Perfectly Spoken: Top Online English Courses

Communication is very important and even more – it’s crucial for most jobs today. So, American English is a language that unifies businesses and corporations and has become universal. It is heavily used and needed in almost every industry now like tourism, politics, teaching, and so on. 

But there is no such thing as enough learning, especially when it comes to language skills. The more you master your language proficiency (either written or spoken) the more valuable you become on the job market. 

The Internet offers a full bucket of online courses for every level. No matter what country of origin you are, finding the course that is just right for you is easier than you think. If your budget is tight, there are plenty of opportunities to take language classes online at a lower cost. For example, you can look at English language courses offered on Grinfer and find your dream tutor who will help you to advance your knowledge.

Go ahead and pick one that you like!

#1. The Complete English for Job Interview.

Found your dream job but need to boost your language skills for the interview? Then taking the “Complete English for Job Interview ” best-selling course on Grinfer for less than $20 dollars will help you tremendously. The course was created by Gaia Valentina Massara, who is a Cambridge certified teacher from Australia. She is an expert in teaching business English, English for job interviews, English for test preparation, such as the International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, and more. 

Gaia works with students of any level and any age. She rocked her teaching skills working with students in Rome. She has enough experience to tell right off the bet what approach is the best for you for learning faster and better. 

The “English for Job Interview” course prepares for most of the specific procedures you’ll need to go through during the interview process. You will be building your confidence, mastering fluency, and learning steps that are needed to succeed. The whole video course is accompanied by plenty of grammar exercises and practical sessions. 

Everything is covered step-by-step and you learn at your own pace. By the end of the course, you will be able to identify key tasks and answer questions using correct structures. Also, you will know what are the right questions to ask and even the correct timing to do that. You will get a chance to practice an actual interview to find your strength, identify all possible language jitters, learn about and eliminate your weak sides. 

#2. Business English: Marketing Phrases.

The course “Business English: Marketing Phrases” created by Michael Honkanen, a professional business consultant, targets those who work in business settings in multinational companies and are not native speakers. In actuality, this course is beneficial for any student who wants to foster his/her listening comprehension and explore marketing phrases definitions for easier understanding. 

During this course, you will be taught more simple meanings for each marketing phrase. Each phrase breaks down into parts to practice correct pronunciation. The course also covers conversational examples which will let you practice phrases in action and learn how to pronounce them correctly. The listening comprehension consists of three levels of difficulty. You will be tested as you move from one level to the next. 

Once you learned the essentials of marketing vocabulary with this course, you will be able to build a successful business relationship with your colleagues within the workplace.

#3. Spelling Rules.

If you still feel embarrassed about your bad spelling and desperately want to fix this problem, then the “Spelling Rules” course is definitely to go for. With Joanne Rudling, an experienced language teacher with 20+ years of experience, learning is fun and easy. If for some reason you think that you are in the wrong age bracket and too old for this, don’t worry and just go for it. This course was designed particularly for adults. 

Joanne is an experienced specialist who shares her extensive knowledge with adult students. Her approach has already proved itself effective for refining spelling skills. She has been a founder of a number of literacy projects like the Pre-Volunteer Programme for the Olympics and organizer of a literacy program in the Royal National Institute for the Blind. Joanne also held training courses and Continued Professional Development sessions organized for lecturers and instructors.

During the course, you will be taught spelling rules that will boost your writing confidence. You’ll get rid of all irregularities in your spelling that cause you so much frustration. Bad spelling won’t hold you back anymore in writing emails, letters, reports for your job assignments, job applications, and even social media comments. The course is divided into several parts during which you’ll get plenty of practice watching educational videos, going through PDF information handouts, doing exercises, and taking tests. Revision sessions are also included, so you’ll have a chance to revise and strengthen your learning.

#4. A Brief Introduction to Constitutions.

The actual content of the “A Brief Introduction to Constitutions” course mostly speaks to those students who specialize in law, history, politics, or journalism. It is a compilation of analysis of different aspects of constitutions and is taught in English language. This course has been created by Yannis Sygkelos, a professional lecturer in political science and history. His years of expertise in conductive research includes his experience working in archives and record repositories. He investigated a large volume of records on nationalism, policies, politics, and modern European history. His articles have been published by top publishing houses and leading academic independent journals, such as Sage and  Routledge.  

The course is a great source of information for those students, who are writing dissertations in the field of politics or just wanting to receive additional academic knowledge. This course can be used for practicing English language and learning it on an academic level. 

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