What’s New: A Huge Drop Down in Price for Course Subscriptions! Get Access to the Whole Library of Courses for 80% OFF!

Hi, everybody!

Today, we are announcing the Back-to-School Limited-Time Offer80% off on the monthly/annual subscription to the whole library of courses on Grinfer!  

Since a new school season starts, we just wanted to show our support to all students  (either our current or prospective learners) and anybody who’d like to learn something new. We’ve decided to do a huge drop-down at prices for our monthly/annual subscriptions to make all learning content even more accessible on the platform! 

Now, instead of paying $25 per month, you can get access to any course(s) that you want for just $4.99!   

If you’ve been wanting to learn anything but something held you back, now is the time to take advantage of our huge price drop-down. Take courses either in a certain category of your choice or learn anything from all categories of courses that you’re possibly interested in. With our awesome subscription plans, there are absolutely no limits to learning! 

Subscribe either for one month or the entire year for 80% OFF the entire platform+exclusive stories. Enjoy your learning journey anytime, anywhere with all-at-your-hand online courses. Act now, get your 80%-off deal, and remember – there is no such a thing as too late to learn!

Hurry up since it is a limited-time offer and the clock is ticking! 

Explore the Grinfer platform with the 3-day free trial before submitting any payments! 

*The Back-to-School Limited-Time Offer does not apply to any courses on the Grinfer platform that have been created and offered by Rob Percival and his Codestar team.

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