15 Best Skills to Learn Online Today

Learning new skills is the key to success in the next five decades or so. We live at times when social and professional approaches are rapidly changing due to globalization, automation, and global pandemic. So, certain hard skills will be more in demand in the future compared to others. Today, it’s important to recognize what skills need to be learned today in order to stay afloat tomorrow.

Even when COVID-19 is over, there is a big chance that most educational processes will still be held online. Online learning already proved itself effective and contributive to the development of new skills. Online learning will still focus on tech literacy, data literacy, and soft skills advancement. While learning different skills is good, it’s important to know what skills to have in your arsenal.

Not knowing what the right skills to pick to make an investment in can be frustrating.  Some may want to learn the stock market because it’s what makes you rich, while others may choose to learn how to code due to the continuous development of artificial intelligence.

Before we give you a list of these essential skills, know this first — it doesn’t take 10,000 hours to learn a skill. If you watched Jeff Kauffman’s TED talk, he says that you can learn any skill in just 20 hours. If you’re looking to learn any skill, about 20 hours or so with deliberate practice is enough to get you started. The 10,000-hour rule only applies if you look to become a high-level master. So, read about 15 foundational skills that you can learn online in 2020 and use them well in the future for your career achievements.

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Skill 1. Digital Marketing.

This field is growing at an insanely fast rate today. However, there’s a huge skill gap for people with this experience. There are over 82,400 digital analyst positions listed on ZipRecruiter today. Learning marketing and analytics is a valuable skill to have.

With the expectations for increased online presence in the post COVID world, social media growth for any organization can safely be deemed important. Today, data collection is becoming an essential part of reaching customers and increasing sales. This is a much-needed skill-set among marketing and advertising departments.

There’s an extremely high demand for this skill-set. Companies are racing to reach new and current customers more effectively than their competitors. With over 10 million businesses using Google Analytics on their websites and over 5 million businesses advertising on Facebook, companies (no matter big and small) need marketers who are data-savvy and have good experience in digital marketing.

Skill 2. Data Analytics and Problem-solving.

These skills are complementary and will merge even more over time. We will have lots of digital data — a lot more than we can handle. An essential future skill would be an efficient ability to process and sift through large amounts of data. And more importantly, to come up with rapid decisions that are unique. 

Not just data analytics skills are important. Also,  good knowledge in math, logic, problem solving, programming, etc. are all complementary skills and will be critical for success. All these skills can boost the level of comfort and raise the ability to read data and intuitively spot patterns.

Skill 3. Tech Designing.

A lot of focus on the future will be on shifting man-machine interactions and designing completely new interfaces through which we can leverage the power of the cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Tech design will be one of the most-in-demand skills.

Skill 4. Freelancing.

Is it really a skill? Yes, it is. With the gig-economy on an uprise due to the increased adaptation to work from home post-COVID-19, startups are looking to meet their talent needs in freelancing. Contract-based commitments are expected to become a huge part of the job market. This would require skills to be your own manager unlike traditional setups of supervision used in brick-and-mortar companies.

It’s necessary to develop the right skill to freelance and contribute to many different things essential to the process. 

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Skill 5. Managing Time.

Odds are it can get quite chaotic. There’s no stability in what you do on a daily basis. Your schedules will always change and your attention will be demanded a million times a day. The ability to manage time and achieve things will become more important than ever.

Skill 6. Science.

Not computer science! Hard science. Yes. It will be one of the key skills in the future development of all kinds of industries. Chemistry, physics, and biology will all come center-stage as we leverage the power of technology. Science will be the main power in achieving the next more advanced level of life. Therein, scientists will be highly demanded.

Skill 7. Copywriting.

Copywriters are driving experts in advertising and marketing. They are much useful in the event of composing a convincing duplicate that sells individuals on whatever they are hawking. The expertise of copywriting is the best ability you could learn online. Use destinations like Udemy and Grinfer to pursue an online course where you can get familiar with the basics of this profoundly rewarding skill.

Skill 8. Site design improvement.

This is not all about making things look pretty, but it’s also about creating useful things that can also serve a purpose. Learn the fundamentals of design — hierarchy, contrast, balance — to build a solid foundation. Practice by creating anything — logos, infographics, color schemes, etc. 

Get inspiration from your favorite designers, study the craft with useful online courses on the eLearning platforms, read books and tutorials on design. Use any other online resources which were created by the professional designers for learning and mastering fundamental skills in design.

Skill 9. Email advertising.

