all its affiliates. Whenever you need the information of any kind to make promoting and selling courses easier, you can contact Grinfer’s support team and receive a consultation about all the necessary marketing tools needed for finding and promoting new courses even faster.


Visit the Grinfer’s blog for more useful information on an affiliate program and read more about how to become an affiliate with Grinfer. Try Grinfer’s affiliate program and earn your recurring commissions without sweating off or working hard for some cash. Ask anything regarding an affiliate program or course you’d like to promote at

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