Get Free Online Course on Iron Condor Trade Strategies

Grinfer has great news for everybody who is interested in getting useful information on iron condor strategies used for trading. Today you can learn about making money by building an iron condor trade through a new online course recently added to our great selection of business courses“Options Trading – Creating an Income Machine – Selling Iron Condor Basics” created by Steve Liguori. Did we already mention that the course is free of charge? 

Steve created his online course for sharing the extensive expertise that he gained during  19+ years of work as a stock and options trader.  He is also the founder of the Blue Chip Trader Development where he works as a coach and mentor answering questions and providing 1-on-1 personal coaching sessions online. Steve’s scope of interest isn’t just in trading. He has 35+ years of experience in automotive service working as a shop foreman and instructor of fellow technicians. Being an ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician, Steve calls himself the “go-to” guy for vehicles who can fix anything and everything that no one else could fix. After 26 years specializing in Diagnosing Electrical and Electronics Systems, Steve made the move to an automotive instructor and spent the next 10 years at a Technical School in New York.  

In New York, Steve received a Recognition Award as Top Instructor and keeps on working as a coach for traders till today. Steve’s agenda is in providing fullest assistance and support to both – new and experienced stock and options traders to unlock, strengthen, and diversify their potential. The primary focus of Steve Liguori’s teaching approach is in reaching to students through delivering information about strategies and skills that help to understand not only mental aspects of trading but find intuitive ways to consider important factors that will help them to succeed. 

In his course, offered today free of charge, Steve talks about high probability iron condors and explains how you can make money with this. By the end of this course, you will know everything about iron condor variations. You will be building an iron condor trade and comparing iron condors with different expirations. Also, you will be provided with lots of tips and hands-on exercises,  as well as guidance from one of the most experienced traders and course developers.

Take an online course offered by Steve Liguori today free of charge and you’ll realize that you can do it too – become an iron condor trader.    

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