Email advertising is fit as a fiddle. Indeed, it’s perhaps the surest approaches to make impressive measures of cash on the web today. On the off chance that you ace the ability of email advertising, and figure out ways of manufacturing a compelling deals channel. With this right skill, you can basically soar good deals and salary.

This isn’t just about composing convincing direct mail advertisements. It’s additionally about understanding what sorts of messages get tapped on and lead to dynamic interests and buys. Email showcasing is the expertise that can be wanted for on the web. But, on the other hand, it’s something that will require lots of training on your conclusion to hit the nail on the head.

You might look into a great online course “Online Marketing & Advertising Training Course” created by one of the best-selling instructors and in digital marketing who is also a psychology expert, Paul Cline. You’ll learn about some essential key techniques that teach how to succeed in digital advertising.

Skill 10. Web optimization.

This is about the crucial rules that are driving traffic through mediums like web-based social networking and promotions. Become familiar with the mechanics of web-based showcasing, and you’ll have the option to drive extensive traffic and scale-out whatever business you choose to make. This will likewise assist with bringing in cash online through either automated revenue or dynamic salary exercises.

By comprehending the intensity of Search engine optimization, you can send close boundless traffic to any site and put selling on autopilot. Website optimization is exceptionally mind-boggling and tangled. So, if you ace any of the skills you can learn online today, it should definitely be web optimization.

Skill 11. Cloud technologies.

Cloud companies are providing infrastructures to their customers. Whether it’s IAAS or PAAS, clients are using the infrastructures and services that Cloud companies offer. You can start learning cloud technology and understand its core concepts. You don’t need to learn to code but can get a warm welcome to IT companies.

Skill 12. BIG Data.

Since the relational database era is gone, nobody wants to keep normalized structured data anymore. Now is the time for unstructured data. Today, businesses are taking huge data from mobile apps, govt, IoT, Stock Exchange, etc. So, keeping such a large volume of data with high performance, it’s not something Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) can provide. So, “No SQL” is the answer. This skill is quite some time in the industry but it will always be in demand.

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Skill 13. IOT skills.

Devices are now our daily companion. They have now become our friends, and sometimes our well-wishers as well. This is speaking about a smartwatch that can eventually save you from a heart attack. Connected cars, smart homes, smart security systems, so and so, areas are endless and it’s growing rapidly.

However, the learning curve of IoT is a bit different. You need to understand sensors, board, communication between them, and make them work together via software. All this takes time to understand, especially if you are from any other technical background other than electronics.

Skill 14. Visual depiction.

Visual representation is a significant part that drives any business forward and helps to get good deals. The trick is that you have to not only concentrate on usefulness but also have to focus on the visual appeal. By learning the profoundly significant aptitude of visual depiction, you’ll comprehend the basics that make things look appealing, make them interactive. And, as a result, increasingly saleable.

Learning visual communication includes such programs as Photoshop, Artist, Lightroom, and any mainstream devices that will permit you to make shocking visual structures. These projects are a significant piece of the procedure in really engrossing essential visual depiction aptitudes. 

It will take some critical practice, yet it will be well justified, despite all the trouble at long last. There are plenty of awesome online courses and masterclasses on photo editors on Grinfer which will teach you all the hacks for doing a good job in this trade.

Skill 15. Selling online courses.

Anything you can teach can be sold if you are able to sell it online. Housewives will be hosting workshops on how to iron your clothes and wash dishes. There are even pre-marriage grooming classes for girls to make different types of tea.

If you’re an expert in anything, start creating and selling online courses with the Grinfer learning platform! There are no registration fees and no obligations. All you have to do is just register, create a course, and publish it. Once your course is approved, you’ll see it online and then get paid once it starts selling. You can also sell your expertise through 1-1 consultations on the Grinfer platform.

Watch a nice video available in Grinfer’s blog with step-by-step instructions on how to become an instructor on Grinfer and sell courses online. With Grinfer, you can master your skill easily with no headaches and become one of the highly ranked top instructors!

Wrapping it up

Skill is a learned and developed ability to do something well. This is not the raw ability but the expertise which one builds over time. Create an image in your brain of what kind of skill you want to acquire and start working towards your goal. Give yourself at least one hour per day for learning theory. And one ending hour to practice and improve your hard skills. 

Online learning can be tricky at times, so always find reasons to feel happy instead of feeling sad and disappointed. Check your progress daily and keep track of how far your destination to great practical outcomes of your learning is.

Learn how to work deeply. If you can cultivate the habit of spending 45 – 90 minutes totally focused on one task or learning one skill in your selected field, your chances of reaching the top will skyrocket.

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