How Much Do Online Teachers Get Paid

Today, many people are beginning to see some pretty impressive earnings by teaching online. In recent years, there have been major advances in the ability to teach online via pre-recorded video courses and live online consultations. This allows just about anyone to teach what they know, teach from their experience or skills, and connect with people who want to learn a particular topic or skill.

For the most part, how much you make depends on what you teach and, of course,  where you teach is also important. Some online schools offer a fixed rate for their tutors, while at other online schools, the teacher is allowed to set their hourly rates. Some eLearning platforms even offer both – fixed rates and hourly rates for live online consultations.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a job as an online teacher just for a side hustle or make it your full-time job. Read this blog post to learn more about the benefits and potential earnings that teachers can make online.

Part-time jobs for teachers

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Regardless of your area of expertise, there is a great range of part-time jobs available for teachers online. Do you want some good examples? Here is a list of some jobs that teachers can do online for a side hustle that is not a scam and will bring money if approached right:

Provide writing coaching online to students and corporate workers.

In reality, writing skill is something that is not that easy to crack for over 40% of graduates, as it was stated in the PayScale report back in 2016. Not much has changed since then. Teaching how to brush up this skill is still highly requested by many. So, if you are good at writing and have lots of tips and hints for sharing with others, take advantage of new technologies, and teach writing online. 

You can provide tutoring and consult students remotely by a whole bunch of different ways – webinars, live streaming, Zoom, or signing up with eLearning platforms that offer 1-1 consultations (Grinfer does offer this option). You can earn up to $40K in average annual salary (according to Glassdoor statistic).

Provide expertise in curriculum development.

Curriculum development in some ways is similar to writing a playwright for a theater. If you want to have a successful story, you need to have a good baseline. And that’s what curriculum does to classroom teaching. If you gained a solid knowledge of it while working at brick-and-mortar schools, you can deliver this expertise online as a curriculum developer. PayScale reported that these kinds of specialists earn over $60K per year, so try this home-based opportunity and earn decent money with it.

Work as a test scorer for educational testing companies.

Make money by evaluating and scoring tests. This work-at-home job is in demand by many testing companies that provide educational services. For example, ETS (or Educational Testing Service) is always in need of professionals with extensive teaching experience to score and evaluate such popular tests like TOEFL or GRE. Annual earnings of test scorers (according to Glassdoor) can be up to $55K.

Make money working as an educational materials provider.

No secret, almost every teacher accumulates tons of teaching material over the years of work. Why not start sharing them with others online? Start making some money by sharing your wealth of knowledge with students on such sites like Teachers Pay Teachers and collect payoffs.

Start building online courses and sell them on the Grinfer eLearning platform.

This option is already proven an effective way of making good money with no headache whatsoever. Grinfer has lots of success stories of online instructors who sell their content online successfully. All you need to do is to join Grinfer community and send your authentic educational content to Grinfer’s marketing team. Once it is approved, it will be added to the Grinfer marketplace and become available on the platform to viewers for purchase.

Grinfer also offers an option for 1-1 live consultations that bring even more money to instructors and consultants all over the globe. In case if you’re interested to learn more about how to become an online instructor and consultant on Grinfer, go to Grinfer’s blog and read step-by-step guides on how to teach or build online courses on Grinfer. By the way, you can promote yourself even more now through the blogs created for instructors by posting relevant and useful content. The content you are posting can be free or – depending on your plans – available only to paid subscribers. It is a good way to show your expertise to the world and build your fan list of followers.

How to sell courses online

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There are plenty of different ways you try to sell courses online. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages, so the trick is to find those that will work particularly for you and will coincide with your business. Below we outlined some commonly used strategies that have proved themselves effective in selling courses online. Take a look and make a note of it.

Try to sell the online course on your own website.

This is what many people try to do and if you have an audience or a way to get visitors to your website it can work quite well.

Sell to your email list if you have one.

Typically your website is a great tool for building an email list. So, you can start sending emails letting everybody know the course is available. Ideally, you let your audience know about the course in advance while you are still in the process of creating it. This produces a powerful sense of anticipation that helps the course sell quite well.

Upload your online course to eLearning platforms.

Those sites have their own traffic with people looking to buy course after course. This makes it a great way to get buyers for your course. The only downside is that you will be in competition with other courses. In this case, set a price that is not higher or similar to other relevant courses to yours on whatever platform you choose.

Be a content contributor.

That includes guest blogging or being a podcast guest. You can effectively promote your course at the end of the blog that you wrote or the podcast show you hosted.

