What’s New: Introducing Stories, and more

Hey, Grinfer community! 

Today, we’re coming up with amazing news for every Grinfer member — both learners and instructors. Let’s look closer at the features that were added and improved. 


To make the learning process on Grinfer more engaging and fun, we’ve added brand-new functionality to the platform. It’s called Stories 🔥.

What’re Stories?

In simple words, stories are articles written and posted by instructors that reveal interesting topics, tips, and shortcuts. Stories are available to everyone.

Learners don’t have to be enrolled in any courses to read stories.

Where to find Stories?

Stories are now available on the main page and in the instructor’s profile — right near the Courses tab. 

All the newly added stories are shown in the Latest Stories section on the homepage of the marketplace. You can also use filters by topic and date to find relevant articles and read the content only in spheres that matter to you. 

Following favorite instructors

Learners can now follow favorite instructors to never miss new content and important updates from them. When following, students will see notifications about fresh courses and stories in their feed. 

Stay updated on what’s coming from your favorite content creators. 

Chat in video consultations 

Also, some good news for consultants and those who learn 1-1. 

We’ve added a text chat right to the consultation as often text and links work better than talking. You can now chat with instructors while being on a consultation call. 

Thanks for being a part of the Grinfer community. We keep improving the platform so you can have fun on the path of learning!

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