How to Boost Sales With Online Course Promotions?

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Practical experience proves that referral campaigns can boost sales of online courses by 350% on average. This strategy engages new learners and expands a pool of prospective course buyers. And, as a result, experts’ profit grows too. 

So, if you want to gain immediate results from your course sales, opt for the Grinfer Referral Program for Authors. It’s, as follows: 1-2-3.

Step 1. Login into your profile and go to the Dashboard;

Step 2. Click on “Earn more” banner;

Step 3. Select a course for your promo and hit “Copy Link”;

Step 4. Add this link to your blog posts, personal website, social media channels, etc. Share it with your audience!

Now you are all set!!  Repeat steps 3 & 4 for any other courses that you want to promote. Or you can choose to promote your whole author’s page that shows a list of all your published courses –  just select “Your public profile” referral link and go for it. 

Participation in the Grinfer Referral Program kills two birds with one stone: you get more watch-time for your courses, which means – your payouts grow too. Plus, you earn cash bonuses from successful referrals for driving more users to the marketplace. Bingo! 

Look at some prime benefits of participation in the Grinfer Referral Program: 

  • You receive a $15 referral bonus for every new customer you bring to the platform (if this user opts to buy any of the subscription plans right after his/her free trial period is over). 
  • If anyone buys any of your separately sold courses via referral links that you promote, you get 96% from each sale
  • A good way to boost watch-time (a total amount of watch-time (comprised of minutes) that learners spend during each month on your content); 
  • A prolonged lifespan of referral links: up to 30 days from the moment an author places a referral link in his/her own network channel(s) for further promotions. During this time period, Grinfer keeps track of purchases of subscription plans that occurred via referral links to qualify authors for the commission.

Note: It doesn’t really matter whether your course(s) has been sold under subscription or for a single price, the SAME referral link tracks ANY checkout!  

What else?

Do you sell separately-sold courses along with your other courses that you included in a subscription? Visit our Grinfer blog to find step-by-step info on how to run EXTRA promotions for such courses. 

Was this guide helpful? 

If you’ve got any questions or need help with anything, please contact Grinfer’s support team at We will be happy to help you or provide any assistance!

Check out the Author’s Agreement policy here for more information about terms of the subscription method, subscription payouts to instructors, and the Grinfer Referral Program for Authors

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