What’s new: payouts via PayPal, blogs, and more

Grinfer is getting better every day. With the mission to make online learning flawless and enjoyable for both instructors and learners, we’re constantly improving the platform. 

Let’s take a closer look at the latest features added for the convenience of our community.

PayPal for Instructors

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The payouts for instructors are now available via PayPal. Simply add PayPal as a payout method in your account settings and you’re all set.


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For learners who don’t speak the language of the course, subtitles make the course potentially available. With subtitles, not native speakers may double-check things they didn’t understand or misheard while taking the course.

We’ve added subtitles to help instructors expand the potential reach, engage more students worldwide, and let learners take advantage of courses in other languages.

Course Builder Improvements

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  • We’ve fixed the bug with the ‘add file’ button also known as the ‘plus button’ – it used to disappear from time to time – not anymore. 
  • Uploading lessons has become faster as we optimized video processing. 
  • Plus, we helped some minor bugs you probably didn’t even notice find the way out of Grinfer.

Push Notifications

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To help users never miss the upcoming consultations and other important events, we’ve added push notifications. We’ll only send those to remind of important things like the approved consultation or the start of the call – no spamming, we promise.

Blogs for Instructors

blog concepts ideas with computer laptop on worktable

Now, instructors can create a blog to provide learners with relevant and useful content. It can be free articles or premium content available only to paid subscribers. To make content premium, instructors will need to set up a subscription. However, it’s up to content creators which articles to make paid and which ones to publish for free.

Bulk Upload

We have made the upload process easier and faster – you can now add multiple files at once. No more one-by-one lesson uploads.

We’ll be happy to get your feedback and suggestions. Just drop us a line at support@grinfer.com and let us know how we can make Grinfer even better.

Stay tuned!

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