Read this guide to learn how to leverage referral links for driving greater student enrollment. This guide will point out to you what course promotions via referral links to try (if you are a Grinfer’s author) for boosting course sales and driving new users straight to your Personal Profile page on Grinfer. 

What can you do to boost your success in online courses promotions on Grinfer?

When it comes down to separately-sold courses (applies only to those courses that have been already published on Grinfer marketplace), Grinfer offers 3 promotional options that work well for promoting online courses on the web. 

The table below provides descriptions for these promotional strategies a bit more in detail. Also, you’ll find some useful tips there on how to promote your courses even more effectively. Feel free to use them!

Give it a quick read and pick a strategy that suits you best. Actually, we suggest trying all of them!   

What are the benefits? Look at the table below!

Type of Promotion Description Expiration period Benefits
Referral links for private promosAt least once a month, run sales and offer discounts for your course(s). Then use this time for running referral promotions via your private channels. Advertise your exclusive offer(s) to your existing audience and offer to buy your course(s) for a lower price.
Once users click on your referral links, they’ll jump on the platform and get a chance to buy your course(s) for a lower price. While all other users who browse the same course(s) won’t be able to see any discounts or decreases in the current course price.
This promotional offer is good for 7 days only and then gets deactivated automatically. After a week, your course price will be switched back to usual.
expires on the 7th dayIf you bring users to the platform via referral links and they purchase any of your separately sold courses at a single price, 96% of the sale goes to your pocket!
Referral links for public promosPublic promos provide an option to run 7-day sales and offer price discounts for your course(s) once a month.
With public promos, your course price discounts become visible and available to everybody on the web.
The price will be switched back to normal automatically once the promotion is over.
expires on the 7th day
Public promotions give more recognition, expand outreach, and boost engagement by driving more learners in. The more people are aware about your e-learning content, the more revenue shares you get!
If the user makes a checkout on Grinfer via your referral link, 96% of the sale goes to your pocket!
Course giveawaysOffer your course(s) as a gift
to up to 50 people.
Share free access links among 50 people you know and let them enjoy your course at any time for the whole month!
After the lifespan of such free access links is over, these folks will have to either pay for subscriptions or purchase your course(s) separately.
expires after 1 month
(starting from the first day
of the launch)
Why offer free access? Because this is a fast way to grow the following and drive more users straight to your page. Plus, you get a great chance to increase the number of reviews and ratings for course(s) you sell on Grinfer.
How to set up Public Promotions:

Step 1. Log in to your personal profile page;

Step 2. Select a “Courses for sale” tab on the top of the page (or you can click on your profile image to get to a drop-down menu a select “Courses”);

Step 3. Pick a course that you want to promote and click on the right-hand top corner of the course’s preview; 

Step 4. Select “Update Price Tier and Promo”;

Step 5. Click on the “Promotion tools” tab located on the top of the page;

Step 6. Scroll down to the list of promotions;

Step 7. Find the “Public Promotion” and click on it;

Step 8. Now arrange a timeline for your course promotion by setting up the exact dates in the *From/*To calendar drop-down menu;

Step 9. Select a new course price in the *Tier drop-down menu;

Step 10. Press a “Start” button to launch your private promotion;

Step 11. Go ahead and copy a referral link and share it with others on the web!

How to set up Private Promotions:

Step 1. Repeat steps 1 through 6 as for Public promotions;

Step 2. Find the Private Promotion section and click on it;

Step 3. Come up with a catchy name for the promotion and fill out the blank space in the *Promotion Name;

Step 4. Set the exact dates for your limited time offer in the calendar;

Step 5. Select the price tier in the “Tier” section;

Step 6. Press the “Start” button to launch your private promotion;

Step 7. Copy a referral link and share it with your existing audience.

How to set up “Gift Course” promotions:

Step 1. Repeat steps 1 through 6 as was stated above for other types of promotions;

Step 2. Come up with a catchy promotional name and type it in *Promotion Name;

Step 2. Press the “Create Promotion” button to create an active referral link;

Step 3. Either click on “Copy” the referral link or “Cancel promo” in case if you’ve changed your mind;

Step 4. Now you can share the referral link for your course with up to 50 people as a free access link!

Note: Please double check and make sure that you’ve check marked the “I’d like to include this course to Grinfer’s promotions and discounts” option before setting up any course promotions!

Any end-user checkouts of any courses occurring via referral links outside the system subscription plan are automatically logged and tracked by the Grinfer Support Team.  

If you’ve got any questions or need help with anything, please contact Grinfer’s support team at We will be happy to help you or provide any assistance!

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