The Most In-Demand Online Skills in 2020

The year 2020 has already shown a ferocious flip of societies from all over the world going mad about shattered hopes on the economy going back to normal. Lots of people face the challenge of taking a step forward to different career alternatives by learning online skills. Many have to invest not only money but a fair amount of effort to learn new skills and information completely from scratch. As the manual labor sector is more and more falling to a deep well of rather vague and uncertain opportunities, new digital skills that are capable of generating money on the Internet come into play. The question is – what online skills are exactly in-demand for 2020?

Recent research shows that to some folks, those who were stuck at home long enough because of COVID-19 and social isolation, the whole idea of going out there in a real-world doesn’t even seem like a good idea anymore. Obviously, coronavirus has been contributing not only to voluntary isolation but also to outbursts of social phobia. The truth is – not many people can afford to separate themselves from society and be totally okay. A considerably larger number of people have lots of challenges now career-wise and need to find new ways to make money to pay bills.

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How to approach new challenges and make the smoothest transition into unknown territories? We would suggest looking into the option of learning skills online and taking courses online which are offered now even by top universities. Do not hesitate to reach out to your former colleagues asking for advice, listen to podcasts, read e-books, and online tutorials. If you’re not sure which path to take with your new career, think about stuff that you like to do in your free time, your hobbies, etc., and try to determine how it could be intertwined with online technologies. Since the modern world moves rapidly towards globalization, learn more skills so you can make money online, and don’t be a pawn in the game

Need information on which online skills are the hottest to acquire right now? Be ready to take notes. We are going to talk about online skills that the workforce experiences increasing demand for. Here are online skills that have been most requested by employers in 2020. We hope that this information will be useful and will help to move on with your career and push it forward.

Learn cloud computing skills online and be in demand as a cloud engineer

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A big number of companies are already moving towards cloud computing approaches for running their business ventures and functions. Cloud engineers are in high demand in 2020. Companies need specialists with good skills in remote server management for global networks. Once you learn how to run and manage those cloud computing systems, how to deal with migrations, deal with providers of cloud services, ensure data security, other processes, this can be your gold mine in terms of good salaries and benefits.

If you never heard of cloud computing before and want to know how to become a certified cloud practitioner, there is one useful online course “AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – Essentials Course 2020”. This course was created by Anand Rao, who works with large enterprises for over 15 years as a certified senior technical instructor and cloud consultant. 

After taking this course, your knowledge in cloud technologies will expand and advance up to the level where you’ll be able to take a journey in Cloud and gain results. You’ll be learning about a broad set of application services about Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Also, you’ll get the most up-to-date information about Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), AWS compute, AWS storage, content delivery, and DNS (domain name system), AWS billing, and more.

Want to learn everything about how to become a certified Azur Admin? A great online course that is worth looking into is “AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator – Full Course”. This course was also created by Anand Rao consisting of 11 modules. Each module covers different most essential topics which help tremendously to prepare for AZ 104 Certification. You’ll learn ins and outs about Azure administration and how to be a skilled admin, virtual networking and intersite connectivity, serverless computing, Azure storage, virtual machines, data protection, monitoring, etc.

Learn mobile applications development skills online and be in demand as a mobile developer

No secret, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are used now as the primary tools for not only unconventional communications but for work too. This is a major reason why the mobile application development industry keeps on growing and developing at a quite impressive pace. This also means an increasing demand for mobile apps specialists.

If you have no experience and want to learn about mobile development, take an online course “Complete iOS Development Course – From Beginners to Publishing your App on the App Store”. With this course, you’ll get plenty of hands-on experience and practical exercises that will let you build your own mobile apps with Swift and Xcode for iPhones and iOS. No prior experience in coding or programming is needed, so you can dive into the process and build apps from scratch. 

After taking this course, you’ll know everything about how to utilize these variables, conditions, operators in Swift, creating functions, and loops. Also, you’ll learn about timers, delays, components of view controllers, animations, etc.

In case if you’re wondering what marketing strategies are used for promoting custom made mobile apps on the market, learn about them in the online course “Mobile App Marketing”. After taking this course you’ll know all hacking techniques used for the promotion and optimization of mobile apps on the most widely used online social platforms.

Develop your creative thinking with online courses and be requested by top industries

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Creativity has always been one of the most desired characteristics of many people. It is still one of the most valued human abilities requested by many employers. Not every single job needs creativity but with the rapid development of Internet technologies, creativity is more like a part of the daily routine. It’s an essential feature for resolving problematic issues, meeting problems face-to-face, finding new approaches. The creative staff becomes the most valuable asset for businesses and industries because those are the people who move companies forward finding the most productive and efficient paths.

So, how to cultivate creativity? The answer is – exercise creative thinking and try to advance in this as much as you can. Creative thinking is the ability to look at things under a different angle and find new and unorthodox solutions to resolve common issues or conflicts. What online industries need people with creative thinking? Actually, there are plenty of – web and graphic designers, social media management, copywriting, public relations, digital marketing, software architecture, etc.

