5 Practical Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Is Important for Web Development in 2020

According to recent statistics, nearly 74% of users want to have their web pages downloaded in just 2 seconds. It’s also a proven fact now that slow-loading corporate websites lose $2.6 billion in revenues annually. Today, there are about $1.94 billion websites that actively serve their visitors. Two out of three people don’t want to see dull looking website design and rather switch attention to beautifully arranged websites. So, one of the cutting-edge industries standing strong on the global market of programming technologies is web development. 

Today web development became a big part of artificial intelligence (AI). By 2020 AI has already conquered most business ventures globally and affected technologies worldwide. Website development is bound to Artificial intelligence, VR, or IoT. It seems like today is not enough to be a tech-savvy who knows the steps of transferring data to a machine. A highly skilled web developer should hold a key to effective enhancement of user interfaces. This involves the ability to convey such foremost tools used for web interfaces design and tied to AI solutions like voice searches or chatbots.

Despite the fact that web development is a 100% technical field, yet it gives endless opportunities for creativity and fresh ideas. Front end web development is one of the most in-demand professions which is a hot ticket amongst trendy jobs right now.

In this blog post, we’ll break down essentials that are useful for web developers and good to be aware of in 2020.

#1.Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances the potential of web development.

5 Practical Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Is Important for Web Development

First, let’s outline some points stating why AI is so great for web development:

  • Increases speed of search and makes this process even faster;
  • Customer’s experience in interaction becomes more relevant;
  • Increases the potential and effectiveness of digital marketing approaches for reaching potential customers;
  • Advances interactions with web site users;
  • Take the online store’s personalized experience right to the next level.

No secret that website developers begin at a starting point where they do brainstorming and share ideas posting on blackboards. Once everybody agrees upon a particular design solution, the next step is to retain everything in the digital image format. Then it’s converted manually into the HTML code.

Are you wondering where AI is lurking behind this process? AI creates the digital prototype of the photo that has been captured and then uploaded to an AI routine. It saves time and effort while dealing with errors that occur during the process. This can become even faster with the new web-based solution called Sketch2Code, which fully relies on AI. After a UI design has been created by hand, it makes a conversion going from image to an HTML code.

#2. Even more benefits of AI used in the web development process.

So, how does AI affect the interface of any web site? Here is more info relevant to the subject to look at:

The most important goal of any web site development lies within the issue of providing positive user experience. Effective website design will capture visitors’ attention, retain interest, and won’t let them go somewhere else. Once people see that products shown on the website are easily searchable and all shopping is also easy, odds are people buy staff more willingly. So, many customer-centric apps use AI to enhance the customer service experience.

By integrating AI into a website, you can diversify rules content-wise like blogs, videos, audio material, etc. This content will draw more interest from an audience. Users feel more comfortable getting newly suggested video and audio content which has been based on the past searches and interest of users, previously analyzed and personalized by AI.

Voice search optimization can surely be called one of the hottest and innovative trends in the world of web development. AI also provides support here in terms of the optimization of mobile-based technology. It optimizes a wide range of mobile devices that people use heavily every day. It’s no secret that a mobile phone sometimes can be used much more often compared to a desktop computer. Voice-based search is even more essential now since the online shopping approach gains greater popularity amongst customers.

#3.Why AI-based chatbot services are widely used for web development.

Why AI-based chatbot services are widely used for web development

By 2022, over $8 billion will be saved by online business through the assistance of AI-based chatbots. The top industries that utilize chatbots heavily about 28% are by real estate, 16% are by travel agencies, and 14% are used by online learning platforms and other online educational resources. The Gartner report already stated that in 2020 about 86% of inquiries made by customers are being processed by AI-based chatbots.

Today’s AI-based apps create “human-like” responses and already replaced pathways that were necessary for running programmed dialogue scripts. The main natural language processing (or NLP) used for AI-based chatbots is capable of creating efficient human-machine interactions that are meaningful, as well as effective for achieving successful engagement. 

The most widely used AI-powered chatbot is Watson Assistant, which is known for understanding and analyzing chat logs. Moreover, it develops its own base of knowledge that sends requests to customers requesting them for support, asks questions, and gives suggestions regarding conversational styles. In addition, it can manage service tools and messaging channels used for mobile applications independently.

AI-based chatbots have already impacted traditional techniques used for web design. They changed ways of interacting with business websites. Since AI has all the capabilities for enhancing user experience by optimizing inquiries through chatbot services, they become popular in web development strategies. Lots of companies’ websites engage customers by inflicting AI agents and chatbots for processing inquiries and offering virtual assistance. 

A good virtual assistant is designed to be able to process a huge amount of questions asked by consumers or website visitors. It simulates a real-time conversation by commenting and adapts responses with the actions taken by users accordingly. The AI chatbot reply predictions become key to an effective communication process that improves sales.

#4. Why AI is good for automated testing when used in web development.

Few examples of how AI impacts testing used in the current web development services:

  • Gives techniques for fault expectation;
  • Gives effective QC approaches;
  • Increases speed in bug fixing;
  • Provides consistent results in testing and production;
  • Provides support to QA developer in finding effective testing methods;
  • Boosts the processes in compelling programming for testing;
  • Handles complex strategic tasks in testing.

Now, let’s go over the 6 most popular tools used for AI-based automated testing in web development in 2020:

  1. The most recent and popular tool for automated testing, which pops up in the head of any web developer almost immediately, is Selenium. This is an open-source tool powered and licensed by Apache 2.0 software, which is a framework used for running tests on web apps and compatible with Linux and macOS. It runs just fine on Windows too.
  2. TestCraft is another useful platform used for test automation and powered by AI. This platform works on top of Selenium, and does testing continuously. TestCraft doesn’t ask for any skills needed for coding. It utilizes Selenium-based tests working on multiple browsers with drag and drop interfaces.
  3. Another effective Al-powered software used for UI testing is the Applitools app. It is powered by Visual Al and mainly utilized by skilled web engineers, DevOps or manual QAs for providing end-to-end testing. The main feature of Applitools is in its adaptable learning algorithms. These algorithms scan applications’ screens first, then analyze them the same way that human eyes do. However, investing the automated power in this process.
  4. The next popular testing technology which is worth trying is called Functionize and it’s a cloud-based tool. It’s good to use when there is a need for an increase in the diagnosis and maintenance speed. The distinct feature of the application is in the ability to convert a plain English text into NLP functional cases. It takes only a couple of minutes for Functionize to complete a large number of tests derived from mobile browsers.
  5. Next comes the Sauce Labs software, which is considered one of the biggest automated testing tools. It is also a cloud-based and AI-powered app. This software can generate over 800 combinations for OS offering over 200 mobile simulators and emulators.
  6. Testim is an AI-powered testing tool which is available in two plans – basic and pro. This app is handy when it comes down to the maintenance of automated tests and is capable of speed enhancement needed for execution and authoring. This app is compatible with the following browsers: Android, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE, and even Safari.

#5. Why AI is essential for current SEO practices used in web development.

Most companies struggle with content development which is an essential process for enhancing off-page SEO services. Almost every day web developers face the challenge of striving for the creation of unique content keeping in mind posting algorithms. This becomes especially crucial when it comes down to social media. 

Artificial intelligence gives a hand in the optimization of analytics by providing clear and up-to-date data regarding the website’s traffic and content performance. In this case, such a useful application like Verbolia is a very handy tool for running an analysis of the existing content. This application takes external content and matches with created content. It performs conversion optimization by yielding landing pages automatically and uses e-commerce sites for generating product descriptions.

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