What’s new: All-Access Subscriptions to Favorite Instructors

Hey, Grinfer community!

We’re happy to announce that Grinfer is coming up with a great enrollment option for both instructors and learners. Welcome the Subscriptions to Favorite Instructors!

Students can now subscribe to instructors and get unlimited access to all existing and upcoming courses and Stories created by a certain expert. The option works great for those who want all content from a particular lecturer. 

How do subscriptions to instructors work?

Instructors set up subscriptions that automatically include all classes and Stories. Each instructor may have up to 3 subscription plans with a different period and price. 

Content creators can add free trial to allow students a closer look at classes and decide whether they want to enroll and step on the path of learning. 

What are the benefits?

The subscribe-to-instructor enrollment option aims to make learning more affordable for everyone. In many cases, when you subscribe to an instructor, you get access to all content for the price of one class or so. 

For course creators, subscriptions are a great way to engage more students and help them learn more efficiently.

Who’s in?

Several instructors have already opt in subscriptions — with Yana Shvets (watercolor painting), Nancy Reyner (acrylic & oil painting), Sorin Constantin (business & marketing), and Geoff Sinker (guitar) among them. 

Instructors, join!

We’re encouraging content creators, lecturers, and teachers to try out subscriptions and give learners more options for getting enrolled. To start working with subscriptions, simply go to your account and choose Subscriptions.

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