9 Hot Tech Trends for 2020

Technology trends take huge steps forward all the time in the last decade. You won’t find a single person now who would deny the rapid growth of technology. Moreover, this process seems unstoppable. With technologies changing every second a day, people like to indulge themselves in tech toys and all kinds of gadgets.

Since the technology is growing rapidly, its growth paves a way of searching for many innovative ideas in the various fields and raises the demand for specialists with good technical skills. Technology has crossed all the barriers and has proved itself to be a blessing and a curse for modern society because it plays a substantial role in current processes and information technology jobs.

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Thus, the job market is experiencing a growing demand for skilled tech professionals. If you look around for career opportunities in 2020, you’d see that there is such a large demand for specialists in the tech sector. Tech industries search for people who have tech skills that others don’t. No matter whether you’re an established professional, or just a newbie who is looking to head start a career, tech skills can get a good kick-off for success in your career. So, learn tech skills and you’ll be all set for a successful career in 2020.

Read this article, if you are someone looking ahead to determining which technologies will bring positive and profitable outcomes to your business in the coming days. Listed below are some of the top emerging tech industries that will require specialists with tech skills in the next 5-10 years.

Why it is important to learn tech skills in 2020

Current technology trends are influencing nearly every sector of the job market which offers information technology jobs. And this is truly fascinating. Digitalization became a huge deal to businesses and industries because of its ability to modify the fundamentals of production. It is able to change the core concepts of production processes and reset them for better and faster performance increasing productivity. But probably one of the main reasons behind drastic changes is users’ inquiry for competitiveness in production operations used in various tech industries.

Obviously, every tech industry tries to put innovative technologies into the best use possible to maximize profitability. This increases the ability to make operations more powerful and profitable. With innovative technologies, it becomes possible to sustain in today’s competitive marketplace of information technology jobs and survive in times of economic vulnerability. Even such monster corporations as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others invest a bunch of money in such latest technological trends like, for example, AI, blockchain, and big data. Clearly, today’s technology trends are going through phases of transformation and running at a great pace and purpose. Almost every day we witness more innovations coming to the business world, as well to the world of various tech industries.

According to the rough estimate, nearly one billion people will utilize AR/VR and IoT by 2021. So, this could be worth 20 trillion dollars in the near future. This brings a clear understanding that digital transformation is not far away and will be occurring on a global scale.

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With technology changing rapidly, specialists face the challenge of staying up-to-date looking ahead for the most recent important changes in technology trends. Also, they keep an eye for new skills necessary for getting hired for information technology jobs. All this is important because it also helps to determine which technologies will bring positive and profitable outcomes to businesses. So, let’s see what tech skills will be in-demand in the near future. Here’s the list:

Tech trend 1.

Hyper Automation.

The term “automation” is certainly not new to tech people. Automation is important in order to do human work efficiently. Hyper-automation comes with a combo of different tools such as Artificial Intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA), and business management software (iBPMS).

Hyper automation uses specific techniques to automate tasks and processes used by production industries. It takes production processes to the next level by automating complex tasks. Basically, this is all about the solutions which will automate work processes that are still done manually today. When we speak about hyper-automation, we will refer to tasks that involve advanced technologies.

For utilizing hyper-automation applications and a spread of tools, one should learn skills that would help to follow the formula of discovering, analyzing, designing, measuring, monitoring, and re-assessing hyper-automation techniques.

Tech trend 2.

Distributed Cloud.

This technology involves the dispersal of cloud services (architecture, operations, delivery, etc.) outside the centralized locations. This technology is very popular today and widely used by many businesses in their daily operations. For example, one of the biggest names in cloud services is Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as other relevant companies, will require skilled individuals to create apps within the environment.

Tech trend 3.

Deployment of 5G.

Fifth-generation wireless technology that offers faster speeds and reliable connection. We all have used 3G and 4G, haven’t we? But do you know that 5G is on its way and it won’t be just a number switch. It all started back in the ’80s when people witnessed 1G. Then the 1990s saw the 2nd generation of the technology. After that, the 3G technology came along during the 2000s.

The 3G technology brought a noticeable upgrade to the mobile Internet, which improved such an awesome option like video calls. It took almost a decade for the 4G technology to hit the market. But when it did, it was a huge splash! 4G completely took mobile technology to the next level, which is a high definition with faster speeds was the most prominent update at that time.

Now everybody talks about 5G and, for the most part, it’s about the cost factor. The cost of services has always played a vital role. Especially when talking about future technology trends. Today, ISP’s are constantly working towards charging for networking access, primarily dividing the net into a fast and a slow lane. This means you would have to pay your internet provider for accessing a couple of online services. In other words, you would be selecting packages in accordance with your business requirements. Since today lots of businesses working with employees managed remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic, the main intention is to maximize productivity and reduce costs for some processes.

