How to Create Successful IGTV Videos and Make Money

Instagram keeps on providing its users with more opportunities for making money. A couple of years ago, Instagram made an announcement about making the new IGTV (Instagram TV) platform available for users. This platform was designed so creators and influencers will be making more personalized content with the option of combining shorter videos into a longer series. Obviously, this platform became an alternative to Youtube driving more influencers in. 

IGTV generates money off the advertisement placements using the revenue-sharing model already utilized by YouTube. Since this new Instagram tool started offering monetization, video content creators have been happily leveraging marketing strategies up to the next level.

The COVID-19 epidemic strike forced lots of people to cope with social isolation, so they have been spending more time watching videos. This is one of the reasons why IGTV gained even more popularity.

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So, what makes this new platform stand out? Let’s outline a couple of good reasons:

  • Let you upload videos up to one hour in length (much longer compared to Instagram stories);
  • Provides better discoverability with an option of sharing previews for video content;
  • Offers an autonomic application created specifically for influencers for leveraging their platforms.

This new virtual alternative has already been picked up by many entrepreneurs, as well as marketers across industries on a global scale. Marketing specialists found it rather handy to utilize IGTV for nurturing networks or serving clients by sending out personalized messages created in a video format.

Any effective ways to make IGTV channel profitable?

Obviously, one way to go about it is to create your own video series, make it popular, and upload videos regularly. Okay, we’ll tell you about some basic steps needed for launching a successful IGTV series. Also, you’ll learn some hints on how to promote it online.

Determine what main reasons for launching IGTV series

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Before launching your own series, read more about reasons why you should try it. What IGTV series stands for? It’s something very similar to any playlist you see on social media platforms. Basically, it will let you group created videos together according to topics. Making your own tv show on IGTV will let you share a series on an Instagram feed too.

All videos you uploaded will be played accordingly – just like in any regular playlist. If your followers like what they see, odds are they’ll come back for more video stories.  It will bring more views and, plus, there is a chance that they’ll advertise your channel to non-followers.

Most common ways for setting up an IGTV series

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How to upload to IGTV?

Three most common ways for setting up your series –  IGTV application, Instagram app, own desktop.

How to set it on Instagram:

  • Go to the video gallery, scroll down to the home feed – hit the “cross” button.
  • Select either short (60 sec) or long video, whichever you choose.
  • Let a preview pop up on the home feed.
  • Chose a “long video” option? Go ahead hit Continue.
  • Make a nice cover image for the video’s thumbnail.
  • After you’ve set it up, hit Next and provide a title and description for your video.
  • Already got other videos uploaded? Select “Add to Series”.
  • This is your first time uploading? Hit on the “Create Your First Series” option.
  • Select “blue checkmark” at the top.
  • All done? Wondering how to post on igtv? Just hit “Post” and enjoy.

How to set it on IGTV:

  • The whole process is very similar to the one on Instagram.
  • Right at the top of the feed find the cross button.
  • Pick a video that is longer than 60 sec and add it to the series.
  • Have your cover page image created and then hit Next.
  • Make a title and description.
  • Select the Add to Series option and add a video.
  • Is this your first video? Select “Create Your First Series”.
  • Select “blue checkmark” and then hit on “Post”.


  • Log-in to your Insta profile.
  • Select a video and go to IGTV for the “Upload a Video” option.
  • Make a catchy cover image, title, and description.
  • Go ahead and upload your video.
  • Hit Post and you’re all set!

Some words about the essentials of successful IGTV series

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How to create a TV show?

Coming up with creative videos that would catch viewers’ attention right away is a quite challenging process. Good news  – no need to invest lots of money into it and don’t dwell in case you’re not a pro in video editing. However, learn about essential keys and stick to them for making a process easier. If you want to get more info on the most common strategies, keep on reading. We’ll talk about some common and effective hints used for making a quirky IGTV series.

Great previews encourage viewers to hit this “click” button

Since we’ve got a fair amount of people who might never hear of IGTV, turn to the Instagram audience you already have. Show them catchy previews of videos and see if anybody gets hooked. Make sure that you incorporate a clickable IGTV button, so they can watch the rest of the vid. This worked well for many bloggers who used this strategy. Some had tons of new views on their IGTV profiles. Try it too and see if it works for you.

Hit “Post a Preview” – let Instagram share the portion of the video you published as a preview. Remember, it’s possible to select any portion of a video for creating preview and then edit it manually. Whenever you decide to share a particular content and publish it as an IGTV video, then Instagram uploads this post automatically. Pretty easy, huh?

Find some “hooks” to grab viewers’ attention right away

How to create an episode on IGTV?

