For thousands upon thousands of years, women have been experiencing labor and giving birth to new generations. What can be more natural than giving birth to a child? That’s the reason why humanity is still on this Earth moving forward to the future, making plans, and making sure that new babies are born. Many people believe that childbirth is the best thing this world can possibly have. Each baby is unique and precious. However, there are so many tricky nuances involved in the process of delivering a baby that you will be surprised.

The NHS statistics show that over 50% of pregnant women experienced spontaneous labor in the past 10 years. That’s a pretty big number. The research also shows that out of 3 women there is at least one will have to go into induced labor. And even more, the numbers crept up by 10% in recent years and they just keep going up.

The NHS statistics show that over 50% of pregnant women experienced spontaneous labor in the past 10 years.

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If you feel worried about your future birth experience and have been watching lots of videos online, reading books about pregnancies, taking online health and fitness courses, collecting positive birth experience tips – you are on the right track. In this post, we’ll give you more hints on how to make your birth experience as positive as possible. You’ll also learn about the benefits of a positive birth experience and how to empower yourself with knowledge before you face this challenge. So, let’s talk about what is a positive birth experience and how it affects things in the long run.

Tip #1. How to have a positive birth experience by staying strong with yoga classes

Gain support from others in the toughest moments

Even though the news about pregnancy is extremely exciting, still try to stay fit and strong for a future labour experience. You can do it with daily exercising just to prepare yourself for the positive birth center experience. Well, to exercise while being pregnant is not easy, it’s true. The main reason why you need to build strength is because women often need to put lots of intensity and force to their stamina to open their body for the birthing process. Being able to go through this ordeal with ease will become one of the positive parts of your birth experience during labour.

You can go with it by taking antenatal classes that might be available near you. Do your research and find a nice pregnancy yoga class in your area. Why yoga? Well, it is a great technique that once you start practicing – you will be only reaping benefits. First of all, it teaches techniques of relaxation through breathing, which is a great way to remain calm and eliminate worries from your mind. Every yoga session nourishes not only your mind but your body with positive energy and develops body awareness. However, you have to be consistent in your yoga and do it at least two times a week to see good results. Other good options besides yoga can be pilates and swimming. If you’d just walk for half an hour every day a couple of times a week somewhere in the park, that would be awesome too.

Every yoga session nourishes not only your mind but your body with positive energy and develops body awareness

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If you don’t have enough money or time, take Health & Fitness courses online or buy other video material for home exercising. After you try it, your body will be thankful for all the care you provided. Remember, there is no correlation between positive birth experience and poverty – you can always find what you need despite your financial problems. So, do what you have to do to make your birth experience as positive as possible

Tip #2. How to have a positive birth experience by correlating your wishes with a birth plan

Be smart while waiting for the baby to be born by planning ahead. Think and brainstorm to decide what would be the best place for you to give birth to a child. Try to make up your mind in advance and pick a homebirth for you and your baby. When the time comes and you’ll go into a phase of active labor, it may reduce the tension and decrease a chance for medical intervention like cesarean birth or epidural. When you’re nine months pregnant, birth can start anytime and it won’t necessarily go the exact way it’s been planned, so stay positive and try to be more flexible.

Here is another reason why the birth plan is a smart thing for positive birth experience. If you’ve gone through a birth experience once, you’ll have a chance to get pregnant again. In case the first experience was a traumatic one for some reason,  an option to address fears or anxiety will be available by showing your birth plan to medical staff. If they’d know what was exactly wrong the first time with your labor, this time they’ll treat you differently.

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How to have a positive birth experience with hospital staff?

 It’s good to have enough information about your health to be able to provide it to obstetricians whenever it is needed. That way they will be aware of your situation and will do everything to make sure this time won’t be any problems, since less interventions lead to a more positive birth experience. By backing up with your birth plan, you will move to the second labor more relaxed and supported.

Tip #3. How to have a positive birth experience by gaining support from others  

Learn to overcome fears and anxiety

Any pregnant woman can have bad days or have a hard time dealing with different unpleasant things that come with pregnancy. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed asking for help from people that are around you. Make your birth partner, your mom, husband, or your sister your allies. It will be your greatest asset that pulls you through tough moments.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed asking for help from people that are around you.

