Course Compilation to Help You Get Used to New Normal During Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 has already become something more than just a term for a virus. It seems like this word stands for fears, frustration, and work challenges people face today. Right now probably only a few industries left that keep going at the same pace. Even less are maintaining processes to keep their workforce left untouched by pandemic hits. Lots of companies have to freeze hiring and go to a slowdown in operations waiting until the situation with the virus clears.

So, taking into account the current realities, a number of job seekers who search for new ways or approaches to work online rises. Lots of people have to move completely online to do their jobs or full-time freelancing projects. Yes, the coronavirus outbreak hit continues and we are sick and tired of waiting for things to go back to normal. Everybody just guesses and nobody knows for how long this nightmare is going to last.  

For those of you ready to switch to working online, we got some tips on getting a grip on those things that are necessary to arrange and complete your remote work duties successfully.

Structure your day and get used to a new routine

First, try to get rid of oppressive thoughts and feelings of being isolated. Don’t let depression or negativity get into you. At this time you are not the only one who is going through similar types of things.

Don’t let depression or negativity get into you

If you feel like you need advice from an experienced coach on helpful techniques to cope with anxiety or fears, try a nice online course on Grinfer “1 Week to a Calmer You” created by Katrina Zawawi, yoga instructor and certified college lecturer. Katrina has extensive experience not only in yoga but also in helping people to lose weight and manage their stress. Get some great advice on how to meditate, do yoga properly, manage stress, and much more. The course’s cost is only $19.99 but the outcome is priceless.

Scan your house or apartment for a good place where you can work with no distractions (it can be tricky but try to organize one for yourself). Start your day at the same time as you were getting up for work at the office. That way your body will stay within the same rhythms. Plus, you won’t have any trouble getting up early again once the time comes to go to the workplace again.

It sounds weird, but spending the whole day in your pajamas is clearly not the best idea. Do better than that and switch to something appropriate to set you up for a working mood.

Take breaks and have lunch during the same hours you took while at your regular job.

Outline daily tasks and stick to priorities. To be sure that you are meeting deadlines with ongoing projects. Keep your list of priorities handy to check with it.  

Want to get more tips on staying motivated? Grinfer has an online course “Motivation” that you might find useful. Professor Paul J. Cline, CEO and psychology expert, created this course talking about cutting-edge motivating strategies and specific skills that you might never even thought of. After taking this course, you’ll benefit from Paul’s extensive experience and expertise that he shared in his video and audio content.

cutting-edge motivating strategies

If you haven’t tried keeping a journal about your projects, concerns, or ideas, so go ahead and start one. That way you’ll keep track of your working patterns, your insights, or maybe some even useful ideas or thoughts that you’ll generate working remotely.

Take an online course that teaches how to develop and maintain a habit in journaling. The course is called “30 Day Journal Challenge – Establish a Habit of Daily Journaling”. Nina Vangerow, a course creator and artist, teacher, as well as online content manager will provide you with easy and effective style prompts.

Sitting at your desk all day? Then don’t forget about doing stretches and exercising. If you need to have a very effective exercising program created by a professional coach, look into a Grinfer’s online course “20 min HOME DAILY WORKOUT”

daily tasks by doing warm-ups, workout, and stretching

This course was created by Antonio Console, who is a Uefa B football coach and works as a certified personal trainer for many years now. This course has been highly rated by Grinfer’s community and one of the most popular. Only 20 min per day with this course! Practice between your daily tasks by doing warm-ups, workout, and stretching – great results guaranteed. You’ll be much stronger by the end of the lockdown not only physically but in your mindset too.

Having access to outdoors with some natural light and being safe is awesome. Get outside and enjoy sunlight but don’t forget about safety precautions.

Once you finish your work tasks for the day, get all stuff out of the way, so it won’t be lying around being irritating. Try not to do all your job activities in the same place. Don’t work and sleep in the same room. Otherwise, you can become tired or frustrated feeling stuck at one spot.

Research industries hiring people even during the pandemic

Research industries hiring people even during the pandemic

Yes, industries that are in need of people are still out there despite the epidemic chaos and lay-offs. Look for new opportunities or find a new gig for the career:

  • E-learning companies – With children moving to distance education, this is a good time for teaching in online schools. Now lots of educational marketing platforms are hiring instructors to provide expertise through education arranged entirely online. Adults are also going on the Internet looking for useful courses and education. Try yourself as an author and sell courses through e-learning platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, Grinfer, etc.
  • Shipping/delivery corporations –  Amazon hires to fulfill delivery services and UPS hubs are looking for people too.
  • Grocery stores – Most big chains (Kroger, Whole Foods, Safeway) are in need of shelf stockers and delivery workers. Instacart, which is a delivery app, is also looking for new people.
  • YouTube blogging – try yourself as a blogger by creating a channel on the YouTube platform. Not sure where to start? Learn it from start to finish with the Grinfer’s online step-by-step course “YouTube For Business | Create A YouTube Channel’‘ for only $19.99.

With this course you’ll build your presence online regardless of whether you run an international service business or a local company. You’ll know everything for setting up your account on YouTube, equipment, and software needed for video creation, different types and formats of videos. You’ll know everything about the optimization of your channel and implementing various video marketing strategies to attract an audience.

  • Freelance work as a content writer – If you have experience in writing content, boost your skills, and find more gigs with the ClearVoice platform used by authors. Try to write a hyper-targeted eBook for a specific audience or business niche. This book doesn’t have to be lengthy – 30 to 50 pages will do. Just in case if you need more tips on the promotion of written content, an online course “How To Promote Your Content Marketing Articles – The 5 Effective Methods” might be useful. This course is available on Grinfer for less than $20 and created by Sorin Amzu. He has 10+ years of hands-on experience in digital marketing.

Here is a list of some free platforms for helping people to get additional resources about jobs or even find one:

  • Humu – gives advice to those who started working remotely;
  • Workable – let you view a library of COVID-19 response utilized by Human Resources employees;
  • HR Acuity – SaaS solution for assistance to businesses in handling issues regarding the Coronavirus outbreak;
  • Harver – pre-employment assessments;
  • Lever – for recruiting and scheduling Zoom meetings;
  • MeetFrank – conferencing between companies and hires;
  • Novoresume – templates of resumes and cover letters;
  • ClarityWave – software for providing engagement;

Visit the Grinfer’s blog to view more posts about what online business ventures are profitable and what skills will bring extra cash to your income.

Stay tuned.

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