Need an effective plan for placing yourself on the right path to write your own story? Take an online course “The Entrepreneurs’ Story Creation Guide”. This course was created by Hannah Hassler, who is a passionate copywriter and entrepreneur. This course is focused on developing and boosting writing skills. After taking this course, you will take your own journey considering who you are and working on your personal growth which will lead you to the business you always dreamt of.

Another useful guide for building your creative and effective mindset is an online course “THE SUCCESS BRAIN COURSE”. This course was developed by Sharlene K Forbes, who is a skilled hypnotherapist, as well as a therapist with extensive experience in teaching. She uses effective strategies for a systematic approach for goal achievement. 

After taking this course, you’ll pursue success with a creative mindset without being afraid of failure, eliminate self-limiting thoughts, create intentions and goals that match your personal version of success, and more. Also, you’ll learn the most effective hacks on how to organize a happy life and become more productive.

Elevate your public relations skills online and be in demand as a successful PR manager

Can you work as a PR manager online successfully? Absolutely! PR management is not all about face-to-face interaction with people. The scope of responsibilities of a PR manager also includes interaction with different PR agencies, answering media questions, organizing press conferences (with COVID-19 those are primarily handled online), helping clients maintain a positive public image. These are just a few major things you will be dealing with. 

Remember, a key to success in PR management is also having good and strong writing skills because you will be writing lots of press releases, ad materials, speeches, etc. The most essential feature of any good PR manager is the ability to predict patterns of human behavior. If you understand what people think and can read between the lines – you’ll be able to predict steps that most likely they are going to be taking. This ability drives most PR managers to succeed.

A key to success in PR management is also having good and strong writing skills because you will be writing lots of press releases, ad materials, speeches, etc.

You want to understand people better and learn about patterns of human behavior? Take an online course “Social Smartness – why people act the way they act”. This course will help to understand the essential keys that lead to success. You’ll know the reasons why people act the way they act. Also, you’ll use effective motivational techniques applied for a faster process of personal development and build leadership skills. 

After taking this course, you will be able to communicate with any type of personality and become a great communicator. This course also offers practical tips and exercises created for better practical skills on how to change personality type, understand the personality of others, reasons why you feel stressed in certain situations, and how to set up your personal development plan. This course already has proven itself effective with hundreds of students who completed it.

Learn data analytics skills online and be in demand as a data analyst expert

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Data analysts were always in demand by the IT industry but now businesses are ramping up their hirings, looking hard for skilled professionals in this field. Data analytics is one of the hottest professional skills for 2020 since data science evolves in something more than just blocks of information. Becoming a skilled data analyst is not an easy task, but it is definitely worth the effort. With rapidly growing computer technologies, data analytics most likely have a chance to become ever-present expertise that is needed for nearly every company on every scale.

Data analytics is one of the hottest professional skills for 2020 since data science evolves in something more than just blocks of information.

The World Economic Forum already made a prediction back in 2018 for 2022 stating that about 85% of industries will look for ways to employ data analytics technologies for their business processes. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion – by 2022 data analytics will be with no doubt one of the most highly desired professionals.

What do data analytics do?

Primarily they process, clean, and assemble data in databases in accordance with requirements of business users like CFOs and business managers. Usually, data analytics work with business data to help businesses derive and generate decisions in accordance with reports provided by data analysts. So, the major responsibility of data analysts – designing systems for collecting data and putting it all together into special reports.

Some common areas data analysts work in:

  • Customer service – take customer data and transform it into reports that show and provide ideas for boosting revenue growth and operational efficiencies.
  • Healthcare – healthcare is a huge area that already exploded with the need for data analytics. No secret, healthcare organizations, health insurance companies, as well as pharmaceuticals are overwhelmed right now trying to deal and organize well all this medical data, so data analytics those who make it possible to follow this data not nationally but on a global scale. Obviously, data analytics skill is a hot career trend in healthcare.
  • Business operations – these specialists work with the internal processes that any business conducts, such as reporting systems or manufacturing and distribution.

If you wonder whether it is possible to learn data analytics skills online – yes, it is. In fact, there are a few good online courses on Grinfer which teach useful skills in terms of data analytics. For example, “SQL Programming: Beginner’s Workshop” online course will teach you all in’s and out’s of databases including how to insert, retrieve, modify, and delete data, We’ll also cover how to write complex queries and stored procedures.

Another useful online course is “Introduction to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Managers” created by Barbora Stetinova, an experienced data scientist and data analyst.

This course covers information on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and all relevant topics. You will be learning about such things as big data, machine learning, data science, deep learning, or data analysis. By the end of the course, you will be implementing all acquired knowledge incorporating it into your professional fields. This course is for all people interested in Artificial Intelligence trends, managers from all hierarchical levels, or anyone familiar with this topic to get a complex view about AI.


No matter the set of skills you have at the moment, don’t be afraid to expand your knowledge and try different professional areas you never considered trying. Think about and evaluate your soft skills to apply them to your future career goals with freshly gained hard skills. Take online courses on the Grinfer platform and turn your knowledge into profit!

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