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Overcoming Depression: Change your brain chemistry to regain joy and motivation

Overcoming Depression

In this online course, you’ll learn how to overcome depression, find motivation and make positive, impactful changes to turn low mood and depression around.
Specifically, this course will increase your understanding of insulin, a hormone we are constantly exposed to, and how exactly insulin affects neurotransmitter activity, particularly that of serotonin and dopamine.

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Getting The Body You Want By Understanding The Body You Have

Getting The Body You Want By Understanding The Body You Have

In this online course, you’ll learn what happens on a cellular, hormonal, and metabolic level when we eat certain foods. The course explains what hormones are released in all of us and how they can sabotage our attempts to lose weight. Moreover, you’ll learn how the same hormones in one person may lead to more weight gain than they do in another person, as well as some fundamental, resolvable challenges that cause us to crave certain foods.

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Belly Fat and the Number One Fat Making Hormone: Insulin

Belly Fat and the number one fat making hormone

In this free online course, you will learn what insulin’s role is in a healthy body and how this can go awry. This course will explain how insulin has a prominent role in making us fat and what steps we can take, even if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes. You’ll find out where sugar hides in foods we would never suspect so we can make choices to avoid those foods.

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How to be prepared to start your own business

Teacher holding money in his hands

In this online course, you’ll learn the key elements that you need to have in mind before starting your own business by decreasing your risk. Get all the basic info you need in order to succeed as a new entrepreneur!

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