But just for your own safety and protection, you need to have these people (who you will be asking for help) go through some training themselves. They have to be confident in handling certain situations with pregnant women in order to provide the best and correct care possible.

Tip #4. How to have a positive birth experience with developing your pelvic awareness

Developing pelvis awareness is important since your baby can lie in your pelvis in an uncommon position. If you end up in a situation where the question was raised whether you’ll need cesarean assistance, you can fix it by seeing an experienced osteopath. A skilled osteopath can do miracles and can align not only your muscles but also your baby, which is most important. Try to start your session with an osteopath about 34 weeks in advance and by the time of the actual birth you’ll see the difference between a straightforward birth and needing assistance with forceps.

There are other options that you can try, such as perineal massage, pelvic floor exercises, Kegels, or trying a pelvic massage (which is still a rather disputable option).  Do stretches and toning of your pelvis through bodywork and a set of exercises that were developed specifically for pregnant women. Try Mindful epi-no and special breathing techniques that contribute to pelvis awareness.

Tip #5. How to have a positive birth experience by overcoming fears and anxiety

Often on, pregnant women, especially those who are pregnant for the first time, can have outbursts of anxiety or fear. This is a common emotion to experience once in a while, so decrease of discomfort will lead to a more positive birth experience. There is one thing to remember – it will all pass and everything will get back to normal. But since our mind prefers to avoid fear,  learn some tricks on how to do it right.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to stop listening to any negative or terrifying stories about bad birth experiences. If you’re already anxious or nervous, it won’t help anyhow. Unfortunately, negative or bad labors happen once in a while. The actual number of such experiences is significantly lower compared to positive ones.
  • Second, learn some techniques that will help you to soothe your body and make your mind calmer. Try meditation because it can become the most engaging and positive experience during pregnancy. You’ll treat it as a gift. The process of meditation is not about relaxation only but also about engaging in the experience without fear or denial.
  • Practice meditation every day and you’ll see how more self-aware you become. This newly acquired skill will contribute to overcoming tough moments and coping with most of the possible problems that might occur.
  • Third,  while you are at your pregnancy marathon, eat healthy food to nourish yourself with vitamins and minerals that baby needs. Good digestion will keep the body strong and healthy providing lots of energy and, as a result, a positive mind.
  • Fourth, be easy on yourself in terms of your mammalian instincts. Forget for a while that you live in the world of glamour and high heels. Try not to look at Instagram photos too much because it can make you feel upset by comparing yourself to others. Well, the shape of your body isn’t the same as it was before pregnancy but it’s absolutely normal and isn’t forever.
  • Just be yourself and stay in the moment. Don’t be embarrassed by anything you experience during pregnancy – make strange sounds if you feel like it, move the way you feel convenient, forget about rules of etiquette (you’ll get back to it after you are done with your pregnancy).
  • Five, use special services that are out there offered by hospitals for moms. You’ll find women to share their positive experience with you and teach you some hints that helped them to go through this process with success. This approach will help you to get a clearer picture of what is going to happen to your body before and after birth. This might also reduce the amount of anxiety or fear preparing you to embrace pregnancy with joy and the biggest manifestation of love that never felt before. Remember, a population with a positive birth rate and no negative feedback will experience a much happier society after all. 
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To get more information, useful tips and techniques of the childbirth process, take an online course “’9 Steps to a positive birth experience – The birth you are entitled to have’”, which is offered with a 50% discount price now. This course was created on Grinfer by Eleonora Lawson, a highly skilled midwife and birth companion with 10+ years of experience.

She created her digital guide to educate not only on the basic knowledge of what is labor, how to recognize it, how to cope with intensity, natural and synthetic pain relief, etc. You’ll also learn particularly how to establish a good relationship with your health care provider and how to deal with the unexpected so you always stay in control of the situation.

You will learn about the crucial elements to ensure positive birth experience and know how this is possible in any birth scenario.

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