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At a point where you run out of ideas figuring out how to profit working online? Try to earn cash with affiliate programs provided by online educational platforms. Treat it as a chance and as a proven strategy that sells well. Why is it a good business move?  Simply because this approach won’t require messing around trying to manufacture your own products but still will bring you decent money. 

Since affiliate marketing implies the promotion of other people’s stuff, you will be earning a commission by selling somebody else’s expertise. This can be anything – online courses, e-books, subscription services, etc.

Few more reasons for trying affiliate programs:

  • No starting fees or payments;
  • Possible to generate profit even while asleep;
  • Totally a “stay-at-home” business, which makes it even more appealing during the COVID-19 voluntary isolation.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about basics regarding the process of becoming an affiliate marketer. After reading this post, you will be more informed about how to make a profit with referral links. Also, we’ll discuss what eLearning platforms to start with. We’ll talk about how to become an affiliate, so give it a read once you make up your mind to go in the game.

How to become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate program scheme as a type of performance-based marketing GRINFER

Let’s go over some basics, just in case you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing before. Now, a few words regarding this matter. Basically, the main purpose of affiliate marketing is in acquiring a referral link and utilizing it for promoting anything while referring people to websites of businesses that they promote. Statistics state – affiliate marketing is capable of boosting total revenues generated from sales up to 30%, so definitely it plays a key role in generating revenues. 

Every time somebody hits this “purchase” button through a referral link, you get a sweet deal with a commission. Simply put, affiliate marketing works the same way as if you’d talk to your family or friends recommending different or particular merch. The main purpose of this marketing technique is to spread a word out to drive more consumers to affiliate websites through other online resources.

Statistics state – affiliate marketing is capable of boosting total revenues generated from sales up to 30%, so definitely it plays a key role in generating revenues. 

Now, let’s talk about how to launch affiliate marketing jobs and work as an affiliate for businesses. Generally, to become eligible for an affiliate marketing job is a fast and easy deal. Just pick a company and apply for an affiliate program. If you’ve been approved, follow instructions on how to get started and start making cash. To succeed faster, turn to an audience of dedicated followers who already trust your expertise. Obviously, once you start promoting services you’ve tried yourself, it will sell much better within your fan pool.

A little hint: Whenever you’re promoting too many paid links, Google and other online engines created for searching penalize you with restrictions.  What you can do is to set your “follow” links as “nofollow”, because it will help you to get around it. Edit affiliate links in a no-follow plug-in like Rel Nofollow Checkbox and make them look like “nofollow”.

How to make money online with affiliate marketing

Business man pointing the text: Affiliate Marketing

Since affiliate marketing gives you a chance to earn money with commissions, another advantage of using referral links is that they drive more traffic to websites encouraging Internet users to purchase stuff. All clicks on these links can be traced with “cookies”. Cookies trace all activities users do online on particular websites. Typically, each cookie has a 30-day life span (can be more or can be less) which is also called a “cookie life”. Cookies make your lead traceable during this 30-day trial. So, every time a referral clicks this “buy” button within this period, you’re earning commissions for sales you triggered with referrals. After a cookie life trial expires, your lead won’t be trackable anymore.

Before launching a business with affiliate marketing, try to figure out who your potential buyers are. Outline and think about major points which will help to determine it faster. For example, find out whether your audience typically spends time scrolling through blog posts or enjoys Facebook or Twitter. Or maybe potential buyers are those who always keep an eye on good coupons and like websites which provide coupon deals? Keep in mind, finding good answers to these questions will make your promotions worthwhile. It will bring you much more potential avenues contributing to marketing efforts.

Let’s cover most common types of affiliate programs you can make a profit with:

Email marketing – an effective strategy, however, keep this in a small dosage. Sending too many emails in bulk to shoppers, who aren’t really eager to purchase anything you’re promoting can be irritating. So, consider carefully who will be receiving these particular emails and for what reason. While enclosing an URL to your site in the body of promotional emails you will be sending out, make sure your content is of a  high-quality.

Review sites – referral links promote merch which belongs to an exclusive category of “niche“ and which typically come with price tags that are higher compared to the average segment. An effective approach here is to begin researching going over review sites that are top and most highly rated. Read overviews about expansive stuff related to yours. Then contact those businesses which provide affiliate links, see if they’ll work with you, and start rolling.

Bloggers/influencers – this approach implies collaboration with popular social media personas like bloggers and influencers. Those are good to deal with since they already have a huge base of followers and already advertise regularly to your ideal buyers. Let’s say your business sells cooking stuff and appliances, then reach out to popular bloggers who make either posts or videos where they cook different meals. Find out from them whether they would feature next time things you sell as “recommended tools” during their cooking shows. Once a target audience goes to your website for more info and buys stuff, this will mutually increase earnings for you, as well as for those influencers who you collaborated with.

Coupon sites – efficient for encouraging buyers to become brand advocates, even if they visited a website for the first time. How does it work? Once you establish an affiliate partnership with one of those coupon sites, start promoting new products or offer services that didn’t have enough time to become popular on the market yet.

Online courses affiliate programsonline eLearning platforms provide instructors with not only virtual space for building educational courses online but also offer other ways to generate passive income, such as affiliate marketing for online courses. Actually, take a pick at a quick list of some online course marketplaces which are worth working with in 2020. Yes, they do have affiliate programs, so keep on reading and take notes.

