How to Train Your Dog [Introduction to Dog Training Methods]

From the time when dogs were domesticated, the basic training used for teaching how to train dogs to be service dogs was either punishment or physical abuse. This kind of approach in dog training grows roots from times when the dominance and “wolf pack” theory prevailed. Luckily both of these theories were proven to be wrong after many studies on dogs’ behavior were carried out by specialists. Today we know much more about how to best train dogs and how dogs really learn. We can even predict patterns in their behavior much better today. This also includes dogs’ reasons for aggressive outbursts. So, it can be really important to know proper approaches on how to train a dog not to bite.

How to best train dogs - GRINFER

Dogs can be great friends and even family members and most dedicated companions, but they are just like people — every dog has its own distinct temper and personality. Sometimes dogs’ owners can face real challenges in learning how to train a dog to walk on leash, how to train a dog to poop outside, how to train a dog to stay, how to train a dog to sit, how to train a dog not to bark, etc.

Dogs can be great friends and even family members and most dedicated companions, but they are just like people — every dog has its own distinct temper and personality.

If you’re reading this article, you are probably looking for information on different dog training methods. We suggest taking lifestyle online courses and try online learning before you go out there to practice dog training techniques.

We’ve collected some hints on major dog training approaches here for you to look at.  You’ll also read about some ways used in leash training of dogs that help to train them better and get effective results.

Improve your dog’s behavior and train your dog with basic dog training methods

Basic dog training methods - GRINFER

Today’s dog trainers say it’s okay if the dog makes mistakes during training. While getting your dog through training,  just try not to miss the moment when you need to apply reinforcement to the dog’s behavior. Your pet needs to know that the trainer is an “alpha” and dominant. If your dog behaves badly, you (as a trainer) can apply various methods to correct the bad behavior during training. Try alpha rolls, leach snaps, grabs, etc.

Two most known methods used for dog training are:
  • Koehler technique
  • Cesar Millan approach
  • Science-based method (based on results derived from experimental training of dogs).

Today a good number of people who call themselves “animal behaviorists” learn everything about dogs’ behavior on a professional level. They believe that training dogs should be done in the most humane way possible without using an iron fist during the training process. The main goal in dog training is to learn more about dogs’ true nature and about motivational patterns which would help to find ways for effective approaches in dog training.

One of such behaviorists is Samantha Schinder, a dog training expert who has trained hundreds of dogs and has extensive expertise in dog training methods. One of the online courses that she created on the Grinfer e-learning platform called “Dog Training 101 Theory and Obedience”. This course will provide you with efficient training methods that are based on empathy and successful practice Samantha gained over the years. You will learn how to train dog to walk on leash, how to train dog off leash, how to train dog not to jump, how to house train dog, train dog not to bark, and more.

The main goal in dog training is to learn more about dogs’ true nature and about motivational patterns which would help to find ways for effective approaches in dog training.

How easy to train dog breeds with a positive reinforcement training

Positive reinforcement is considered as a part of the basic techniques used in the dog training process. The main point here is to reward the dog whenever its behavior looks good. However, the pitfall of this particular technique is that the dog can’t really make a consistent judgment on whether it was a good or bad boy in the moment.

What can really happen is that some of the bad dog’s behavior can be simply ignored and, as a result, can get worse. For example, your dog is chasing small prey like a rabbit. After this behavior gets ignored by the owner, the dog thinks that it’s ok because chasing small animals brings lots of fun. Consequently, your 4-pawed friend will do it again and expect it to get even worse. So, clearly this method doesn’t seem effective.

How to train dog with a negative reinforcement training

Don’t be confused by the word “negative” here. In actuality, for a dog training process it is not something bad or abusive. In lots of cases, it gets mistaken for a positive reinforcement method. The main goal of negative reinforcement is to prevent your dog from doing something wrong. For example, your pet is walking on your right side and you need to move him and walk on the left one. You’re aware of your dog not liking the feeling when somebody pulls or tugs on its head. 

How to train a dog with a collar?

Train a dog with a collar - GRINFER

If you tug a dog’s head by pulling his collar to make the dog move, you’ll get the result you want. This method works because your buddy wants the feeling of relief and most likely it will make him obey. By applying more force to his strain, the dog’s behavior will be reinforced.

How to train dog not to pull on leash when walking 

Leash training is one of the most important skills your dog is supposed to learn. If your pet doesn’t know how to behave while walking on the leash, walking your dog can be a challenge. One of the reasons for having problems can be in the leash laws that are enforced in some areas. Definitely you don’t want to break any laws for no reason. Do you? Another good reason why your pup needs to go through the leash training is safety.

By keeping your dog on the leash, you will not only keep it safe but also provide safety to other people as well.

Once your dog gets through the leash training all right, move to a loose leash training. Your dog will definitely like this kind of walk because it gives more room for socializing with other dogs or exploring new things. You just need to teach your dog not to pull too hard on the lunge while walking.

How to improve dog’s behavior with a clicker training  

Clicker training is widely used for so-called “marker training”. With this training method you’ll learn how to train a dog not to pull on leash, train a dog not to jump, how to potty train a dog, train dog not to pee in house, train dog to stay off couch, etc. Clicker is a hand-held device which works as a marker by making a sound for acknowledging your pet’s good behavior. Whenever the dog crosses a line and falls into undesirable behavior, use a clicker as a substitute for your own voice. So this way the dog immediately knows that it’s doing something wrong. 

One of the most effective approaches here would be adding a reward for your dog. If your dog behaves well and obeys – reward your pup with a treat. After a while, your dog will develop an associative pattern to associate a sound with a reward. Teaching simple obedience commands (like “stay”, “drop it”, “come”) will be easy and fun for both of you. To get more information about this method, either take some lifestyle online courses or go to a website dedicated to the clicker training method.

How to improve dog’s behavior with an advanced dog training

Like any other learning, dog training can be a never-ending process. Stay strong-willed during training. This will contribute to mastering basics helping gradually shift to more advanced tricks. Remember, that any activities supposed to stimulate your dog to be active both physically and mentally. This process should contribute to building stronger bonds with your furry buddy.

Spend a considerable amount of effort with your dog’s training. Shower your dog with lots of attention and affection. If you use humane and ethical methods in your training, it will secure the strong bond between you and your dog. 

If you want to get more useful information on effective dog training methods, take an online course called “Dog Training 201 Tools for Training” created by Samantha Schinder. This course will provide you with lots of hints on advanced dog-training techniques and tools used for best dog training

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