Sell your course with advertising platforms such as Google ads or Facebook ads.

This approach typically involves getting clicks on your ads which lead visitors to a landing page offering them free information in exchange for an email address. When they are already on your list, you can provide them with free information showing why you are an expert who they can trust and what they can learn from you once they buy your course.

You can also have your ads lead to a landing page that promotes webinars in which you give the same information about yourself and the course you created. Make it a special time-limited offer to make people feel hesitant and to make them act right away.

Do a joint venture.

With a joint venture option, ask someone to mail a promotion to their list for your course in exchange for you emailing your list to promote their product.

How do teachers get paid in online education

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Whether you want to teach full time or part-time, the total amount of earnings will largely depend upon a number of factors. Let’s look at each in just a little detail:

Tutoring Medium

This could be the largest deciding factor in your earnings as an online instructor. By the word “medium” here we mean how you choose to go about offering your services. Should you choose a tutoring service such as Wyzant to simply list yourself as an in-person tutor or join a learning marketplace like Grinfer as an online instructor – the values would be very similar. Other sites, such as payout somewhere in the $10-$15 range as they take their cut and have to make money as a business. The most profitable, however, are those who have their own websites and promote themselves there. Taking into account the other factors on this list, you could earn quite a good living.

Taking things a step further, you could also offer lessons coaching other tutors or hopefuls dreaming of making a fortune charging upwards of $500 for a specific online course package where you meet with clients.

Subject Area

If you’ve been supplementing your income through tutoring Math pretty much all your teaching career, think about what specialty courses you can create that will earn you more. Think about what else you can teach other than simple academic tutoring. We have all kinds of Internet gurus today that teach online all kinds of stuff. You don’t have to emulate their experience. But you can add to your skill any other skills that can be anything from playing a musical instrument to coaching one-on-one online. As you can see, there are endless opportunities for tutoring and online teaching.

Your Own Qualities

What can you offer that no one else can? You should be readily able to answer these questions in order to land clients. Figuring out the demand for your skill as well as your specific ability to teach it will help you determine what you are worth usually through experimenting with different prices. Perhaps, you are just as good as any other mathematician but teach difficult material with quick wit and humor. These qualities can become your catch which will attract students to you as a teacher. Maybe you are an excellent storyteller or have a knack for empathizing to help alleviate stress before tests. Whatever makes you stand out and be different (in a good way) from the rest, this can become your highest selling point. So, think about such qualities, and, once you found them, emphasize them to your potential students.

How much do online teachers get paid

How much you are going to make by selling courses online or offering your expertise highly depends on your credentials. As with any job, the more capable you are, the more people are willing to pay you. As a general rule of thumb, high school students charge $15–20 per hour, college students charge up to $30, individuals with a bachelor’s degree move up to $40, and master’s degrees go to $50+ per session. Typically, this would vary slightly due to geographic location.

Large, more affluent cities will be willing to pay higher rates on average than smaller towns. Conversely, areas with fewer tutors in your specialty may let you set your own rates. For example, New York tutors charge up to $150/hr because they are paying $40/hr for excellent teachers. So, figure out what your specialty averages overall, and charge that. However, if you start building courses online and sell them through eLearning marketplaces, your potential earnings can exceed your expectations.

For example, there is one remarkable story about a guy who made millions by selling courses online. His name is Rob Percival and he’s been providing expertise on building successful websites to beginners worldwide. This tech instructor did so well that he was featured by Business Insider and founded his own school called “Codestars”.

Before his earnings skyrocketed and before his digital company went popular all over the world, Rob was a traditional high school teacher with 10+ years of classroom work. His passion for computers and hobby in website development that he did just for fun in his spare time eventually turned him into one of the most successful online instructors and tutorial writers. Rob has already taught thousands of students on a global scale and his friendly attitude already won the hearts of many people who took classes from him. 

Rob has joined Grinfer’s teaching community this year and he keeps on collaborating with Grinfer by offering his online courses. So, you can become an online consultant and course creator earning millions with your knowledge and expertise, just like Rob Percival.


Even though teachers (just like many other professionals) today are going through tough times because of COVID-19, political, and economic uncertainties, there are always plenty of ways to keep yourself afloat. If some traditional teachers feel objected to online teaching, all they have to do is just give it a try. Besides, if you start building courses on Grinfer, you won’t pay anything, so there is no hassle. Once people like your content and start buying it, you’ll just keep on getting payoffs and collect benefits with your home-based income. Join Grinfer and make a step forward to your success today!

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