How you can benefit from Grinfer

create impacting courses

How you can benefit from Grinfer

Your every skill is an asset. Don’t get confused by asking yourself “who am I to teach or consult?”.
You can (and should) bring value to others. Simply decide how.

Consult & Coach

Provide 1to1 personal advice. At your rates, at your place, and from your place

Sell Courses

Create courses that work 24/7(not you) and reach millions worldwide

Do Both

Consult people and sell courses worldwide. Maximize income from what you know.

4 main concerns you may have

Let us answer the main questions we get asked. Nothing should stop you from starting out.

Grinfer isn’t just another platform to sell courses. It’s also a marketplace where you can consult and mentor. It gives you flexibility and ways to scale your business. Here is an example — there are students following your courses who want a 1-on-1 consultation from you. You simply schedule a call and answer all the questions, and get paid. It’s like replying to all those questions in DM or discussions but not for free.

Anyone can teach and consult. Your any skill is in demand — whether it’s cooking pasta or creating a Facebook ad. So share your experience with others. The great thing is that publishing your courses is completely free. Another great thing is that our support team is always ready to help and navigate you if you get stuck.

When you create an online course, you make money every time someone buys your course. If you consult, you get paid every time you have a call with your customer. These two ways can be easily combined.

Up to you. Grinfer brings thousands of precisely targeted people to the platform to grow your sales. But we also advise promoting your services to your existing audience to boost your results and earn more.

Get all the tools you need in one place

Whether you want to create impacting courses or coach people worldwide, we put all the tools you need right by your hand. Stay focused on your business — we take care of the rest.

create impacting courses

Marketplace that converts

Seamless browsing is crucial for shoppers. For your learners, it’s super easy to scan and buy. For you, it’s super easy to make money

Everything-here profile

It’s like your well-organized working space.Balance, upcoming events, booking requests, analytics, and more. Everything you need to work effectively.

Course builder

Create and publish courses easily. Moderation takes less than 24 hours and we give you feedback on how you can make your course even better.

Enlightenment is the future.
Join the future today.

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