People like to watch videos but they don’t watch every single video that has been uploaded on the platform. If something caught an eye of a viewer, he’d spend about 10 seconds watching it. If this video catches attention, he’ll continue watching it, if not, well,  he’ll just move somewhere else. Use these 10 seconds and make sure that you deliver a clear message explaining topics you’re going to discuss.

Also, try to be fun but straightforward to allure those followers onboard fast and make them stick around. Spend time watching popular videos of other bloggers to find out what hooks were used for getting an emotional response from viewers. Always remember who your target audience is and talk about things that really matter particularly to them.

Don’t push your timestamp hard to maximum

How to make a video long enough for Instagram?

Let’s pretend you’ve got a potential for your IGTV videos of about 10 minutes or so. You’re trying too hard to fill this time with content while trying to create your own episode. The truth – you don’t have to create videos exactly that long. Don’t try to milk it too hard. Focus on keeping videos entertaining instead. Today most people can’t really spend more than two minutes watching videos anyway. So, keeping them about five minutes long or even less is okay.

A better strategy is to break it down and use chunks separately. This way makes a channel look more complete and full much faster. Give them more reasons to come back.

Promote your IGTV channel regularly with hashtags

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Admit one thing – regular promotion of anything that needs to be sold is key to success. So, promoting on Instagram on a regular basis is important for your channel. This will drive more followers in and deliver more views. What is an effective strategy for promotion? The answer is – hashtags. Make non-followers follow you on IGTV with the right hashtags. Make sure they are relevant to similar videos and let them be discovered by other viewers.

Each IGTV video you uploaded can contain up to 30 hashtags. Set them up for both – IGTV videos and for IGTV posts. Add IGTV hashtags to your promo image which will be displayed on the Instagram feed. It will point viewers to the direction they need to go to discover the content you uploaded.

Selection of commonly used hashtags:

#igtv – mostly utilized in promos advertising fresh videos.  Similar hashtags:  #igtvuser, #igtvcreator, #igtvchannel, #igtvcontent.

#igtvfollow – encouraging viewers to follow your videos. Similar hashtags: #seemyigtv, #followmyigtv.

#igtvdaily –  utilized for regular promotions to let users know that you just uploaded a fresh content.

#igtvcommunity – this one engages followers and for connecting with the audience. Similar hashtags are: #igtvpeople, #igtvworld.

Note that all these hashtags have the “igtv” part. This way it becomes clear that the image promotes particular videos uploaded on IGTV. Mix these hashtags with others that you utilize on Instagram for promotion.

Even more tips on effective strategies

  • Selecting eye-catchy thumbnails directly from videos is much better rather than taking images from some other resources. However, try not to forget – you can select thumbnails only while uploading content and not later.
  • Play with different techniques used for video editing, combine vids with other vids, GIFs, or even most popular memes.
  • Reading comments that your followers’ posted is another very good strategy. Why is this a good strategy? You’ll know exactly what to do for adjusting approaches in accordance to the audience’s opinions, points of view, and what kind of concerns they have. Being a good listener builds credibility.
  • Use stories that you publish regularly on Instagram to promote IGTV videos.  Display engaging snippets of videos there for catching the attention of viewers.
  • Don’t hesitate to send emails out announcing – I’ve got some juicy info to share! This is perfectly fine and works well too.

Be strategic with analytics and do scheduling for better promotion

IGTV analytics and scheduling can be incorporated into your marketing and video strategy. Mapping out an editorial calendar on social media contributes to the promotion of events, brand products, services, etc. Once set up a scheduler for realizing IGTV vids, followers will track performance more easily knowing when exactly fresh videos will be released.

How to work with IGTV analytics? 

Go with the “View Insights” option. After tapping on  “…”, you’ll access View Insights. Then get access to statistics – likes, views, comments’ rates of audience. Also, you’ll review the exact number of viewers who watched content you delivered all the way from start to finish. Spending some time figuring out what vids were the attention getters is important for more effective promotion and finding effective strategies for running IGTV.


Maybe the IGTV platform will not fulfill or resolve all your marketing needs, still, it is an effective tool the Internet offers today. This is useful in case you’re currently seeking some new solutions that will assist you with nurturing and build good relationships with followers and drive more people in. Consider IGTV as the option which can contribute to building more trust of followers. This platform has been great not only for marketing promotions but for education and learning as well. So, if you teach an online course, consider IGTV as another way of demonstrating expertise, sharing knowledge, and gaining better visibility. Who knows, maybe IGTV will bring massive growth to other profiles or channels you have in virtual space? However, don’t forget about keeping content distinct but yet entertaining. Stay a step ahead of the tough competition.

Stay tuned for many more posts on Grinfer’s blog! Check out our online courses for getting more useful experience and up-to-date information about an effective promotion on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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