6 Best Work-From-Home Jobs in 2021

There is one needful question people ask in 2021: Can we find any online jobs that are worth the pay? Spend some time browsing online and look – plenty of remote jobs are available!

Getting an online job is especially great during the COVID pandemic since you can work right from your house. And what else seems really appealing is that many of such jobs offer a low entry point. Well, flexible hours, of course, is a big bonus. Not having to be tied up to a set scheduler opens up many doors to even more opportunities. And while some online jobs do offer rather modest paychecks, the other will let you generate a decent income with viable payouts and no hassle.

However, realize that before you jump into online job offers, you might have to consider learning some new skills first. Updates on online skills are crucial for launching an Internet business or landing a new job. So, before picking an area that seems just right for you, check what online skills you might need to learn or brush up on before you go into it.

There are lots of potential employers who are in need of full-time people with solid digital skills and the right attitude. This sparks another big question: Do I need to go to college for these online jobs? In actuality, no need to start college all over again. Many skills you’ll pick up as you go. And for many online jobs taking one or two courses online is perfectly fine.

Okay, read this blog post because we’ll talk here about 6 real-work-from-home jobs available today. We’ll also recommend some awesome online courses that will let you pick up those skills easily.

#1. Utilize your writing skills and make money online

Self-publishing on Kindle is a big one now in 2021. Yes, the competition is increasing, but be sure that you still find enough opportunities for self-publishing of books or online tutorials. The chances for success will be even higher after you know effective marketing strategies for the successful promotion of your books. 

The truth is that some people don’t even write their own books, but outsource the writing instead just to save the effort. Not quite your style? Then get into writing your own works and use Kindle as your gold mine.

Another good option to get started online is freelancing. You can write blog posts or articles for people. Or maybe get into proofreading or editing. A popular place for finding freelance projects is generally Upwork.

If self-publishing seems like a good idea, then start out with learning all ins and outs of this online business. Do it with the course on Grinfer “Quick Self Publishing Solutions With Kindle”. This course provides good insights on effective publishing, as well as marketing techniques used for selling self-published books on Kindle. A professional SEO specialist and digital strategist, Chris W, created this course and knows it all about Kindel’s ecosystem. You’ll get many valuable tips and hints from Chris on how all this business actually works.

Chris not only teaches all pros and cons of self-publishing on Kindle but will also provide you with step-by-step instructions on the effective navigation around Kindle. Also, Chris covers how to handle taxes, commissions, all legal aspects of self-publishing, and more.

After going through Chris W’s masterclass, you’ll start to organize effective promotions, handle reviews, make books easily discoverable (SEO basics). Get lots of hints on how to generate optimum sales by pricing your books, packaging them right, etc. So, get your hands on creating ebooks on Kindle and start selling!

#2. Make money online with usability testing of websites

Review websites and earn money for it. Yes, companies actually pay money for checking out other people’s websites, making reviews of them, and answering questions. If you weren’t aware, there is a site called User-testing that pays up to $10 for like 20 minutes of website testing. There is a big chance that they won’t qualify for actual paid work each day. But anyways, website testing can become your side hustle for building up a little side income.

Learn and practice usability testing with lots of hands-on exercises provided in an online course “Usability Testing: in 5 minutes, then in 60” built by a professional UX Research Lead, Zsombor Varnagy-Toth. Over this masterclass, you’ll be able to handle usability issues efficiently, apply detection, as well as effective unpacking techniques used in site testing.

After taking this course, you’ll be dealing with real-world usability problems, test sessions, and provide structured explanations. Also, you’ll be provided with a helpful DIY usability kit and the most up-to-date test guidelines along with the sample usability reports. So, get an easy entry into usability testing with Grinfer!

#3. Learn affiliate marketing for boosting revenues

If you have a site or maybe you maintain a blog to share interests with others, then you can use it for affiliate business. This means – get affiliate links from companies, drive traffic to sites, promote, and earn your rewards.

Use affiliate links for suggesting or mentioning stuff to others and convert people into potential buyers. Most helpful, if folks share the same passion with you. Maybe they have the same scope of interests? Then they’ll feel more trusting of your suggestions.

If someone buys something after clicking on your links and once the sale is completed, you will get a commission. You’re recognized as a promoter and initiator of sales and this earns you money.

What else is good about affiliate marketing? No need to mess with postage or packaging. No such thing as customer service or dealing with returns either. Simply put, you’re the middleman who utilizes a site or any other popular web resource for gaining profit with an authority that you’ve built over time.

We recommend an online course “Affiliate Marketing: Passive Income Made Easy” for you to check out. This course covers everything on how to handle the promotion of other people’s businesses. And how to earn a commission for each buys people make through affiliate links.

