How to Sell on Instagram (8 Instagram Tips That Actually Work)

Does your day start with checking Instagram? Here are some remarkable facts about Instagram for you to look at and learn how to sell on instagram. The recent statistics by the eMarketer research shows there are almost 1 billion people going on the Instagram platform at least once a month now. About 500 million use it every day. Probably every other person asks a question at least once  – how can I sell on instagram?

Another interesting fact – going on profiles that belong to popular business brands to check them out is a common practice for over 200 million Instagram users. So, brands have been selling stuff on Instagram, as well as advertising with remarkable success. It is a common practice now for nearly 80% of businesses only in North America. Brands are having fun posting stories. This fun keeps bringing new followers in and collecting millions of views. What else to wish for?

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No surprise, the number of small businesses that look for effective ways of utilizing an Instagram platform keeps growing. The main reason for that is, of course, to boost sales and get better recognition. So, how do you sell on instagram? Much easier to achieve it today since Instagram becomes more open and friendly to businesses. In other words, by having success on Instagram – the whole world becomes your potential buyers. In this blog post, we’ll give you 8 tips for effective strategies on how to aim for stardom with your Instagram account, skyrocket sales, and cash in on it.

Tip #1. Check off eligibility requirements and take a step to sell on instagram 

Read through some eligibility requirements before jumping on this bandwagon and learn how sell on Instagram:

  • Already have your business account on Instagram? If not, download the latest version of the app to set up an account to sell on instagram itself.
  • Is it illegal to sell on instagram, you may wonder? Remember that Instagram is pretty serious about the set of strict policies regarding commerce and a merchant agreement that you need to read through. This is a requirement to sell on instagram. Make sure that before you start selling on Instagram, you get familiar with them and then provide your agreement that you’re willing to comply.
  • How to sell on instagram without a website 2020? Hook up your business account to a Facebook catalog. What do you need it for to sell on Instagram? Well, it will get you more traffic to shoppable feeds you’re posting on your Instagram. This will also spread the word about your company delivering better visibility. Utilize the Business Manager option on the Facebook page, if you need a catalog. You can find a step by step guide on how to sell on Instagram on the Internet.
Sell on instagram without a website 2020 - GRINFER

Don’t forget about BigCommerce or Shopify because these 2 platforms are useful too. After you’ll set your Instagram sales channels, there is an option of placing feeds to online stores on either Shopify or BigCommerce and it’s free of charge.

Tip #2. Optimize your Instagram business account and learn how to sell on instagram for free

An Instagram business profile is a tool used for showing off your business ventures to a potential client and is the best way to sell on instagram. The first thing a person sees and the starting point of contact is your profile. To motivate visitors to invest in the goods you’re promoting, turn them into your dedicated followers and collect what to sell on instagram ideas from them. Look at your feeds as if you would create a website and give them as much aesthetic appeal as possible.

Here are the most necessary things you need to set up in the Instagram profile. Some tips on best design to sell on instagram:

  • Pick an image that will work as a logo for your profile and will reflect the main focus of your company.
  • Creating a clear and concise Instagram bio is crucial since it provides information on your promotional offers.
  • Since there is an option of integrating an URL that links a bio to an Instagram profile available, don’t’ forget to utilize it. Drive more traffic every time you post something.

In addition, provide some valuable information, such as contact information or your company’s website. That way people will have more options for contacting you.

Tip #3. Learn how to sell with Instagram ads and pick best items to sell on instagram

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How to set up sales on instagram?

It is important to find your clientele first and then decide what you can do to be ahead of the heavy competition. The most commonly used way that showed itself effectively used in the past is advertising. First, evaluate and decide how much cash you can invest. Then think about groups of Instagram users you want to advertise to and target with your feeds. 

To obtain even more visibility for commercial posts you make, you need to find and hit the button that says “promote”. Do it after selecting a particular post that you decided to advertise. This post will be shared automatically with other groups that are “similar” to your target audiences.

If your budget is tight, you can rotate ads for just a short term promotion. Give it not more than a couple of days just to make sure that it will go well. For keeping track of the performance for your ad, hit a “view results” button (left corner below). Keep tweaking your posts regularly until you’ll get desirable results.