What online course platforms offer affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing Join promote earn

Since global eLearning marketplaces are growing by 10% each year, a recent study shows that by 2023 it will be worth around $300 billion. Taking classes online becomes even more cost-efficient, so it engages more people worldwide. A huge number of learners prefer a “stay-at-home” education (where they learn at a comfortable pace) to brick-and-mortar learning facilities. 

Also, online courses are very handy for those who are employed full-time. Since taking classes online is a convenient way of studying part-time, online educational marketplaces only keep on gaining popularity. eLearning platforms also look appealing to those people who are looking for ways to make money with affiliate marketing.

We’ve selected a couple of online affiliate websites that offer either free trial affiliate programs or online education affiliate programs that you can sign up for and join for free.

Kajabi eLearning platform

This all-in-one platform provides a wide range of online services to learners and instructors including creating courses online, building landing pages, marketing campaigns startups, setting up websites, etc.

This eLearning platform offers up to 30% commission p/month for participation in its affiliate program with a “cookie life” for referral links of 30 days in duration (potential of 90-day duration).

Also, Kajabi developed a special partner program available only for members that treat them with rewards and bonuses on each level of progress. Kajabi accepts and manages its payments through PayPal service, so make sure you have PayPal enabled before you start collaborating.

Thinkific eLearning platform

This online platform is very similar to Kajabi and has great virtual settings for setting up educational courses online. This marketplace is offering tools for developing landing pages where you incorporate them with your own domain name. Thinkific also has an affiliate program where you can earn up to 20% commission. Cookies for affiliate links have a 90-day duration, and Thinkific also accepts and handles payments with PayPal.

Grinfer online learning marketplace

Grinfer is an international online platform created for promoting and offering online courses on any topic or expertise. The online courses offered on Grinfer has been also very effective for boosting students’ credentials by getting hands-on experience with step-by-step guides and tutorials. Grinfer unites learners together by offering a great variety of online courses in Technology, Photography, Business, Marketing, Design, Beauty & Makeup, Personal Development, Music, and much more. More importantly, Grinfer offers 1-1 individual consultations with instructors and teachers.

There are 2 most effective forms of learning on Grinfer:

on-demand online courses, as well as 1-on-1 consultations.

Start a process of building your own online course on Grinfer with watching an instructional video, which has been posted in Grinfer’s blog. This video contains step-by-step instructions and covers all necessary actions needed to complete this process. Grinfer doesn’t ask to pay in order to become an author or consultant. Also, Grinfer promotes authors and courses on the Internet for free.

Once an author sells their course on Grinfer, they receive the author’s commission. This commission is higher compared to other platforms. Since Grinfer is a relatively fresh learning resource, authors don’t compete as much with each other yet and that’s why they get higher commissions. Also, Grinfer runs a great coupon program offering up to 35% off for any course that you picked.

Grinfer offers up to 30% commission once you join its affiliate program. And this is just for a start. You’ll get  30-day of “cookie life” for referral links. By the way, your commission can go up to 35%, which depends on how many completed sales you got with tracking links that you promoted with your online resources.

Grinfer offers up to 30% commission once you join its affiliate program.

Have you think about making money online - Yes

Here are more reasons why becoming an affiliate with Grinfer is a smart move:

The more expensive courses people buy on Grinfer are – the more cash you earn with commissions. If somebody purchases the most expensive course program (which is about $199), then you earn up to $60 per one buy.

  • Also, Grinfer implemented a common practice of running frequent contests and giving out bonuses to affiliates and promoters. A purpose is to increase revenues. For a $1000 and $3000 in sales you made, you receive cash bonuses  – a $1,000 earned from your referrals makes you a $100 in monthly bonuses. For $3,000 you’ll get a monthly bonus of 5%.
  • Once you become an affiliate, you’ll get banners in any size that you need for any category.
  • Grinfer provides great feedback to all its affiliates. Whenever you need the information of any kind to make promoting and selling courses easier, you can contact Grinfer’s support team and receive a consultation about all the necessary marketing tools needed for finding and promoting new courses even faster. You can ask anything regarding a course you’d like to promote at
  • In the middle of each month (on the 15th) affiliates get referral payouts to either Visa or Mastercard accounts. Prefer to manage payments through Paypal? That’s perfectly fine too. You’ll get paid for the purchases made in the previous calendar month with the minimum amount for withdrawal – $100.

What does it take to become an affiliate for online courses

Generally, to become an affiliate for online courses affiliate programs is rather easy. The toughest part here is typing in the necessary information in the special form. Once approved, you’re good to go! In some cases, affiliate websites will require you to tell them what kind of websites or online blogs you maintain and whether you’re going to use these resources for promotion.

Let’s go over some steps that are needed for completion of the process of becoming an affiliate on Grinfer:

  • Once you’re on the Grinfer’s website, go ahead and go to;
  • Fill in the form to register and start receiving referral links from Grinfer’s collaborator;
  • Once registered, receive links to any course on the platform and to any instructor who provides online consultations;
  • Go ahead and promote these provided links on your online resources (website, blogs, other);
  • Refer buyers to Grinfer’s website with a referral link;
  • Get your up to 35% commission.

Bottom line

With plenty of different ways offered today by the Internet, go ahead and work online with Grinfer’s affiliate program. This opportunity doesn’t cost a penny and anybody can sign up to try. As long as you have online channels for promotion, see if your followers are interested in taking courses online, whether they strive for self-improvement, self-education, or lifelong learning. Channels that can be used for promotion are limitless – from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok to email campaigns, etc. So, earn generous commissions from the Grinfer’s and net your monthly income handsomely with Grinfer!

Online Course Affiliate Program

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