Tech Instructor Who Made Over $5m Joins Grinfer To Teach Web Development

Greetings from Grinfer! We are extremely happy to introduce Rob Percival, who recently joined our Grinfer community. Rob is one of the best-selling online course instructors featured by Business Insider. He is a founder of Codestars digital company and master of coding. 

Rob Percival is a man who made a swing from ground zero to millions of dollars in tech deals

A Cambridge graduate, Rob Percival spent over 10 years of his career teaching math to kids in high schools. Being passionate about building and creating websites, Rob mostly treated his hobby as something he used to do just for fun. Today his passion for web development turned him into a successful and one of the best-selling tech instructors of online courses. He made a successful transitioning from a high school teacher to a millionaire who made $10 000 in 6 months and has already earned over $5 million in net worth.

Back in 2014, Rob decided to create and sell his first online course for $199.99. He later confessed that he had only one sale on his first day. Today, the number of his students is growing rapidly and it’s already reached 1,600,000 worldwide.   

Rob knows it all about building a successful website and how to turn it into a cash magnet

Rob’s courses teach everything about web and mobile development. His online course on Ruby on Rails & Python programming was a hit according to reviews. Now he offers a smash-hit online course on Grinfer “The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0” for only $19.99. This course is most helpful for newbies who have zero experience in web development. 

After taking this course, your skills will skyrocket and your coding knowledge progress with a neck-breaking speed in less than six weeks. Rob’s course teaches all the pros and cons of creating and utilizing free hosting, HTML coding, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, CMSs. You’ll also learn WordPress, MySQL Databases, PHP Coding, and more. A great bonus includes getting additional ebooks for free. 

You’ll also learn about the best starting steps for earning more money with web development and how to go with a successful promotion of your coding skills.  

Ask Amazon about Rob Percival and you’ll find great tutorials on how to earn good money with web development 

Rob Percival is also one of the best-selling authors on Amazon. Rob published a number of popular step-by-step guides that will teach you everything about coding. But not only that, you’ll learn how to make money even if you’re still in the learning process. In 2018 Rob’s book Confident Coding was nominated for the bronze medal in the category of Business Technology Axiom Awards. 

Rob’s books How To Earn $10,000 While Learning To Code and Confident Coding: Master the Fundamentals of Code and Supercharge Your Career (Confident Series) make hot sales on Amazon. These tutorials have already been a top pick for people who want a good start in a database management career. 

Rob Percival is not just a tech-savvy guy but also a great environmentalist  

Rob is one of the most dedicated environmentalists who promote green business practices. His environmental projects strive to keep our ecosystem clean and protected. 

The main focus of the Eco Web Hosting company, which he’s a founder of, is in providing environmentally friendly web hosting. Rob’s company also works with carbon-offset planting and eco-friendly technologies producing 100% carbon neutral packages. 

The main emphasis of Rob’s green business approaches – this world is for humans, but they have to find ways to keep their technologies environmentally friendly. 

Rob Percival’s code school has engaged many students on the global scale 

So, what is a key to Rob’s success? Is it because of his tech knowledge and extensive expertise? Absolutely! But it is also because of his great communicative approach in social interactions with students. Rob guides his students step-by-step making sure that everybody is catching up and everybody is on the same page. This way he arranges his course agenda so it would be clear and understandable to learners all around the world. Rob’s positive and friendly attitude has won the hearts of many students, whom he keeps in touch with even after they’ve completed the course.  

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