Tip #4. Use hashtags for running promotions and learn how to make a product to sell on instagram

The power of Hashtags - Use hashtags for running Instagram - promotions  - GRINFER

Still want to attract more people and find more potential buyers? Do you want to learn how to do direct sell on instagram? Then don’t omit hashtags for better promotion of your Instagram campaigns. It can be your most effective way to impact the audience and keep track of the impressions you derived via hashtags. You’ll see how many people didn’t follow you once the post was shown in the feed.

Some tips for you on the easiest ways to sell on Instagram insanely:
  • Go to “Discover” then hit “Search” and after that click on “Tag”. Once you find a post related to your niche, incorporate a hashtag to your own post, then add it to “Discover”.
  • Try mixing hashtags by using both types of hashtags – high posting volume and low posting volume.  It will expand visibility to a broader variety of groups on Instagram.
  • Find your own unique voice for your messages and be more distinct.
  • Set your scheduler for a couple of days in advance (like a week ahead), try to post your feeds at the most popular hours. Always be on a creative side when it comes down to showcases you are promoting.
  • Update the link to your bio frequently and make sure that it is matching particular promotions that are currently running.

Tip #5. Integrate Shopify for creating the shoppable feed and find best products to sell on Instagram

Here we’ll talk about plugins that are used in Shopify for making good sales on Instagram and make this process easier. For example, there is a plugin called “Shoppable Instagram Galleries” with the “Instant Purchases” option that allows purchasing from the feed directly.  

Create a custom gallery in order to display goods and then just go by adding a link that you just created to the Instagram bio. However, don’t be pushy with the merchandise and don’t scare visitors away. Stick and follow the strategy you chose for your content. Maintain sales by using tags to photos as a logical and natural fit of your profile.

Another best way to sell on instagram 2020 and an effective option that some businesses suggest – tagging a high-quality user-generated content (UGC) to feeds. Experience shows that people tend to rely on UGC more compared to the info posted by other sources. So this strategy worked well so far for making shoppable posts.

Tip #6. Why can’t I sell on Instagram? Collaborate with influencers for optimization of sales

Can you sell on instagram effectively through other people? Absolutely! We have millions of Instagram fans today who call themselves “influencers”.  People that follow their feeds tend to listen and trust their opinions on certain products or services. So, businesses developed the whole effective strategy of sales optimization by collaborating with influencers and using their posts for marketing purposes. 

Lots of influencers have millions of followers that respond to almost every post that they make. Top hashtags to sell on instagram are coming from influencers. Some influencers are just as popular as any top movie or music star. So advertising through influencers is just as efficient as placing ads in any social media. 

Top hashtags to sell on instagram are coming from influencers.

Top hashtags to sell on instagram are coming from influencers - GRINFER

Tip #7. Be exclusive with Instagram promotions and learn how to sell on instagram art

How do I sell on instagram?

Businesses are completely aware of a long time now that buyers love free stuff and good discounts. This platform became one of the best places of promotion of such things to sell on Instagram like discount codes available to subscribers only, announcements about exclusive sales, and freshly issued merch. Add the promotional info exclusively in Instagram stories to motivate users to review the offer and then make a purchase.

There is another trick – create a teaser for your promotion on Instagram and place it in other social resources available. Make people click more and visit your Instagram profile to see if there are any other promotions available.

Tip #8. Take advantage of affiliate collaboration with other companies and find out how to sell products on Instagram

You can sell via affiliate links and utilize the most popular apps used amongst bloggers. There is one application that they like and use right now is called Liketoknow.It, which incorporates goods’ credits with an affiliate link. Here is the way it actually works – once a person “likes” something on Instagram, they get an email with items shown in the post they liked. If somebody purchases products that you promoted, you will get a commission from these sales.

Affiliate marketing - Take advantage of affiliate collaboration with other companies - GRINFER

How much does it cost to sell on instagram? Get more useful information on creating a successful business with courses to sell on Instagram.

Learn from a comprehensive online course “Instagram Business – Sell On Instagram – Customer Psychology” offered on the Grinfer platform. This course was created by Jun Wu, a marketing expert with 15+ years of experience in the Entertainment and Marketing Industry. During this course, you will build a successful business on Instagram by applying effective business concepts which will turn it into a profitable empire. You will learn how to sell things on Instagram, how to sell on Instagram with Paypal, do you need a license to sell on Instagram, and more.

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