With 5G technology, we will be able to strengthen the use of IoT (Internet-of-Things) applications. From smart homes to smart cities where there will be limitless possibilities for I.o.T applications, such as power monitors, intelligent parking space, traffic management, etc. It may also help with further development in other fields such as automotive, healthcare, Industrial I.o.T, broadcast, etc. Obviously, with the 5G technology business skills will be put across with tech skills opening more opportunities to specialists who can deliver both sets of skills.

Tech trend 4.

Drones and autonomous driving technology.

This kind of technology involves driverless cars (or robocars) that are capable of moving safely with very little or no human input. For example, look at drones that are about to fill the skies. Drones become increasingly popular not only among professional industries but among consumers too. They are a pretty fast-moving and useful piece of technology that utilizes specific systems and AI for coordinating and navigating. Drones are also in high demand for providing high-density and for being low-weight. This technology keeps on rolling ahead quickly in terms of reliability, safety, and utility. Today, special training is provided for people who want to get knowledge and skills for utilizing drones for specific purposes.

Tech trend 5.

Data management and edge computing technology.

Since data is growing exponentially and needs better management, here comes the distributed computing model. This model brings data and computation storage closer to the location where it is needed to save bandwidth.

Data management skills are increasingly employed by the AI domain. Machine learning, which is considered as a subset of Artificial Intelligence, needs tech skills that data management specialists possess for such processes like data cleansing, data wrangling, parsing, creating mathematical models, working with algorithms, etc.

So, data scientists are being much sought-after in the Artificial Intelligence domain to build complex data models. They are valued for the ability to train machine learning systems with the right data, work with algorithms, and utilize mathematical calculations. Data scientists can also fine-tune the outcome of a Deep Learning system using statistics, probability, and automation approach. AI & DS is applicable in manufacturing, retailing, transportation, finance, health care, and virtually every other industry.

Tech trend 6.


Blockchain is a leading decentralized technology used to manage the database record transaction details and uses secured cryptography to provide a better financial database system. The craze over Blockchain is getting higher every day but still slightly lagging its place due to some technical issues. Enterprises are the top of this list and stumbling to adopt it. Microsoft, on its turn, extends its favor to enterprises. Since Microsoft decided to make a more convenient phase for enterprises to use blockchain technology.

This technology is expected to play an important role in simplifying banking processes, property transactions, personal identification, stock trading, creating digital ledgers, etc. In fact, we have been talking about online voting for many years. This technology may have a pivotal role to play in developing that system as well in the years to come.

As a result, blockchain is providing a secured, centralized database system for transactions. Basically, now you can put your trust over on the combination of Coco Framework and Blockchain. To solve all these issues, Microsoft takes one step closer by introducing Coco Framework to Blockchain. Definitely, there is no doubt that blockchain technology will take over future technologies in upcoming years.

Tech trend 7.


It may seem like an “old thing” but it’s growing fast and we are about 5% of the way to what will happen in the next ten years. Attacks are getting more and more sophisticated, so defense is too. The skills required for a job in cybersecurity are widely based upon the responsibilities of a particular role and the type of company you will be working for. Whether it is a privately-managed company or a publicly-traded company on a central stock exchange that needs to abide by strict regulatory and compliance rules. So, cybersecurity technologies will be in great demand of specialists with the broad brush skills that can be broken into two key categories – technical skills and business skills.

Tech trend 8.

Multi experience technology.

Virtual reality will likely go beyond present capabilities and purposes. Using this technology, people will be provided with additional computer-generated information to enhance the perception of reality. It will be rendered to you through display devices like head-mounted display, eyeglasses, head-up-displays, contact lenses, or by incorporating AR cameras into your smartphone applications, etc.

We’ll see more virtual products being sold, and there will be even more products like games and movies, etc. So, there will be an integration of augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and sensing technology. The multi-experience technology will replace technology-literate people with people-literate technology. This area is filled with professionals who can focus on immersive experiences that use augmented reality (AR), virtual (VR), mixed reality.

Tech trend 9.

3D printing technology.

It looks promising and aims to revolutionize the medical sector in a way that we never thought of as possible. Professionals with good skills in 3D printing will be hugely in-demand in such complex medical fields like prosthetics. This technology is going to be used as a great tool for creating all kinds of instrumentation and even for making implants. As the tech processes refine even further, they’ll have the potential to completely change everything. If 3D printers will be commonplace, they’ll change the manufacturing industry, clothing, building, and construction, anything that involves making something.


Since technology is one thing that keeps evolving and advancing, its popularity mostly depends on its usage by various industries. It is expected that in the future, people would rely more on such technologies like AI, Blockchain technology, Cloud computing, Augmented Reality, etc., in order to make overall working processes more effective and profitable with right usage of good technical skills.

While some technology trends frizz out easily, the other latest upcoming technologies get huge support from tech industries. Thus, becoming even more popular. Moreover, if one industry sees success with the use of any latest technology trends, these trends get all chances to stay at the top of the game for a while. In the end, it is all about what these trends can offer to businesses and end-users. So, with the constant demand for new technologies, tech skills will never lack popularity.

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