This course will tell you all about creating a robust network with such top corporations like Rakuten, Clickbank, etc. Take this course on Grinfer and generate passive income streams with affiliate links, learn how to leverage sales, boost percentages, and more!

#4. Do blogging on YouTube and make money online

Set up a channel on YouTube and monetize it right away with google AdSense. Enough monthly views will bring decent money to your pocket and make your life easier. All kinds of ways to generate income – ads, sponsorships, e-books, reviews,  e-courses, etc.

With endless possibilities in terms of popular topics ranging from pets, beauty, sports, to politics and lifestyle. Go above and beyond! The main challenge is to become a blogger who sparks interest and builds a strong base of viewers.

Actually, there’re many examples when bloggers started out with just a webcam. Many of them record their vids on a mobile phone camera. And it works just fine. The truth is that bloggers make tons of cash with no flashy editing involved. If your content sparks interest in a wide range of people and they like what you do, they’ll watch you anyways. Many professional “YouTubers” suggest uploading a video every day or at least on a frequent basis. So, be ready to record a lot.

Don’t have a YouTube channel yet? Do you want to know how to set it up the right way? Learn about all these YouTube deals from an online tutorial called “Youtube Masterclass: Create A YouTube Channel From Scratch’‘ set up by a professional photographer Mario Guimarey who knows it all about blogging on the Youtube platform.

Mario’s course covers the most helpful info to get you through this with ease while setting up monetization, provides useful tips on finding a niche, establishing a brand for the channel, uploading vids, creating descriptions, tags, thumbnails, etc.

This masterclass also teaches effective SEO techniques that are used for channel promotion and how to achieve the best discoverability for your channel, etc. So many more cool things you can learn with this masterclass. So, go ahead and sign up on Grinfer.

#5. Put your social media skills in use for making money online

Are you active on social media? Know how to build a fan base while engaging your followers? Then consider applying for a social media manager online job. There are plenty of business owners who aren’t particularly savvy with Instagram or Facebook. So, here is your chance to step in! Help them grow the business’s reach through sharing relevant/interesting content with paid and organic means on social media.

Once you master your social media marketing skills, you will be able to pick your own hours and work either full-time or freelance. In case you choose to freelance, set your hours and decide how much you want to charge for your work. Freelancers are usually paid a lump sum – one-half is paid whenever someone engages your services. And the other half, when you finish the project by the deadline (or on an hourly basis).

Using social media skills for fun may seem like not a big deal. But if to utilize them for marketing purposes, they become just like any other skills – something that needs improvements and updates. Brush them up or learn something cool/useful about social media marketing skills with an online course “Social Media Influencer: Influence Consumer Buying Habits” and learn how to build credentials in a specific online industry. Besides, it covers all pros and cons of winning a wide circle of followers while being an influencer. 

A whole bunch of other useful info there is to learn with this course – optimizing media platforms, finding a target audience, handling multi-segment marketing, effective self-promotion, etc. Learn about ins and outs of various online industries and what valuable/relevant content really is. Learn how to be an authentic, inspirational, and successful blogger!

#6. Launch online tutoring service and make money online

Online teaching is growing every year and it is popular as ever before in 2021. This just keeps growing and will continue to do so. Especially after what has happened in 2021 with all this coronavirus craziness. Still plenty of opportunities to fill in as an instructor or educator at online schools. Or to function as a coach for online schools or test prep administrations.

Start promoting through e-Learning platforms! Since people always need to dive into this learning experience, there will always be people willing to pay for knowledge. Go to Udemy, Coursera, Grinfer, or to any other e-Learning platforms and learn how to build a course step-by-step. Get your course verified by the marketing team that checks whether it’s authentic/relevant. Once you’ve gone through this okay – go ahead, spread the word!

By the way, Grinfer has an online course on turning online lessons into a highly interactive experience –  “Teaching with Technology 2 – Interactive Lessons & Lectures’‘.  You’ll learn how to make cool quizzes, word clouds, how to set up engaging discussions, live audience polling, gather feedback, and other useful stuff. This course also covers information on such popular cloud-based software as Kahoot, Polleverywhere, Socrative.
Sure thing, the new skills that you’ll learn through this course will add more flavor to your online teaching and make your lectures more interactive and engaging!


Explore numerous offers and check out online boards that post job opportunities. Lots of them offer remote jobs to do with just a laptop on hand. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re lacking skills or experience – learn online! Master skills by doing lots of practice. Build up a portfolio with some freelance projects. Stay curious, always want to get into the swing of how things are run.

Going down this route gives you a chance to gain lifelong skills that are transferable from one role to another, no matter the industry. Play the long game and keep skilling up so you can build a foundation, so you’ll be able to build off later. With time, you’ll maintain your own online business further down the line using all the skills you learned along the way.

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