6 Online Business Courses That Will Make You Much Smarter in 2020

Doing business online is trendy and handy. Since the modern market has almost completely gone digital, learning new skills became more important than ever before. Every year hundreds of thousands of students take courses online. It’s very convenient, as you can go to any part of the world and still get all your stuff done. 

If you still have second thoughts about online learning, take a look at these 6 popular business online courses. Hurry up and take advantage of online education learning more about recent market trends. You’ll get your foot in the door with future employment or it will help you move on with your career. 

#1. 101 Business Beginners Course

Thinking about launching a business and have no idea where to start? A good move here would be signing up for 101 courses for beginners just to put yourself on the right track. You’ll learn how to start your project from scratch and find the best tools to keep it going. 

A good course that we highly recommend for you to look into –  “SaaS As a Business – 101”  by Lex Aaric, a professional marketing consultant. This course is available on Grinfer at a reasonable price. You will learn lots of useful tips on how to make a shift from a developer to a business owner or marketing entrepreneur. You also will be provided with templates, tactics, and proven strategies to help your business grow and avoid possible pitfalls or fatal flaws. Once you get through the course, you’ll cut the mustard in the future with new great business skills.

#2. Complete Marketing Masterclass 

The “Complete Marketing Masterclass” course offered by Brian Bozarth, a strategic marketing leader on Grinfer. He’ll give you lots of good tips on the approach that already has worked out for a lot of people for setting up multi-channel lead acquisitions. You will learn how to comprehend and develop your own skills to advance digital marketing strategies. Brian Bozarth knows well what he’s talking about, since he has over 20 years of expertise in strategic marketing under his belt. His popularity already has gained him over 40,000 followers from all over the world.

Brian also uses his extensive experience in UX design and technology and generously shares it with his students online. Go ahead and watch a promo video of this course on Grinfer to get a better idea of what it’s all about. You can also take a peek at the opportunity to learn about the optimization of digital channels for your potential visitors.   

#3. Top Marketing Hacks 

If you want to learn more about marketing, then take a course offered by Tricia Belmonte, who is an Internet marketing professional. In her course, “Marketing: Top Marketing Hacks You Can Do For Free”, Tricia talks about the most effective practices, strategic approaches, and efficient marketing techniques, which proved themselves effective in organizing online courses.  

After you’ve taken this course, you’ll get a better understanding of how to become a tutor or consultant online, how to promote your course, and how to catch up with the heavy competition. The course also covers important steps of the online course creation cycle, such as building a website or a landing page and ways to expand the business. You’ll also get examples and step-by-step demonstrations to see the real-life cases. See how the gained knowledge can be applied to building customers’ trust, receiving better recognition,  and turning your brand into a profitable marketing platform.   

Tricia also promises that she’ll give out some exclusive tips on how to save money for the rainy day in the future. 

#4. Protection of Intellectual and Personal Property 

If you are already in a retail, healthcare, or advertising business based in the USA that has lots of intellectual property, you might need to learn how to protect your company’s data. Go ahead and take an online course on Grinfer titled “California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – Complete Course” created by Roland Costea, who is a CyberSecurity strategist and Privacy Leader.

The course is definitely worthy of attention as it covers Data Security Breaches. You’ll get the comprehensive and precise info regarding issues involved in statutory damages, elements of a claim, and security requirements that have a huge impact on companies.

After taking the course, you will learn and understand who is protected under CCPA and how to comply. You will be studying real life cases of businesses that fell victims of having their data stolen by thefts. 

#5. Open and Run Your Own Amazon Store

If you think that going eCommerce and opening a store on Amazon is not rocket science, check out “The Amazon FBA Seller Beginner’s Toolkit” by Sorin Constantin on Grinfer. If you are a beginner in the Amazon FBA business model or you haven’t started your business yet but you are looking to do so, then this is the right course for you. Sorin is an online Entrepreneur who studied and developed two network marketing businesses, an e-commerce project and launched multiple digital products. He will share his experience with you and show you a set of tools, most of which are free or offer free trials, that helped him with his activity and made the process go faster and more effectively.  

#6. Instagram Advertisement Mastery 

Instagram is not just for fun anymore. It also became a great tool for doing business online by running advertising campaigns and commercials. It is a great platform to make ads by posting visual content and sell your stories directly to users. As of today, Instagram is already used by over 800 million users and the rate of growth just keeps going up. 

You can start learning how to use Instagram for business and make a profit by taking the course “Instagram Mastery” created by Kapil Chopra, who is B2B and B2C business coach with over 9 years of experience. He also has extensive knowledge in Google Adwords, Analytics and Hubspot inbound marketing Certified.

He will guide you through the process of getting a better vision of business fundamentals that can be ventured on the Instagram platform. His courses will help you with a better understanding on how to build your business from scratch and how to find your right audience. You will learn how to attract visitors who will not just scroll through your feeds but will come into play with your advertising campaigns. You can take this course today for a great price of just $20 and take your Instagram business to the next level.

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